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    It’s all a bit War Christmas for me.

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    Well on my ward most of us stood still and silent for the two minutes silence – but phones kept ringing and its clear that in many parts of the system people were not taking notice of it.

    This rather annoyed me. I refused to answer the ringing phone ( which IMO the person making the call should have not made that call) but one of my colleagues did

    Any point in making a fuss about this? I really have no idea who or how to contact the right folk.

    I would have liked a mass email from the big bosses to ask that the silence be respected but there wasn’t one



    You may start a little war? … that would be ironic aye ??

    Move on and next year take the “phones of the hook” (ha … what an old phrase) at 10:59

    Good luck

    Premier Icon Drac


    Stop worrying about it no one is actually bothered as you and others were at work.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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