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  • Forgotten albums
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    This thread got me thinking, so I rummaged through my CD Collection and found this…

    I forgot how awesome this still is, and what an impact it had back in 98′ !!

    Yeah 1998 🥺


    Sitting in the back of my mates car the other day and he put this on..

    It’s been decades since I last heard it.. it was actually really rather good.

    I bought my car last year , it had a cassette player with this in it

    I used to listen to it all the time when it came out
    and this too

    Listened to New Boots & Panties the other day for the first time in decades. Forgotten just how good it is.

    Premier Icon llama


    listened to this for the first time in ages the other day, forgot how much I like it

    At the moment I can’t stop listening to Blancmange ‘Mange tout’ It’s a bloody cracking album.

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    Nowt wrong with that, I’m 52.


    Premier Icon DezB


    Many many threads do that, not just music ones

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    Quality tracklist on the OP! 🙂

    On Spotify, someone’s made it into a playlist:


    The Shine ones are there too as playlists:


    Premier Icon maxtorque

    Forgotten, probably for good reason!

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    Distinctly remember going to see Belly at Newcastle Uni in 95 just after the second album came out – loved it. Then last night just found they released a third album in 2018.

    Belly reformed in 2016, I saw them play Bristol the day before my birthday, nineteen years after they last toured – the best birthday pressy I could have wished for.

    Gail, the bass player, was undergoing treatment for breast cancer at the time, though you’d never know it from her performance. They were fantastic.

    Premier Icon teethgrinder



    I keep all my cd’s in the cupboards under my fish tank and most weeks I’ll have a rummage around in the morning and dig out something random to listen to in the car on the way to work.

    These were the most recent ones.

    Premier Icon CountZero


    I’m 65 this year! The first piece of music I can remember hearing on the radio was released in 1957!


    another forgotten classic album and band

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    found this whilst clearing the loft, i bought the CD whilst waiting at B’ham airport arrivals for a girl I met MTBing in Glentress to land from edinburgh, my first encounter since divorce way back when. great album and i’m still friends with the girl 14 years later 🙂

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    Given up trying to paste image but Sinead O’Connor’s, The Lion and the Cobra always brings back memories of wandering around Brighton on Summer days with my Walkman on (Troy – classic).

    Premier Icon Kato

    HMS Fable


    The Aliens Ate My Buick by Thomas Dolby, cracking bass lines good sound

    Premier Icon bob_summers

    First time I heard this, it was either my 18th or 21st birthday (the former I think). Weekday night, went to the pub with a mate who was a bit older, and got chatting to a feller who was the dad of someone I knew from school. On learning it was my birthday, he invited us back when the pub shut. He put a bunch of folky music on (much to my dismay he had no Crass or Dead Kennedys) and produced a bottle of damson wine he purported to have made the year I was born, a sure sign that we should drink it, so drink it we did. It was rank and the bottom of the bottle had this sludgy matter which he then “remembered” was magic mushrooms. Details sketchy from then on, other than a clear image of this bloke dancing around his front room to 70s folk records wearing nothing but a pair of step ladders.
    Fast forward to 2018, (the bloke is now a Labour councillor) and I’m driving along one day when Spotify plays a song I’m sure I have heard before but can’t quite place where. Welcome back, Roy Harper.

    Premier Icon AdamT

    Gish – Smashing Pumpkins

    Premier Icon lister

    Boing by Airhead.
    Funny How is a lost classic single from the baggy era.
    I love the whole album.
    No idea what happened to them.

    Premier Icon gk74

    One Dove – Morning Dove White (They only produced one album….there was no way back or forwards from here)

    Eat Static – 1994, Alien abduction meets trance!

    Erykah Badu – Baduzim (R&B that set the standard)

    Lamb – Gorecki (simply beautiful)

    Premier Icon CountZero

    @teethgrinder – here’s the track list for Star, King and Dove, Belly’s three albums so far, (there’s a best of as well);

    1. “Someone to Die For” 2:04
    2. “Angel” 2:58
    3. “Dusted” 2:48
    4. “Every Word” 3:33
    5. “Gepetto” 3:24
    6. “Witch” 1:35
    7. “Slow Dog” 4:02
    8. “Low Red Moon” 5:32
    9. “Feed the Tree” 3:29
    10. “Full Moon, Empty Heart” 3:02
    11. “White Belly” DonellyFred Abong 3:36
    12. “Untogether” 4:43
    13. “Star” 1:27
    14. “Sad Dress” 3:44
    15. “Stay” 4:56

    1. “Puberty. Tanya DonellyGail Greenwood 3:48
    2. “Seal My Fate” Donelly 4:03
    3. “Red” DonellyTom Gorman. 3:35
    4. “Silverfish” DonellyGorman 4:00
    5. “Super-Connected” DonellyGreenwood 4:25
    6. “The Bees” Donelly 4:58
    7. “King” Donelly 4:18
    8. “Now They’ll Sleep” DonellyGorman 3:14
    9. “Untitled and Unsung” Donelly 3:33
    10. “L’il Ennio” Donelly 3:45
    11. “Judas My Heart” DonellyGorman 5:21

    1. “Mine” 5:20
    2. “Shiny One” 5:22
    3. “Human Child” 5:39
    4. “Faceless” 4:58
    5. “Suffer the Fools” 4:05
    6. “Girl” 4:44
    7. “Army of Clay” 3:39
    8. “Stars Align” 3:37
    9. “Quicksand” 4:27
    10. “Artifact” 4:20
    11. “Heartstrings” 3:26
    12. “Starryeyed” (hidden track) 3:05

    Premier Icon gk74

    The most timely of them all, complete with EU flag and lyrics drawn from austerity, but this was 1992 not 2019, I give you ‘Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine’, two blokes and a drum machine trying to make a point…enjoy

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Not so much an album, as a song off a mix tape.

    In the early nineties, a big part of life with friends involved imbibing banned substances. Music was of course an equally hectic ingredient.

    I had this mix tape that so often seemed to accompany our tripped out nights spent in mates cars parked up in the local hills.

    There was one song in particular that stood out from that tape for me, and would take me right back into that madness of putting tiny bits of paper on your tongue and waiting for the start of hours of surreal.

    The tape though, got ruined, by my sister, who TAPED OVER IT, with some vacuous pop rubbish or something and so I never knew who the band were or what the song was called, only that it was so spot on for the time, and had a sample that went ‘BABYLON’….before this heavy, heavy base line.

    Six music had a thing the other week playing music from that time and I couldn’t believe it when the song came on, on Lauren’s show. Finally I could put that agony of losing your favourite mix tape to bed. Turns out it was this. Record bought! 🙂👍


    Ah…indie compilations…from the OP. 😆

    I realise compilations are a mortal sin – but I remember having a few copies of Shine compilations – some bought, some recorded from mates. Anybody remember those?

    Yes!! When I read the OP’s post I had vague recollections of those Indie tapes and couldn’t remember their name. Off to try and find some copies on the Interwebs…

    Tracklists here FYI

    Premier Icon mogrim

    I remember having a few copies of Shine compilations

    I’ve got one sitting in the car, stole it off my brother way back… Got some good stuff on it, but also a whole load of very forgettable crap.

    I’ve been working my way through various “Top 100 Albums of All Time” type lists, they usually turn up a few gems. And again a whole load of forgettable crap 🙂

    Current list is a bit AOR, I have to admit I’ve been skipping bits of it:

    This one is/was more in keeping with the spirit of the OP’s Loaded:


    DEZB —
    Simian broke up, some of the group formed Simian mobile disco


    youtube link


    Holy Simian revival! Their first album, Chemistry is what we are, is a copper bottomed stone cold out on its own classic from 2001 There’s a YouTube playlist.

    Simian Mobile Disco’s first album was pretty good, if slightly samey.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Thought Simian and SMD were probably related. I’ve got a fair bit of SMD. The temporary Pleasure album was good

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