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  • Deliveries – all broken it seems…
  • mrhoppy
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    DHL, for 2nd week appear to have failed to deliver our Aktar frozen food deliveries on the right day. Got a replacement sent out because the food had defrosted and couldn’t be refrozen and the replacements are also delayed. Hopefully the fact the weather is awful should mean it stays frozen until tomorrow this time.

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    I had three I was waiting for. One delivered on time today by Evri. Can’t say I’ve had a problem with them even when they were Herpes. Our local delivery man is pretty decent also.
    Just waiting one from Royal Mail and another from Chronopost which is part of DPD I think. That’s currently leaving Paris!

    Other half is waiting for three also one DPD and two Royal Mail none arrived yet.

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    Broken – or outright lying barstards

    Been waiting in all day. Im on the ground floor and sit facing the window and nope no van has stopped 🙁

    Im checking through the day for updates on the tracking, said put on van 9am this morning.

    About 5:50pm(last delivery time 6pm) i check tracking again to find it updated with HOUSE- CARD LEFT. And no it wasnt, no card left, no van stopped. Nothing,nowt,zilch, a clear falsehood.

    I can understand it might be busy, or a parcel delayed, but i cant and wont understand a complete outright lie, because by saying that a missed delivery card was left, it puts the emphasis on me to rearrange delivery, and if i dont they they return it to source and it costs to have it all rearranged with me having to pay it.

    So I’ve informed the delivery company they’re driver is talking bollocks. No card was left, no van stopped and what are they going to do about it, and I’ll email axminster tools and tell them the same thing.

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    I ordered something on Friday, confirmation said delivery 2 to 3 days, got home Tuesday to find a ‘we missed you’ note from DPD, which surprised me, as I hadn’t had a delivery notification. Had an email to say it would be delivered between 2pm to 3pm Wednesday, but I was going to be out. Left a note to the driver to leave the parcel in a black kitchen bin I bought especially for the purpose, (I’ve drawn a white envelope on the lid with a white paint pen and it sits just around the side of the house). Had a delivery notification while I was in town having a coffee, parcel was in the bin when I got home.
    I have used the Amazon system with a pick-up at a local shop as well, which works just fine.

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    I can understand it might be busy, or a parcel delayed, but i cant and wont understand a complete outright lie,

    I’ve had this several times.  I assume its about the driver getting paid.  they do only get paid peanuts per parcel.  When I questioned the courier company they said the driver did attempt to deliver and left a card.

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    Sometimes it’s down to the driver running out of time. Maybe traffic, hard to find places, van breaking down. Could be anything.

    Drivers have a specific time window to deliver each parcel. They get penalised if too many are late so might be better for them to skip a couple to get back on track. They don’t have a ‘ran out of time’ option on their pod system so they might say ‘no one in’ and get back on track.

    Annoying for sure but it’s kind of side effect of driver having to game the system to not loose out rather than anything aimed at you personally.

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    So, UPS delivery today….. I have a login for the app so I have set my “Not in” preferences to be leave in my shed which is in the back behind a 6ft fence with a locked,  solid, gate – I unlock it when I know I’m going to be out and am expecting a delivery. Anyhow, today I am in and car is on the drive so gate is locked. Mid afternoon I get an email saying my parcel has been delivered and sure enough there is a calling card in the letterbox saying my parcel is in the shed. I go out to the shed and my parcel is there. The gate is locked.

    So I look on the CCTV as I definitely didn’t hear the bell or any knocking on the front door.

    UPS driver turns up – not in a UPS van/uniform so a contractor of some sort. Anyway he doesn’t ring the bell but straight away goes for the gate, finds it locked. Comes back to the front, checks the number on the house – still doesn’t knock. Goes back to the road checks his pod device looks at the house again and then goes back to the gate. Climbs over the 6 foot fence and leaves parcel in shed then comes to front door and puts note in….

    I guess it was his first day on the job and he misunderstood the “not in “ preference as a default…

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    It’s worth bearing in mind that often at this peak time of year, some couriers reach capacity and the excess items end up diverted into the Royal Mail system. Obviously with the current RM strike action, that isn’t happening.
    A current example heard through the grapevine regarding DPD: “71,000 items came into the Liverpool depot this morning but over 20,000 was left today as can’t cope”.

    If the backlogs caused by strike action aren’t bad enough, you then have Royal Mail management currently slashing overtime (and in some offices banning OT completely) – the result is much of the delayed workload sitting in the delivery office being further delayed.

    The whole system is a bit of a shitshow at the moment.

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    I think we’ve had it too good for too long with retailers and their “free delivery”. It’s not free and factored into the cost of goods. Courier costs have increased massively so retailers moving to the cheaper options – Yodel/Hermes etc to ensure they can still offer free delivery

    The UK staffing crisis, cost of living, and fuel costs are hitting all these companies hard so hardly a surprise the service has gone downhill.

    I work in specialist retail and we run two vans. Trying to find p/t staff to work in store or drive a van is a nightmare.

    Put it all into perspective and remember a time before Amazon Prime and the delivery culture we’ve become accustomed to.

    I’m sure none of it has anything to do with Brexit of course……….

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    Our local postie is brilliant. We have a parcel box at the end of the drive but really big ones won’t fit and he will always make the effort to hop the fence and hide them behind the wheelie bins.

    Amazon Prime is frighteningly effective. Looked at Lego store etc for some stuff off the boys Christmas list and cheaper on Amazon and delivery is faultless including Sundays.

    DPD and DHL for others recently were ok but if it doesn’t fit in the parcel box it has to be re delivered to a collection point or to work. Can be a challenge as will only allow redirection within certain areas and can be a pain.

    Local Evri lady is great too but just far too random when it actually gets to her for her to deliver.

    Yodel randomly leaves the Gousto order somewhere each week but it does get delivered

    Seems other than Amazon the end point delivery is very dependent on who the local delivery driver is.

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    Been quite painful, just waiting for a brake hose, last thing needed to finish my dream hardtail. Delivery taking ages. waaaaa!

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    I just received a new frame from a the Bike Stable in Grimsby, took five days for them to ship but it was free postage and they use a local guy who delivers motorbikes around the Uk, he picked it up from the shop the previous night and delivered it straight to me in Berkshire for 9am the following morning, non of this processing hub or tracking number malarky, just straight from shop to van to me, with a text from the driver telling me what time he’d drop it off, its definitely the way to go….

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    What are people doing about eBay deliverys not turning up. Like when is it okay to say it hasn’t turned up if it was sent 2nd class on the 18th?

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    A current example heard through the grapevine regarding DPD: “71,000 items came into the Liverpool depot this morning but over 20,000 was left today as can’t cope”.

    Had a phone due to arrive Wednesday this week via this depot. Delayed till Thursday by them. I’m not in, so I delay delivery till Monday coming. Came home, and found a card from dpd with handwritten note from driver saying “I’m on till 7. Let me know when you’re in”.

    Rang him. 10 mins later and he’s back with the phone! Proper amazeballs.

    He said anytime you’ve got a dpd delivery and aren’t in, just leave a note on your door and they’ll try to come back.

    RM will be gone inside a year. Unless government stands behind it.

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    Just read my reply on the other delivery post , you’ll get an insight then .

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