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  • Decent £350 bike for a 10 year old?
  • Premier Icon akira

    Probably be fine on xs MTBs but might end up being a bit heavy. I’d try and stick to rigid maybe to avoid the cheap shitty suspension fork vortex.


    Decent £350 bike for a 10 year old?

    Not sure if that’s seems like a fair swap or not.

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    It’s funny age, cos they grow out of them quick. My boy had an old Spesh Hardrock 24″ wheel off the classifieds, which was a very decent bike, with decent sus forks. Recommended my mate get the Hardrock for his kid – he bought a new one and it was junk in comparison.
    His next was an adult small Boardman, also off classifieds – lovely light bike.
    So yeah, I think if you go for a kid’s bike, you have to go really expensive to get decent these days – if manufacturers like Specialized are taking the piss with junk componentry, then most probably are in the cheaper range.
    Small adult bike seems to be the answer.

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    My 10 yr old is on a Vitus 24. Really light from the money but the taller one may be at the upper end of the size range.

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    It’s a shame it’s a bit over budget but my 7 year daughter, who is very tall for her age is loving her Genesis Core 26. I managed to pick up a mint 2nd handle example back in April but they seem to be like hens teeth on the used market. Same spec as this…..

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    On behalf of a mate with 10 year old twins.

    They like the look of road bikes and both are mad about triathlons (kids today, no bloody fun), but have absolutely no experience of riding one apart from a single organised session of wobbling around an outdoor running track.

    Dad would prefer if they started on MTB’s away from traffic and they have loads of easily accessible quality off road stuff locally.

    One about 4’11” and the one they feed properly is 5’3″.
    Would an XS adult bike pose any issues?

    If so, any idea of what’s hot about that point?

    Decathlon only do a small, not extra small, Spesh start about £400 and after that I’m lost.

    Light, simple, kid proof?
    Any ideas?

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Cheers for the replies, will have a good look at those.
    A quick search brings up this Kona Fire Mountain at just over budget.

    Kona’s own size guide reckon it’d fit them both and with that spec I’d ride it myself.
    He’s buying two, cheeky to ask for further discount on bikes or kit?

    Edit – I do remember that Vitus thread.

    That Genesis is a fine looking bike too, just a bit pricey.
    His original budget was £300 including kit, but I’ve managed to up it a bit.


    We’ve got a xxs Giant scr 3.0 hanging up in the garage. Bought for that exact, same reason and then used twice!!!!
    £250 collected if anywhere near Oxford?
    Realise this isn’t a “for sale” forum so apologies if out of order.


    What about a 14-inch Cube Aim. Probably not the most exciting, but would do the job.



    The top tube on my daughter’s Frog 26 was crazy long and the bottom bracket too high (26″ wheel version). So it started off too big and quickly became too small.

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