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  • *deep breath*

    Well, 2014 see me starting the year single instead of Married (after 13 years together), but it’s all amicable and mutual, so there’s no shouting or nasty stuff like that, and despite everything, we’re still good mates.

    However, this now means jumping into the world of Internet Dating.

    Terrified and excited both at the same time. 😯

    Wish me luck.

    Not break my arm again, three has been quite enough.

    Lose some weight and get back into the gym and 32″ skinny jeans.

    Be more organised/structured, I’ve wasted too much time this year waiting for things to happen.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Ride more, surf more and try not to break anything.
    Already pretty much given up drinking 6 months ago.
    Spend less time online and more time sleeping and listening to music or reading books. HNY everyone.

    31minute seperated double post?


    try and be nice

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    My partner and i have just agreed to do a first aid course after i fainted and smashed my face into the loo at 4am while having a nighttime wee…

    Between that and the Gracia bleeding video, I’m signing up ASAP.


    1 drink way less,been on a bottle a night for the best part of a month.
    2 save money
    3 eat healthier
    4 exercise more
    5 practice the guitar every day

    The way I see it, get number one sorted the rest is easy

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Lose weight through healthy choices, portion control & exercise, not a Diet as such, just a conscious effort to regain some confidence in myself. I have 3st to lose so a Diet as such would be too daunting. It’s going to take all year, but I will revisit this post 1 year from now & post my results. 8)

    To finish my training as a Scout Leader. I have a lot of modules to finish, plus a Nights Away permit.

    To support my good lady Wife as she begins her Nursing placement. She’s jacked in a career in Finance & Credit Controller to retrain as a Nurse. I am proud of her. 8)

    ron jeremy

    To be me, embrace who I am and enjoy those around me


    Less focus on work, or at least take more mini-breaks. I like what I do, but there’s more to life.


    Rebuild my finances with new job.
    Buy a narrowboat (for living on).
    Take a trip to Nashville.
    Rediscover love for mountain biking.
    Cut out binge drinking.


    Bench press 100kg and squat 150kg

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Be less of a full time recluse…. surely part time would suffice.
    Get back to healthier eating and exercising more. Definitely need to lose weight again 👿
    Ride my bikes more!


    No drinking in the week.

    Lose 2-3 stone.

    Ride my bike much more.

    Reduce amount of hobbies/toys.

    Stress less about work, structure it better & cut out web surfing on their time……

    Save more money.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars


    But mainly lose weight, and ride a lot more.


    To sort things out amicably between my ex and myself.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    To spend more time on the bike and less in the pub. To use the money saved to get the bike lighter as I get lighter too.
    To do a mtb skills course and put it into practice.

    Bike Park Wales at least once.


    Get a new job.


    Never made one, never will.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Have more sex
    drink less
    ride more
    swim 50km (in a year)
    eat less
    eat better

    Premier Icon DezB

    To not get hung up about being 50. (In 25 days time)

    To only buy/download as much music as I can actually listen to.


    Can’t do a year in advance:
    Jan- alcohol free, start dance classes
    Feb- buy woodworking tools.
    March, April – tile kitchen, make / fit units
    May – Bike trip out of UK
    June- work hard
    July- work hard
    August- family holiday(inspiration needed)
    September- En-roll on a carpentry course.

    That’s it so far.


    Consume less food, consume less Tv, read more books, Cut the amount of money I spend on technology products, live more. Own less stuff generally.

    I started months ago, getting rid of unused posessions is the best choice I made.


    The OH’s New Year Resolution is to have more sex, so I suppose that I’s better make it mine too – otherwise we may have a problem!

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