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  • Got my first pair of glasses today!
  • busydog

    Been wearing them for reading/computer only (or close-up,fine,detail work with small screws, etc)for 15 years now. First 10 years I had to get a new, strong prescription every couple years, but it has leveled off and has stayed stable the last 5 years.
    Thankfully I don’t need them for distance, so can bike without them (do keep an old pair in the camelback in case of trailside repairs.


    Start saving for prescription Oakleys.


    I got an eye test last year. The optician say’s ‘yeah your going to need a prescription’ sende me out to the front shop. The waiting salesperson, (this was Vision Express btw) tells me I’d need to part witht the thick end of £300 for various eyewear, none of it Oakley.

    I baulk and decide to go to the opticians up the road before I splash the cash. He does, a more comprehensive test and informs me I have 20/20 vision. Not saying thats what happens all the time. Just sharing is all.

    OP, all the best with your new bins. 8)


    I went to Vision Express once and was wholly unimpressed with the amount of time they spent checking my eyes, mainly with an automated machine. SpecSavers did tests for three times as long, again with a machine but the optician was making the alterations. The latter was much more reassuring.


    Oh, thought you meant second opinion on the glasses I chose. No I didn’t go to a second opticians but I’d say they were right in their assessment, the difference is immense. They certainly didn’t push me to buy a certain price range pair but the more expensive I went the more comfy they were. Didn’t need varied focals??!! either but apparently they are more expensive

    I like them!! Glasses rule – I didn’t wear my glasses for years because I thought I looked hideous in them, now my eye sight is getting rapidly getting worse. Damn teenage thoughts making think I was invincible and would never need glasses if I didn’t wear them!

    I feel naked without them now!

    Tricky thing though – glasses are difficult to ride with I find! Mine are like yours, I find I look over the top of them all the time.. need to find a way to get prescription riding glasses hmmmm


    My other half has prescription riding lens things. They weren’t cheap I don’t think but I’m sure he had some a while ago, they looked really good, well they looked like riding glasses so they didn’t look any different to normal actually!!

    Make your secnd pair reactalite aviators.I got mine from Specsavers and there great for riding.£45.00 plus lenses.Never come of once and instantly change shade with light changes.The great apes

    Premier Icon martymac

    i been wearing glasses since 1979, (i was 10) wore contacts for about 10 years (25 to 35) but cant be bothered with them now, plus they arent as comfy as they used to be.
    current pair are prescription oakley square wires, ive had them 4 and a half years, they still look like new and have outlasted 2 pairs of my wifes specsavers ones.
    they cost £380, my wifes cost £22o each time, so the oakleys have worked out cheaper.
    you quite suit yours, hope you dont mind me saying.


    Just remember, with glasses you can put the end of the leg in your mouth when someone asks you a question and say “interesting”…..that makes you look dead intelligent and that

    and you look very nice in your specs…….you too Rocketdog

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    i wish i could get the end of my leg in my mouth 😯


    emma82 – Member
    Why thank you mooman

    No problem. Very glad to help reasure you.
    And if you want any further reassurance on any new lingerie you may be unsure about .. happy to help there too.

    Though prob best to PM me .. there could be perverts on this site you know 😉
    (email in profile)

    Tijuana Taxi

    Keep on buying them people, my daughter is halfway through an Optometry degree and will need to earn a living

    Perhaps now she wont end up going northbound on the M5 for 20 miles when heading TO Cornwall (from the Midlands).


    Spanky how rude!

    Thanks for the offer mooman, I’ll keep you in mind 😯

    Well, first day didn’t go particularly well, have felt sick and dizzy all day whenever I put them on and end up feeling like I’m about to walk into a door or wall whenever I walk around in them. Is this normal? 🙁


    Well, first day didn’t go particularly well, have felt sick and dizzy all day whenever I put them on and end up feeling like I’m about to walk into a door or wall whenever I walk around in them. Is this normal?

    Were you drinking heavily yesterday? I find that sometimes causes the above symptoms.

    She needs a drink for breakfast just to get through the day….


    No I didn’t


    No I don’t


    first time i wore glasses i remember because i was sick. the world went very very odd!!! Your brain compensates for the crap eyes, so when the lenses are added the brain has to uncompensate. give it a day or so and i guess should be ok. If it carries on go back to glasses shop.

    What i was told by an optician was that some people don’t get on so well with the higher refractive glasses that are more common now.


    I had to change to varifocals a few years back, but got on with them very well straight away. Optilabs do good value cycling glasses with prescription lenses – one of the few to do varifocal lenses. I got my optician to help confirm the precise prescription to them and they got my prescription spot on, and the lenses seem set so they compensate for the bike riding position.

    I find my the world goes very dizzy for a good few hours every time my prescription changes a tiny bit, it’s amazing how quickly your brain does adjust though 🙂

    And then you’ll just feel dizzy and sick when you don’t wear them!!


    i got my first pair of reading glasses last month after feeling what i thought too be eye strain, but i’m not getting on with them, they do seem too strong and i read better without them

    btw like a tit i spent a bomb on prescription oakleys

    but if you gona look like a tit….. you may aswell look like a tit in oakleys!!

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