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  • British Cycling XC National Series Rd 3 – Lochore Meadows 
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    Whether you’re racing or watching from the sidelines, you’ll enjoy the latest update from the National XC Series. Lochore Meadows 7/8 May 2022 Photos …

    By mountainposture

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    British Cycling XC National Series Rd 3 – Lochore Meadows 

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    It was hardly disobedience. Carolyn asked on the start line to do 4 (it had been posted all day as 3 but why ask at a convenient time eh?) and was told she could. But that doesn’t make controversy does it. Mind you if she did continue after being told she was on a 3 lap race she’d have to have been penalised, which would have been controversial. But she didn’t as she wasn’t so I guess this “journalist” has to stir the pot.

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    There has to be consistency across the races and across the series. What I have observed so far this series has led me to believe there is one rule for some and another for others. She’s asked before, several times, for parity and will continue to keep asking until things change. Doesn’t seem to matter when she asks, she’s always been told no. Also, her side of the story doesn’t match up with yours. I’d love to know what the truth is and why we have lap numbers which do change on the start line (c.f. Grand Vets at Tong).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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