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    Something that hasnt been mentioned is food costs, when i try to buy the fresh, healthy option, more fruit, veg, etc it always costs more than if i buy the high fat content, low fibre, high frutose content foods and chocalate is often buy one get one free but never apples or other fruit

    Most supermarkets have offers on fruit and veg nowadays. Eating healthily is cheaper than eating crap, but even if it wasn't it's surely worth the extra cost.

    To be fair its not all fat peoples fault (fat people, not big people). All the processed food thats available now just fills these folk with more and more crap. Dont get me wrong, i dont hate fat people, but all these tv programs, magazines, etc saying we should treat them like normal people is bs. The more socially acceptable being fat becomes, the more comfortable fat people will become with being fat (or at normal people becoming fatter).
    As i said above, alot of the blame has to fall with society and our poor eating habits. How many people actually cook their own food from fresh? And the people that dont eat micro meals and takeaway full of salts, sugars, fats, e numbers, etc we dont need…and the weidest thing about it for me is they are generally more expensive!


    I don't understand how people get seriously fat. The idea of being fat repulses me- surely you get to a stage where you think "hang on, something's gone wrong here, I'd best do something about it quickly?".

    It's a massive scurge on society and all fat people seem to do is blame genetics and say they can't do much about it. There should be something compulsary for folk to do as soon as they hit 20 stone so they get something done about it. I know you can be around 18 stone and be just plain built, but surely over 20 stone something has gone wrong?

    Oops! Posted again.

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    but surely over 20 stone something has gone wrong?

    luke, be very very carefull……….. 😉

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    I am encouraged by the information Mrs North gives me (she works in a research group whose primary focus is obesity epidemiology).


    Apparently tall people are becoming obese at a greater rate than short people. I am 5'7" and she is 4'10".

    Bring on the pies!



    Surely you get to a stage where you think "hang on, something's gone wrong here, I'd best do something about it quickly?".

    I call that day the 31st December.

    But seriously, i agree 100% with that point.


    Weight per se is a very poor indicator.
    You only need witness that strong man's links.
    If you wanted to introduce a system that meant you were referred to a dietitian and a cardiologist and a life-style coach (etc etc add as you feel necessary) you'd be in with more of a chance if it was worked out on % body fat and in particular, visceral fat levels.

    Look at the previous link. In the survey, 4 out of 5 parents with overweight kids did not know their kids were fat / obese.
    Therein lies the crux of the problem, in a nut shell.
    Blame? Parents

    There was a R4 interview on / about 30 Dec highlighting just this. I've been searching for the link without success.
    There's a long running study being carried out in the S'hampton region, and it's throwing up some fascinating, and as yet, not full understood results, pointing the finger at parents being the single biggest contributor to this problem.
    It seem if you were over-fed between 1-5yrs old, that's your likely body shape for good.
    Like I say, it's on-going and made fascinating listening.

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