Edinburgh Council to pay out £1m to injured cyclists

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  • Edinburgh Council to pay out £1m to injured cyclists
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    Don’t think this has been covered yet


    I can’t decide if this is just US-style money grabbing and a bit sad or an illustration that something is wrong with the traffic layout. I’ve not crashed on the tram lines yet, could be worth a tumble though…

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    ah. damn you and your unrelated thread titles 😛


    She will be very popular with the local residents of Edinburgh, they have already paid far too much for something they do not need or want. And she wants £1m, I know I am not happy with her, she should look where she is riding. Although putting the largest vehicle on the road and a cyclist in the same lane does not seem like a good idea for me, but that is how it is…


    it says the average they are looking for is £8k.

    those tracks are dodgy as hell, especially right now when they direct you right along them (east end) – have to do some pretty nimble maneuvering and swerving which is not always easy in traffic, and at night.

    i came off in the winter a couple years back when they were covered by slush.. imo they are pretty shitty if they’re not going to block them off, they should be marked with lines or something.


    What, there are tram lines in Edinburgh? How did they sneak them in without any adverse publicity, if people dont know about them they are bound to fall off! 🙄

    Loss of earnings, FFS is she a brickie or something and cant work at all, no prob sitting in an office typing one handed?

    Money grabbing me thinks, i hate this culture of suing. Council should offer here a Jedi skills course instead of cash.

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