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  • Bike Addiction. How many bikes have you had?
  • Mounty_73
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    I think I have had 11 or 12. I have always had a new bike every 3 years.

    My fav bike I think were a 96 Kona Lavadome and my lightweight 2009 Stumpy HT.

    I currently have 3, with 1 bike in, then 1 bike out.

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    Well, that puts things into perspective. Will be showing this thread to my Louise with a ‘see, I’m not that bad!’

    Dawes ascent
    Kona blast
    Kona kula
    Orange evo6
    Pipedream toredo
    Orange p7
    Cotic soul
    Bird zero TR

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    Too many to remember fully but the most notable ones. * Was a frame-only purchases.

    Peugeot Equipe – The first bike I ever bought myself at 13 years old.
    Emmelle Cougar – Rode that till the frame broke
    Kona Cindercone – The splattered paint job and silly U brake
    Raleigh Criterium
    Orange Clockwork
    Surly 1×1 *
    Cove Handjob *
    GT Zasker LE *
    Peugeot 753 Chorus – That some bastard nicked, I loved that bike.
    GT LTS * Bushings squeaked like ****
    Cannondale Super V *
    Santa Cruz Bullit * Frame cracked at the head tube.
    Specialized Big Hit *
    Specialized M5 Sworks Stumpjumper
    Trek Session * The frame was that heavy we joked it was made out of Nibbler’s shit
    Cannondale MX
    Concorde road frame *
    Cannondale Gemini DH *
    Specialized Demo 7 *
    Cannondale SuperSix
    Specialized Diverge DSW
    Trek Procaliber 6 – Current bike
    Specialized Roubaix – Current Bike
    Specialized FSR Stumpjumper – Current bike

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    First MTB was in 85/86 ish.
    Diamondback Ascent
    Raleigh Technium
    Malcom Smith CroMega
    Alpinestars Almega
    Klien Pinnacle
    Santacruz Hecker(pre Superlight)
    Santacruz Chameleon
    Santacruz Bullit
    Cove Stifee
    Santacruz Heckler (new shape)
    Santacruz Blur
    Onone Inbred ss
    Onone Ti Inbred ss
    Kona A
    Onone Pompino
    Salsa LasCruses
    Garry Fisher Rig
    Salsa El Mariachi
    Surly Karate Monkey
    Blacksheep Custom Ti 29ers x 3 (don’t even ask why)
    Santacruz Nomad
    Jones Spaceframe Ti
    Singular Gryphon
    Banshe Paradox
    Orbit Tandem
    Salsa Mukluk
    Fatback (can’t remember the model name)
    Canfield Yelli Screamy x 2
    2Souls Quarterhorse
    Jones Spaceframe Steel
    Santacruz Tallboy LTC
    Onone Fatty
    Santacruz Hightower Carbon
    Geometron G16
    Last Fastfoward
    Geometron G13
    Specialized Kenevo (first gen)
    Marino Custom Hardtail
    Specialized Kenevo (gen 2)
    Geometron G1.

    A couple of those might not be in the correct order but it’s pretty close from looking at my Flickr feed.

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    I feel very under-new-to-me-biked.

    90s Orange P7 (stainless steel with orange decals with STX RC, this is the one I regret selling as although I grew out of it it was a lovely bike)
    2005 Orange P7 (black)
    Cannondale Bad Boy
    Whyte Suffolk (stolen)
    Whyte G150
    Parlee Altum Disc (current)
    Mason Bokeh (current)

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    A lot.

    I’m a serial bike changer (throbber? ;-))

    some bikes I like, some bikes I don’t. sometimes I want something different, and couldn’t never manage more than 2 bikes at one time.

    so far, from the first proper MTB in 1992, I’ve owned 56 MTB’s. only 5 of those were pre 2000.

    more scarily, from 2000 I’ve owned 55 different bikes, including road bikes. no one really ant to read that list.

    I’d like to say I’ve not got another one on the way, but……

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    In no particular order:-

    Dawes Tracker
    Marin Bear Valley
    Bianchi racer
    Peugeot 2000
    Thorn audax
    Thorn Rohloff MTB
    Thorn nomad
    On-one inbred
    On-one ti456*
    On-one Kaffenback
    On-one Scandal
    On-one Pompino
    Van Nicholas Amazon
    Lynskey CX
    Kinesis CX
    Ridley X-Bow
    Rose CX
    Cannondale Super X himod cx
    Cannondale Super X disc
    Storck Scenario
    Canondale Supersix
    Cannondale Hi-mod Supersix
    Cannondale Hi-mod Synapse x 3
    Cannondale Synapse Hi-mod disc x 2 Disc
    Canyon Inflite
    Specialized Crux
    Open Wi’de
    Tarmac SL6
    Scott Scale
    Mason Bokeh
    Mason Definition
    Focus Mares CX – x 3
    Specialized Chisel
    Cannondale Taurine
    Exocet TT
    Dalkia TT
    Airbourne Zepplin

    Phew – that’s like therapy and number wasn’t as high as I thought it would be – still have some of them – some great choices, some mistakes, some keepers for sentimental reasons (cause they were and are brilliant) – thought I was sorted but there’s always something catches my eye – like, would sell the Wi.De for a new Crux…..ah, it never ends 🙂

    And don’t start a ‘how many wheels’ thread – that’s enough therapy for a while

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    Raleigh Birdy
    Raleigh Even More Extreme
    16″ GT BMX with back pedal brake (wish I’d kept this one)
    GT Outpost
    Kona Lava Dome (nicked)
    Kona Roast (stupid buy)
    Orange Evo2
    Mongoose Supergoose frame (wish I’d kept that one in the attic)
    On-One Pompino
    Schwinn Hydramatic
    Raleigh Night Burner bought for £5 and sold for the same, oops
    Specialized E5 (? – weird one without a model name) road bike
    Focus Variado road
    Boardman Comp Road
    Orange P7 – gift form housemate moving back to Germany, way too big for me
    Cannondale Six13
    Raleigh Equipe
    Trek Madone 5.2
    Raleigh somethingorother I found outside the engineering department
    Horrible weird fillet brazed road thing from Retrobike I bought on a whim
    Orange Sub 3 – bob city
    Giant XTC hardtail, the cheap one – bought when I lived in Japan and absolutely ragged for a year
    Marin somethingorother alu hardtail – nicked
    Kona Hahanna – snapped
    Fixie Inc Peacemaker
    Scott megalightweight carbon road bike, can’t remember which (not a Scale)
    Cotic Soul
    Genesis 853 hardtail
    Raleigh Max commuter
    Sunn cromo hardtail with custom green flames paintjob from eBay
    Peugeot Aztec commuter
    Cove Hummer ti (my first ti frame, really wanted to be more impressed than I was)
    Chinarello Dogsh*t (fiancee still riding this one)
    Pinnacle Arkose
    Dialled Bikes Prince Albert
    On-One 456
    Chinese carbon thing, horrible
    Neil Pryde Bura SL
    Haro Blackout BMX
    KHS Montana Comp – for sale!
    GT Pro Series 1999 BMX (in progress)
    On One Pompino (again)

    I’ve probably forgotten another 5-10, not to mention frames I got but never got round to building up.

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    Since the early 2000’s, I had about 13. Currently, I own only three, which is less than half of all bikes in our garage.

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    solorider, that is an impressive list. They must have cost a small fortune. If only the kids didn’t eat so much and grow out of their clothes so quickly (and a more understanding internal accounts manager) I’d have had a similar list 😜

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    Raleigh apple or something similar
    Shonky blue thing
    Raleigh commando
    Other shonky blue thing
    Giant hurricane
    Raleigh peak
    Marin Eldridge grade

    Around this time various BMXes. Lets call it 4

    Kinesis maxlight
    Saracen zen
    Orange patriot
    Turner 5 spot
    Pipedream Sirius
    Cannondale prophet
    Dmr (bought on a whim sold and never built up)
    Pinnacle arkose
    One one pompetamine
    Kink the whip bmx
    Transition smuggler
    Cotic solaris
    Grey cx thing after the arkose got nicked
    Planet x pickenflick
    Trek domane road bike
    Trek rail
    Transition sentinel
    Cotic solarismax


    I’ve had to edit this 3 times I keep thinking of ones I’ve missed off

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    When I was a kid..
    Chopper, Grifter, Grifter XL, Mongoose Blue Max BMX

    Some Green Townsend ATB thing that got nicked after 2 weeks.
    A 2nd hand Saracen HT with XT parts but didn’t appreciate the quality!

    Then a bit of a break from riding for a few years playing football/having a family etc

    Grown up
    Trek 4900
    Trek Rumblefish
    Trek Roscoe
    Orange Clockwork
    Trek Remedy (4 of them!)
    Orange Crush
    Santa Cruz Nomad

    Looking back, there’s a few quid spent/wasted!

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    @lovewookie – maybe we should get some “Serial Bike Swapping Throbber” T-shirts printed.

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    I must be a bike marketing person’s nightmare…
    In 50 years of road riding I’ve only owned 7 road bikes – still have 4 of them.
    In 30 years of mountain-biking I’ve owned exactly one MTB.
    All of them are/were a bit like Trigger’s broom though, the frames endure but everything else gets swapped out regularly.

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    Kids bikes and then

    Extra Burner
    Raliegh Maveric
    Some kind of Halfords MTB type thing
    GT Timberline
    GT Zaskar
    GT LTS
    GT STS
    Transition Covert
    Kona Alu HT
    Marin Palisades trail
    Another Transition Covert
    On One 456
    On One 456c
    On One Fatty
    Dialled Alpine
    Transition Patrol
    Another Transition Patrol
    Stanton Switchback
    YT Tues
    Another YT Tues
    Voodoo Limba
    Ribble HT725
    Cotic Flaremax

    Looking back I am pretty brand loyal!

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    Kona Hahhana
    Kona Muni Mula
    GT Palomar*
    Kona Stab
    Kona STinky
    Kona Bear
    Commencal Normal*
    Kona lava dome*
    Kona Lava dome
    Kona Lava Dome
    Felt Brink*
    Kona Cowan*
    Kona Unit*
    Kona Bear
    Kona Dawg
    Kona Process
    Kona Process*
    Kona Dew *
    Kona Dew *

    * = still own

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    Trek 7000
    Cove Handjob*
    Cotic Soul*

    Raleigh Winner
    Raleigh Elan
    Quintana Roo TT
    Giant TCR – that lasted about 5 mins as I realised I bought the wrong size (XL not M/L) – badly worded advert
    Neil Pryde Zephyr*

    *= still own

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    @lovewookie – maybe we should get some “Serial Bike Swapping Throbber” T-shirts printed.

    haha. maybe.

    as everyone else is posting their lists… some order, but not much order..
    (Pro star BMX, Redline 500a BMX, Slingshot BMX)
    sunn roader
    santa cruz roadster
    merida 500 road bike
    specialized crossroad
    on one pompino
    Peugeot Ranger
    Peugeot Lazer 15
    Cannondale SM600
    Orange E3
    Orange E4
    Orange P7
    Cannondale CAAD4/fatty SL(1999)
    Gary fisher Ziggurat
    marin east peak
    sunn urge UN
    airborne lucky strike
    cannondale F3000SL
    Cotic soul
    Orange Sub 5
    Trek fuel EX7
    Raleigh HT
    rocky mountain blizzard
    dekerf elysium
    cannondale F1000
    kona kilauea
    on one inbred
    on one inbred 853
    on one lurcher
    gary fisher mt tam
    cannondale prophet
    cannondale prophet 2
    cannondale scalpel
    cannondale scalpel 29
    cannondale rush
    gary fisher kaitai 29
    gary fisher x-cal 29
    transition smuggler
    gary fisher superfly carbon 29
    gary fisher procaliber OCLV
    Gary Fisher Mt Tam
    trek superfly
    trek 9.8
    giant NRS
    on one scandal 29
    on one scandal 2020
    kona lava dome
    Kona blast
    cannondale CAAD3
    cannondale rush
    yeti kokopelli
    Sobato carbon 29
    NS eccentric cromo
    kona king kahuna carbon 29
    another pinnacle ramin
    whyte T129
    cannondale F600
    Marin palisades trail
    diamond back mojito
    pinacle ramin
    Pace RC200
    Pace RC129
    Trek Rumblefish
    cotic Solaris
    Carbonda FM936
    Cube SLT

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    29 soon to be 30…. I think

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    * = still have

    Borrowed 16” wheels ballon tyres thing
    Vindec Hi Riser

    Peugeot Anaconda
    Peugeot Magnum Lx
    93 Marin Eldridge Grade – did mad amount of miles on this on and off road
    94 Marin Pine Mountain
    92 GT Karokaram
    94 Marin Bear Valley SE
    Dawes Audax – crashed into a back of a car at speed in the rain
    98 Spesh S-Works M2
    99 Marin Mount Vision
    Argos 531 racer -stolen
    Argos 531 racer
    GT something
    02 Spesh S-Wotks M4 – sold to a friend who still has it
    *05 Time Vx – used a lot for 17 years now in the loft
    93 Marin Eldridge Grade – retro pub bike
    94 Spesh Stumpy – ditto
    95 Marin Pine Mountain – ditto
    *08 Genesis Flyer Ss still have
    *HRG Ferris – in the loft to restore
    Enigma Etape
    Kinesis GF Disc – snapped down tube
    *2019 Orange Clockwork Evo
    *Enigma Etape Disc #2
    *Colnago C64

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    Not that many, not counting assorted bikes growing up I get nine but four have been Trigger’s broom.

    89 Marin Bear Valley – stored
    96 Marin Pine Mountain – stollen
    02 Dave Hinde – didn’t really like it, over build to
    03 Inbred – rode into the ground and over build to
    07 Inbred – rode into the ground and over build to
    11 Soul – stored needs new forks
    09 Roadrat – stored needs new wheels
    16 Giant Defy
    19 Sonder Cortex

    Currently thinking of a Cotic Cascade and either a frame transplant for the Defy or Cortex at some point of the next year or so.

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    Think I’ve had about 20 proper bikes, 7 or 8 road bikes, 3 or 4 cx and then 7 or 8 MTBs. That’s from when i started riding properly in 83 or 84. I’ve still got half of them, either as complete bikes, or frame and fork.

    Guy i know through work must have had over a hundred though, he’s still got something like 8 or 10 of his old team bikes in storage in the UK and Belgium somewhere and a lock up here with another dozen or so. Plus all the paraphernalia that goes along with them!
    Though i don’t think many of the bikes he gets these days count, only has them for a few weeks/couple of months, then has to send them back.

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    Proud to say I’ve never sold a bike, maintain them carefully, and ride them for as many miles as possible until dead.

    Why on Earth are you “proud” of this? Do you think all the bikes that the rest if us discarded went to the skip?

    To me posting up the longest list of MTBs owned just marks you out as a throbber who either a) can’t buy right or b) never actually bonds with a bike properly.

    “Throbber” – Interesting. Remind me – what was the thread title?

    I got back into MTBing properly in 2005. There were so many things to experience, different frame materials, wheel size, suspension types, singlespeeds, etc. By experimenting, I found what was fun/right/nice/etc. I can now make a more informed decision. If you haven’t had that experience, how can you possibly judge? How many people marry the first girl they meet? How many people meet the right girl/boy on the first try? How do you know what’s right without experience?

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    How many people marry the first girl they meet? How many people meet the right girl/boy on the first try?

    There’s playing the field and there’s being a slag.

    I would definitely have been the latter in my heyday.


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    Proud to say I’ve never sold a bike, maintain them carefully, and ride them for as many miles as possible until dead.

    I don’t think I’d like to try riding my Diamondback Ascent from 1985 on the trails I’m now riding.
    Things move on stuff changes. Some people go with that others stand still.

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    Growing up, would be taken to a second hand bike shop each year to get the next size up then my first new bike …

    A gleaming red Raleigh chopper
    Raleigh arena road bike bought with paper round money but stolen
    Holdsworth lugless framed road bike, grew up next to their shop
    First MTB, Specialized Rockhopper in 92. Loved this bike which has always pushed me towards Specialized
    Marin Pine Mountain 96 ( now living in Arizona ), MTB scene massive
    Ventana el habernero 98, first full suspension
    Specialized Epic, 04, 2nd version, back in Uk,
    Santacruz superlight 07, loved that bike but sold it in a panic as the market for 26 inch wheeled bikes plummeted and still regret it
    Orbea aqua, 09, first road bike as children were wining my time
    Whyte 901, never clicked with this bike
    Genesis Equilibrium frame, boring but smooth
    Specialized roubaix frame
    Genesis fortitude
    Giant Anthem 29er
    Specialized Tarmac Sl5 comp disc

    Still got the last 3 but very tempted by new Specialized Crux Comp.
    This is like a therapy session

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    Proud to say I’ve never sold a bike, maintain them carefully, and ride them for as many miles as possible until dead.

    Mine are maintained immaculately (ex shop and team mechanic). I don’t sell mine because 80% of the second hand bike buying public are a bunch of tyre kicking throbbers who want 15 quids change from a tenner.

    (i usually give them away or strip and reuse parts, store frames etc etc)

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    Gods, this has made me think back…

    Had an:
    Dawes Ascent
    Emmelle Cortina
    Giant Box 1
    One I cannot remember the brand of, but which was a really nice 7005 frame
    Merlin Malt2
    Merlin MaltR
    Spec Stumpy FSR

    I was shamed into selling the Box 1, the Dawes was stolen, as was the One That Cannot Be Remembered. The Emmelle was given to a friend that needed a bike (but was also stolen at one point, but came back).

    I still have the three last ones and cannot think of a reason to sell them.

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    I started riding bikes again in about 2008, since then, I think I’ve had the following (roughly in order):

    Giant Yukon
    Genesis Core 30
    Cotic Soul MK2
    Genesis iO
    Dialled Holeshot
    OnOne Scandal MK2
    Genesis Fortitude Race
    Cotic Soul MK3
    Land Rover flat bar road bike
    Kinesis CX
    Marin Bobcat – retro
    Pinnacle Arkrose
    Trek X-Caliber
    Cotic Solaris MK2
    Lapierre Zesty
    Cotic Soul Gen 4
    Genesis CDA
    OnOne Scandal MK3

    Currently have:

    Cotic Flare Gen 1
    Merlin Malt-G1X
    Marin Bear Valley retro


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    Hi-fives @tomhoward, @ton, @lovewookie, @sillyoldman . . . heck, hi-fives all round!

    Yup, still here (lurking now and then) and still addicted – lost count – I’m not proud lol

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    Only started riding again in April 2018, prior to this I had an MTB in my late teens, think it was a Claud butler Cape wrath. Then a Felt Dispatch SS/fixed gear around 2008 ish.

    Proper bikes since 2018:

    Virus Escape
    On one Space Chicken
    YT Jeffsy
    Nordest Lacrau
    Giant Defy (Zwift bike)

    Rookie numbers, I know!

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    Some of you lot make me look tame in comparison !! 🙂

    From the age of 12:

    1, mongoose supergoose
    2, raleigh burner
    3, another supergoose
    4, muddy fox rock and roll (First mtb)
    5, dawes road bike
    6, raleigh yukon
    7, dawes Mtb
    8, raleigh team banana road bike
    9, diamond back topanga
    10, merlin malt 1
    11, merlin something
    12, specialized stumpjumper HT
    13, airborne liberator
    13, Spesh stumpy FSR
    14, Spesh stumpy FSR
    15, on one inbred
    16, on one inbred
    17, on one inbred 456
    18, spesh stumpy ht
    19, norco fluid
    20, spesh pitch
    21, spesh enduro
    22, spesh pitch
    23, spesh pitch
    24, spesh enduro
    25, spesh pitch (Liked these a lot !!)
    26, turner 5 spot
    27, spesh stumpy
    28, spesh stumpy
    29, turner 5 spot
    30, cotic bfe
    31, norco range
    32, boardman hybrid
    33, another boardman hybrid
    34, orange 5 29
    35, giant trance
    36, genesis equilibrium
    37, another trance
    38, lapieere zesty
    39, voodoo bizange
    40, on one parkwood
    41, cube cross race
    43, giant defy
    44, whyte 529
    45, transition sentinel
    46, spesh stumpy 29er
    47, on one codiene
    48, spesh stumpy
    49, salsa horsethief
    50, whyte s150
    51, cube attain 58
    52, cube attain 60
    53, giant defy
    54, cotic bfe max
    55, santa cruz hightotwer
    56, orbea rallon
    57, whyte e150
    58, orbea wild
    59, spesh levo expert
    60, spesh levo comp

    Erm they may be some I have missed !

    I may have a problem lol

    EDIT:61: spesh sirrus.

    EDIT AGAIN: 62: Marin full susser

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    Too late to edit but:

    63, Gt Tequesta
    64, Haro Escape
    65, my dads old road bike
    66, Giant NRS

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    Good going Renton, I thought I’d have the better of you but you might just shade me.

    I haven’t added mine up for a few years now – and I’m probably not going to do it again.

    Free Member

    1. Raleigh Strika
    2. Raleigh Grifter
    3. Raleigh Bomber
    4. Ridgeback 601
    5. Cannondale SM1000
    6. Cannondale M1000
    7. Specialized Stumpjumper Epic
    8. Jones Spaceframe
    9. Kona Unit
    10. Stooge Dirtbomb

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    Once beyond kids bikes, which are mainly lost to my memory, 25. Not going to list all the standard MTBs and road bikes. Highlights are,

    Rod brake post office bike.

    Short wheelbase, bannana yellow recumbent

    Conversion axle tricycle



    Edit, come to think of it, that was my collection at one point, along with a hartdail MTB. Much more staid now.

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    Here we go:
    1 – 2002 GT Zaskar made in USA, got it second hand from my father
    2 – Singular Swift MK1
    3 – Surly Ogre
    4 – Surly Pugsley
    5 – Velo Orange Camargue
    6 – Surly LHT
    7 – Surly Ogre
    8 – Singular Rooster
    9 – Surly Krampus MK2
    10 – Pipedream Moxie MK1
    11 – Bird AM9 V1
    12 – Specialized Stumpjumper Evo
    13 – Bird AM9 V3
    14 – Fuji Jari
    15 – Cotic SolarisMax

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    Here’s mine, only mildly obsessed with Kona’s;

    Raleigh Boxer
    Raleigh Lizard – with all the neon green accessories 🙂
    Specialized Stump Jumper
    Kona AA
    Kona Cinder Cone
    Kona Cinder Cone
    Kona Ho-Chi-Min (limited edition version of the Roast)
    Kona Scrap
    Kona Coiler
    Kona Coilair – the crazy flexing 1st Gen MagicLink version – was terrible
    Kona Dawg Deluxe (Scandium)
    Kona Dawg Deluxe (Scandium)
    Kona Dr Good
    Charge Plug Zero
    Kona Abra Cadabra – the very good Scandium framed air MagicLink variety
    Kona Process 134 Carbon

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    Well.. I just tallied up all my bikes since 2007.. 59 bikes. I think I’ve forgotten some. There’s also been a few models that I’ve bought a few different times. I still own 2 and about to purchase #60.

    1 . Kona Cowan
    2 . Cove Sanchez
    3 . Mongoose BMX
    4 . Charge Blender (#1)
    5 . Charge Duster
    6 . Marin North Trail
    7 . Revell 300
    8 . Trek 5500
    9 . Commencal Meta 4x
    10 . Charge Blender Ti
    11 . Charge Iron
    12 . Giant Trance 2 (#1)
    13 . On-one 456 SS
    14 . Charge Blender (#2)
    15 . Specialized Enduro
    16 . GT Sanction 10
    17 . Giant Trance 3 (#2)
    18 . Kona Unit
    19 . Descendence Vox (custom built frame)
    20 . Chumba HX2 (#1)
    21 . Charge Blender (#3)
    22 . Kingdom Foia V2
    23 . Canfield Yelli Screamy
    24 . DMR Trailstar
    25 . GT Moto
    26 . Kona Explosif 650b
    27 . Rocky Mounain Oxygen
    28 . On-One Fatty
    29 . Kingdom Brigante
    30 . Stooge mk1
    31 . Orange Five 650b
    32 . Diamondback Mojito
    33 . Whyte T129 SCR Works (#1)
    34 . Chumba HX2 (#2)
    35 . Zelous Division Mk2
    36 . Trek Superfly 9
    37 . Giant BSO Commuter
    38 . Stooge Mk2
    39 . Whyte T129 SCR S (#2)
    40 . Pinnacle Arkos 3
    41 . Whyte T130 RS (#1)
    42 . Ragley Marley
    43 . Whyte 529
    44 . Whyte T129 S (#3)
    45 . Cotic Roadrat (#1)
    46 . Cotic SolarisMax LS
    47 . Stooge Mk4
    48 . Whyte S150 C RS
    49 . Whyte S150 S
    50 . Cotic RocketMax
    51 . Whyte T130 RS (#2)
    52 . Current: On-One Scandal
    53 . Raleigh BSO commuter
    54 . Bird Aeris9 Al
    55 . Cotic Roadrat (#2)
    56 . Whyte Portobello V3
    57 . Hoffman BMX
    58 . Mafia BMX
    59 . Current: Stooge Dirtbomb
    60 . Incoming: Whyte S120 RS

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    This thread is quite astonishing.

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