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  • Dad n daughter gaming
  • Premier Icon simon_g
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    I came to say the Overcooked games too.

    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is fun and co-op.

    Human: Fall Flat has been a lot of fun for our (remote) group to play through together.

    Oh, and my wife and I had a blast playing through Guacamelee! a few years back.

    Premier Icon monkeyboyjc
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    +1 for untitled goose game

    It’s excellent….

    Premier Icon mattyfez
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    Get the new version, double trouble, one goose can do the task whilst the other just causes distractions and general mayhem hahaha!

    Premier Icon mrmonkfinger
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    Cannot believe Splatoon has not been mentioned.

    Premier Icon SammyC
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    Human Fall Flat and Gang Beasts! Excellent fun!

    My 13 year old and 9 year old play these together.

    Premier Icon northernmatt
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    As above Overcooked, Unravel 2, Untitled Goose Game etc etc

    Also, Worms.

    Premier Icon 136stu
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    When my daughter was that age she loved Theme Hospital and The Sims. The world has moved on but I believe there are newish versions of both available as an intro. Also, isn’t Animal Crossing a fairly social game if she can get a pal interested? Little Big Planet was another popular one for kids.

    Also (and I’m whispering this) but pets can introduce a lot of new energy – just saying.

    Premier Icon chipsngravy
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    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 – Does multiplayer split screen.

    I like to sit with my 11 year while he plays Sea of Thieves and get him talking about how the game is going.

    Premier Icon Olly
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    Also, when youre buying these games; ive had some success with game key websites. Granted you dont get a physical disk to resell, but you do get it NOW.

    Once you’ve chosen a game, have a poke around online and you can often pick stuff up for under a tenner without getting off your butt.

    They normally email you a code, or make a code available in your “store account” window, which you type in to the xbox, or copy and paste into the xbox account through the app/site.
    If you do it on the app or site, your console starts downloading immediately, even if its “off”.

    probably sucking eggs and all that. sorry.

    Premier Icon perchypanther
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    Just get an Xbox Game Pass subscription and let her pick one of those games?

    Premier Icon andyflare
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    Agree with alot of the above especially the Game Pass recommendation. It’s next to nothing for a trial and means you can experiment with games to find somthing that works for you.

    My 13 year old daughter is back on Minecraft with her mates at the moment which seems like a decent social way to pass the time for her. We also play Minecraft dungeons or Crash team racing although our favourite family game on the xbox is Ultimate Chicken Horse.

    Moving out is also ok and much less likely to end in a fight than overcooked!

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    What about chess as in the real game?

    Dunno about chess but that’s not a bad shout generally. Consider modern physical board games maybe? #AskMeHow

    Premier Icon ebikegum
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    Some great suggestions that i will have a look at this evening.

    I really appreciate everyone’s time spent in replying – cheers all, beers on me.

    Premier Icon fubar
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    Games I’ve enjoyed playing together with my now 12 year old daughter on Xbox (in date played order):-
    – Lego games (Indiana Jones)
    – Overcooked (2)… can get a bit mad and shouty in our house
    – Rocket League
    – Fortnight, Fortnight Fortnight… pretty much all she plays now… unfortunately she won’t let me play anymore as I’m not up to her standard !

    Premier Icon swanny853
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    Can’t believe it took that long to make it to Worms. I finally cracked and was talked into downloading it this lockdown to play online and it’s as entertaining as I recall from teenage years, if not more

    Premier Icon Coyote
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    We’ve taken to Mario Karts on the WII again after it sat idle for months. Simple and great fun – lots of laughing, shouting and general mayhem. Recommended.

    Premier Icon allanoleary
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    Buy an old Wii with sports resort. That’s amazing fun

    Premier Icon voodoo-rich
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    +1 for Rayman… Rayman Legends if you can, played through most of it with my son as a 2 person co-op, howling with laughter as i yet again got stuck and he had to rescue me!

    Premier Icon bassmandan
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    I don’t know if it’s available on current gen Xbox but I had an absolute blast playing splosion man and ms splosion man with a mate on the 360.

    Current multiplayer fave is deep rock galactic.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp
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    Some brilliant recommendations so far. I’d add

    Unravel Two – Great little puzzle co-op game.

    Streets of Rage 4 – Bond over eating chicken and smacking bikers with a piece of guttering.

    Pang/Bubble Bobble – Old Skool fun.

    Should be a wealth of great little indie co-op titles on the store too.

    Premier Icon Loughan
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    I’m an advocate for board/card games, i play something with my daughter and she’ll start up conversation and sometimes we don’t finish the game. It’s a great vehicle for just spending time together & chatting

    Two favourites at the moment is Plotalot (uk developed & printed – bonus!) and kingdomino (dominos with an entertaining take)

    If choosing beware of complex/battle based/multi-player/being lead down a path that your daughter might have no interest in playing. I’ve learnt the hard & expensive way 🙂

    Premier Icon bassmandan
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    On the board game front I bought ‘Pandemic’ years ago – it’s co operative so rather than a winner you have to work together which is nice for people who aren’t huge board game fans.

    Premier Icon thebibbles
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    If you can stretch to it, I’d really recommend getting an Oculus Quest 2. It’s something completely different that you and your daughter can take turns doing and laughing at how stupid each other look as you’re boxing, bowling, dancing, shooting, slicing etc. There’s some great family games as well involving one person in the quest and the others on smart phones. You can also cast it your phone or a chrome cast on your TV to see what they’re seeing in the headset. My kids absolutely love it, especially watching people try and play Richies plank for the first time.

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