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  • Bike Addiction. How many bikes have you had?
  • Premier Icon TheGhost
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    I like to try different bikes and change frames and components regularly in the search for the perfect ride.

    Since my first bike, a Raleigh Budgie, I have a running total of 57. Some of these where kept longer than others, but all where ridden and enjoyed.

    Whats your total?

    Premier Icon scotroutes
    Full Member

    Calling @ton to the forum…

    19 in total for me. That’s over the course of 33 years, and I still have/use 7 of them. As you say, some have lasted longer than others.

    Premier Icon fazzini
    Full Member

    A paltry 11

    Premier Icon funkmasterp
    Full Member

    Can’t recall the bikes I had as a kid but since getting back in to cycling around 2011 I’ve had 14. In my defence I’ve sometimes had more than one at the same time and most have been purchased second hand.

    Trek 6500D
    Cotic Bfe
    Cotic Roadrat
    Trek Fuel EX
    Genesis Day One Disc
    Transition Trans AM
    Cotic Escapade
    Trek Stache
    NS Rag+
    Stif Morf
    Cotic Flare
    Stooge Speedball
    Genesis Fugio
    Stooge Dirtbomb

    That’s normal isn’t it?

    Premier Icon cb200
    Free Member

    Not many! Eight

    Kid: Raleigh Tomahawk, Aero Shark BMX

    Adult: GT Performer BMX. Raleigh Mirage. Vitus Sentier, Stanton Sherpa, Pipedream Alice, Stif Squatch.

    Premier Icon ads678
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    A purple thing, 2 bmx’s, an orange racer and a Townsend ATB when I was a kid then:

    Raleigh dyna-tech MTB, GT avalanche, Orange 5, one one inbred 26er, on one inbred 29er, Ragley Blue pig, commencal met am, Btwin 500se, planet x London Rd, Cotic Solaris, planet x pro carbon Evo. Nukeproof Reactor 290.

    So only 17 in 46 years!

    Premier Icon nobbingsford
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    9 (so far):

    Raleigh Budgie (not in the colour I asked Santa for, either!)

    Raleigh Strika

    BMX burner

    Raleigh Equipe

    Specialized Hardrock

    Rock Lobster Tig team SL

    Scott Scale 750 (current)

    Trek Remedy 8 (current)

    Voodoo Limba (current)

    Premier Icon coynie09
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    14.. so far

    Premier Icon olddonald
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    17 over 42 years, still have 8 trying to get rid of two and add one (or two) – the bike to work scheme is an addiction.

    Premier Icon Daffy
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    Klein (still have it),
    Day One,
    Band Wagon (still have it)
    Croix de Fer,
    Mojo SLR,
    Pegasus 2,
    Mojo HDR,
    Klein 2,
    Pegasus 3,
    Tripster ATR,
    Niner RLT9
    Yeti SB95c (still have it)
    T5G (still have it)
    U.P. (Still have it)
    Stache Carbon (still have it)
    Air9 Carbon,
    CFR696 (still have it)
    El Viajero (still have it)

    38 since 2005. There may be others I’ve missed.

    Premier Icon woodlikesbikes
    Free Member

    16 that I can remember.
    I’ve had 3 or 4 that I didn’t like from the off and got rid of asap. But most I’ve kept for years.

    I am at the stage where I really don’t need two almost identical jump bikes….

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper
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    17 in total. Had a break from biking for a few years in my 20’s but since 2010 I’ve been averaging just under a bike a year! When I work it out its an average of £1370 per year not including upgrades.

    Been a year since I bought a new one and despite all my bikes being perfectly adequate (some massively more) for what they’re used for I’m getting itchy to buy another. Doesn’t help that the savings account is reasonably healthy (but earmarked for other things).

    Premier Icon beej
    Full Member

    Hmm, 3 before the age of 18.
    Nothing for many years.
    First MTB, Marin Muirwoods
    On-One Inbred
    Marin East Peak
    On-One Scandal
    Planet X Kaffenback
    Rubbish thing I bought for £10 to commute on
    EBC Revolution commuter
    Specialized Allez
    Scott CR1
    Guercioti steel road bike
    Neil Pryde Nazare

    Current bikes x 8

    So 22, as far as I can remember.

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    I’m going to say 17 since I’ve been buying my own bikes:

    Road: giant ocr/ Caad 9 / Boardman Team Carbon / Caad 12 Disc

    Mtb: Gary Fisher Mamba / GT LTS / Univega Ram 990 / unbranded hardtail / Kona U’HU / Boardman Pro FS / unbranded hardtail / Kona Caldera / Bird Aeris 145LT / Vitus Sentier / Bird Aether 7 / Marino hardtail / Transition Sentinel

    Premier Icon esselgruntfuttock
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    A cheapie.
    Saracen Tufftrax (yes really)
    Alpine Stars Al Mega.
    Fleet custom HT (built in 1990, still have it)
    Specialized Stumpy.
    Merida something
    Orange 5
    Orange 4
    Specialized Sirrus
    One One Free Ranger.

    That’s it, in 32 years.

    Ton to the forum? He can’t count that high. 😂

    Premier Icon fossy
    Full Member

    Eight. Three as a kid/teen. Still have four of my original bikes, although 1 road bike is a bit triggers broom, on third frame (crash damage) but hasn’t changed in 30 years.

    Only got rid of one bike, a fixed gear commuter road bike, had that about 12 years before selling.

    Premier Icon ThurmanMerman
    Free Member

    Used to keep a running total. Took up cycling in 1999 (started with MTB which was a constant but ‘dabbled hard’ in Road, TTing, CX), and enthusiasm snowballed. But by 2012 I had lost 95% of my mojo and by that time I had been through 38 bikes.

    What a ride 🙂

    The only two bikes which have come out the other side with me are my Singular Swift and a PX Uncle John. Both definite keepers.

    Bikes I wish I never owned:
    MTN Cycles San Andreas;
    Cannondale F600.

    Bikes I wish I’d kept:
    A nondescript old, battered steel CX frame I bought from somewhere and built up as a CX singlespeed. Fitted perfectly and ran like a dream.

    [edit] I might add that I recently found some old credit card statements from those days. I may as well have set up a standing order with Chain Reaction Cycles. If I had (say) 12 payments that month, seven would be to CRC. *shudder*

    Premier Icon escrs
    Free Member

    Ive lost count of how many ive had in the last 40 years

    Going by my bike pic folder ive had 25 bikes in the last 12 years, although i know there are bikes ive had in that time that are not in that folder and are elsewhere (need to add them to that folder) so that total for the last 12 years is higher

    So in the last 40 years ive easily had over 100+ bikes, even as a kid i used to wheel and deal bikes to upgrade, riding bmx in the 80 & 90’s meant bikes didnt last long so i was always upgrading/trading

    Most amount of bikes at any one time was in the early 2010’s had a total of 15 bikes at one time, 9 bmx’s (i collected various 80’s and 90’s bmx’s) 2 road bikes, a hybrid, 3 mtbs

    Back down to 8 now due to lack of space, time and selling a load off to fund a e-mtb

    It dosent help that i have friends in the industry who keep offering bloody good deals on bikes and i seem to be unable to say no!

    Also may have a job lot of bikes coming my way in various states of disrepair, once i fix them ill have to resist the temptation to keep some of them!

    Premier Icon halifaxpete
    Full Member

    Tend to keep my bikes for at least afew years so not many compared to most, cant remember the stuff I rode as a kid so this is from ’08ish when I got back into riding.

    Raliegh Tundra
    Genesis Core 20
    Specialized Rockhopper SL
    Trek Feul EX7
    Orange Crush
    Orange Five
    Peugeot roadbike thingy
    Trek Cobia
    On one DeeDar
    Orange Five29 (Trying to sell)
    Orange Crush29 (Current steed)
    Privateer 141 (Current steed)

    Premier Icon Ogg
    Free Member

    Average of one a year since I got back into cycling as an adult so 19 – still got the ones marked *

    On-one pickenflick * 2022
    Singular Swift * 2020
    Cannodale Slate * 2018
    Giant TCR * 2016

    Thorn childback tandem – 2015
    Genesis Croix de fer – 2014
    Genesis Caribou – 2014
    Focus road bike – 2013
    Redline Monocog – 2013
    Cotic Solaris * 2013
    Surly big dummy – 2012
    On-one Pompetamine – 2012
    Xtracycle on a trek frame – 2010
    Trek 1200 – 2009
    Orange P7 – 2009
    Ridgeback Flight 04 – 2008
    On-one 456 – 2008
    Trek 6500 – 2005
    Trek fx3 – 2003

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
    Full Member

    I had 4 bikes between the ages of 4 and 23.

    I’ve had 15 bikes and frames between the ages of 33 and 51.

    There were 10 years when I was quite well off.

    Premier Icon chiefgrooveguru
    Free Member

    1981 Fixie
    1983 Tiny BMX
    1986 Normal BMX
    1988 Peugeot 24” MTB
    1991 Muddy Fox 26” MTB

    2001 Trek MTB with slicks
    2002 Brompton

    2009 Boardman HT Pro
    2011 Cotic Soul
    2012 Mongoose BMX
    2013 Banshee Spitfire v2 (M)
    2016 Bird Zero AM
    2018 Spitfire v2.2 (L)
    2018 Levo
    2022 Pipedream Moxie


    Still have the Brompton and Levo and the Moxie was new this week. Zero AM is in pieces having donated a load of parts to the Moxie, probably selling the frame and keeping the rest for my kids’ future bikes.

    Premier Icon peaslaker
    Free Member

    Do childhood bikes count? Think I went through four as a kid, including hand-me-downs.

    After that 20:

    F.W. Evans own brand 531c 105 1987
    Cannondale R500 1988
    Paganini Columbus SL – 1990
    Trek 5200
    S-Works M2
    Cheapo no-brand steel winter trainer in too large a size
    Devinci Leo SL
    Ribble winter trainer
    Ribble winter trainer x2

    Marin Indian Fire Trail 1992
    S-Works M2 with carbon Future Shock – manufacturing fault meant I returned it after discovering it only turned left
    Whyte 46 – 2007
    Whyte E5
    Whyte E-120
    Yeti SB66 – 2011
    Devinci Dixon – 2011
    Devinci Spartan – 2014
    Devinci Spartan carbon- 2017
    Norco Range

    1x e-MTB

    Bold for the bikes that exceeded my expectations (combination of performance, reliability and plain enjoyment).

    Premier Icon richwales
    Full Member

    Loads bought and sold over the years. Looking at the dates when my home/work life has been settled then changing bikes hasn’t occurred as much 🤔.


    Raleigh commando
    Raleigh grifter
    Proline bmx

    Full-suss in time order 1998 – present.

    1998: Pro flex beast 1998 new bike

    1999: Kona stinky 1999 new bike, first proper Mtb, the best (stolen)

    2004: Kona stab 2004 new bike (insurance, shouldn’t have bought DH)

    2007: Giant reign 2007 new bike, too much bike for trail.

    2008: Specialised enduro 2008 new bike, never gelled.

    2008: Cannondale prophet 2008 2nd hand frame, one of the best regretted selling.

    2009: Santa Cruz heckler 2003 2nd hand frame, good for trail riding, sold to make room in shed.

    2010: Santa Cruz heckler 2010 2nd hand frame, ok but felt too small.

    2009: Turner 5 spot 2009, 2nd hand, great bike but fancies new.

    2013: Santa Cruz 5010 2013 new frame, not enough travel for bigger trails.

    2014: Specialized Enduro 2012, 2nd hand frame, yeah, ok did everything ok, didn’t love it though.

    2014: YT Capra 2013, 2nd hand frame, dependable, predictable just fancied a change and it was a bit green.

    2015: Pivot Mach 6 2014 new frame, lovely ride but got rid for LLS.

    2017: Trek remedy 2016 new frame, great bike but had itch to go for 29er.

    2018: Kona Process 111 new frame, great bike, sold for wedding costs.

    2018: Merida e800 2018 ebike, still going, had new motor, love it, no need to replace.

    2019: Trek slash bike 2019, still got it, love it, no need to replace.


    Gt tequesta 1994 new bike
    Kona scrap 2004 new bike (stolen)
    Kona scrap 2006 new bike (insurance replacement)
    Norco Bigfoot 2008 2nd hand bike
    DMR trail star 2010 new frame
    Cannondale f800 2001 2nd hand bike
    Cannondale f800 2010 new bike
    Dartmoor Primal 2019 new frame

    Premier Icon tomhoward
    Full Member

    25, in rough chronological order over the last 25 years

    Carrera Mission
    Azonic DSEvo
    Kona Stinky
    Apollo Vortice BMX
    Corona beer branded BSO
    Specialized Demo 8
    Specialized SX trail II
    GT iT-1
    Orange Hitman
    Intense Slopestyle
    On One Inbred
    GT Pro Cruiser 24
    Trek 1.2
    Trek Madone 5.2*
    Santa Cruz 5010c V1*
    Santa Cruz Nomad V3
    Santa Cruz Chameleon (forget which version, last 26” one)
    Specialized Fatboy
    Specialized Sequoia*
    Specialized Turbo Levo expert
    Pivot Mach429SL
    Salsa Mukluk carbon*
    Deviate Guide*
    Deviate Highlander*
    Rå .410* when it finally gets finished.

    *still got

    Of that lot, there’s only 3 I didn’t like/get on with.

    Premier Icon roballison
    Full Member

    In 20 years, I’m on my 4th.
    Maybe I’ve got a problem……..

    Premier Icon filks
    Full Member

    Dawes Ascent
    Trek 6500
    On One Scandal
    Trek 6 series
    Specialised Pitch
    On One Carbon 456
    Orange P7
    Pivot Mach 5.5
    Pipedream Moxie

    Mostly second hand frame purchases built up collecting parts over time or swapping over from frames I sold on. The Pivot was bought new when I inherited some cash and has been one of the best things I have ever spent money on 😎

    Premier Icon schmiken
    Full Member

    <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”>Seemingly I’ve had 36 that I can remember. Probably a few more as a kid but I can’t be totally sure what those were!</span>

    BMXs – Mongoose Supergoose, Sunn Team, GT something.

    Road bikes – Raleigh Junior, Claude Butler San Remo, Kinesis Racelight T, Ridgeback Horizon, Kinesis 4S, Kinesis Aethein, Planet X Nanolight, Reilly Spectre, Cervelo R3.

    Track bike – Moda Forte

    Full sus – Specialized Epic, Scott Spark x 2, Orange Patriot, Pivot Mach4SL.

    Hardtails – Red Emmelle, Saracen Nzyme, Specialized Rockhopper, Norco Yeti(?), Kinesis Xc, Kinesis XC2, Scott Scale, OnOne Inbred x 3, Peugeot carbon/alu mix, Kinesis Decade, Kingdom Double 9, Titus 11, Specialized Rockhopper, Transition PBJ, Pivot Les.

    There’s probably a few in there that I’ve forgotten but I think that’s the bulk of them!

    Premier Icon kerley
    Free Member

    I have had too many to remember. Would have had at least 10 before I was 10 years old and it hasn’t got any better since then. Pretty much all of them were second hand though and a lot of the time I just swap the frames.

    Premier Icon LimboJimbo
    Full Member

    Raleigh Boxer
    Weird black Puch drop bar thing (Hull Daily Mail Classifieds)
    Raleigh Mag Burner (Mum won that in a raffle at Safeways)
    MBK Fluro thing (first MTB, 1990ish)
    91 Marin Palisades trail (HDM again)
    92 Kona Lava dome (2nd hand frame swap from the above)
    94 KHS Montana Comp (frame swapped again)
    95 Specialized Stumpjumper (Steel) Lovely.
    Giant Rat bike (Student transport)
    Schwinn Mesa (bike to work before first car)
    03 Cannondale Jekyll (utterly horrible)
    06 Cannondale Rush (much better)
    On one Ti456 (nicked)
    Specialized Tricross (Nicked)
    Specialized Roubaix
    2010 On One Scandal (still have that one, currently monstercrossed)
    2010 Whyte T120
    Planet X RT57
    2014 Cotic Solaris (still going strong current HT)
    Cube Attain (current winter disc road bike)
    Boardman SLR Signature (current posh road bike)
    Marin Hawkhill (current FS)

    That seems like a shorter than expected list, I may have forgotten some. There are quite a few others I’ve bought or built up for my wife and the kids. Current count is 14 bikes in a single garage.

    Premier Icon razorrazoo
    Free Member

    I’ve tended to build / upgrade bikes gradually before selling a frame and getting a new one to build with components.

    Raleigh Pippin

    Kids Bike
    Raleigh Apple

    Raleigh Mini Racer
    Peugeot Ranger
    Raleigh Team Burner BMX (s/h)
    Kuwahara Savage
    ? BMX (s/h)
    Orange Clockwork (Frame) – stolen
    Scott Team Racing
    GT XCR4000

    DDG Shooter (Frame)
    Orange 222 (Frame)
    Keewee Chromo8 (Frame)
    Santa Cruz Bullit (s/h Frame)
    Intense M1 (s/h Frame)
    Cove Stiffie (s/h Frame)
    Turner 5 Spot v2 (s/h frame) – stolen
    Lapierre Zesty
    Genesis CDA (still got)
    Orange Five (s/h frame)
    Santa Cruz Bronson v2 Alu (s/h)
    >Genesis Zero

    Santa Cruz Bronson C v3 (frame, still got)
    Specialized Tarmac SL6 (s/h frame, still got)

    Premier Icon tuboflard
    Full Member

    I had no idea before writing them all down. Turns out it’s 15. Still got 8 of them though.

    Diamond Back BMX
    Marin Bear Valley
    Marin Alpine Trail
    On One Inbred SS
    On One Pompino
    On One 456
    Specialized Enduro
    Specialized Fat Boy
    Singular Rooster
    Cotic RocketMax
    Cotic BFe 27.5
    Cotic BFe 26
    Ragley Big Wig
    Kona Sutra LTD
    Rocker BMX

    Premier Icon lunge
    Full Member

    Generic kids bike
    Emmelle something – stolen
    Emmelle something else – stolen
    Emmelle Laser – ridden until it broke
    Trek 920 – broken frame, replaced under warranty with…
    Trek 930 – broken frame, replaced under warranty with…
    Trek 6800 – still being ridden by my Dad.
    Orange p7 – dream build and an awesome. Sold 5 years or so ago as I wasn’t riding it.
    PX Jack Flash – Awesome light jump and street bike that I even raced downhill on. Split and sold, which I do regret.
    Orbea Aqua – my first road bike, now resides on the turbo.
    PX Kaffenback – still in use as a commuter bike
    Kona MinUte – a mini cargo bike, wonderful thing and the I my bike I’d be really upset if it got stolen
    Kona Paddy Wagon – fixed wheel city bike
    Sensa Guilia – best bike and still in use.

    I think that’s it, so 5 bikes before my first proper MTB in 1996 ish. And 10 since then, albeit 2 were warranty replacements.

    Premier Icon thecaptain
    Free Member

    Do the 6 tandems count as 3? To be fair, one was only ever intended as a short-term tryout before we splashed out on a proper one.

    In the past 40 years, I can recall about 7 solo bikes and a few of them were beater student bikes that got nicked. Only three that I’d call decent quality, all of which I still own and use.

    Oh, and another half point for the unicycle which I have probably forgotten how to ride now.

    Premier Icon PJM1974
    Free Member

    Here we go, this is just the mountain bikes that I’ve owned:

    2003 Specialized Rockhopper Comp
    2004 Specialized Enduro
    2008 Marin Rock Springs
    2009 Marin Wolf Ridge
    2011 Orange Pure 7
    2011 Specialized Camber
    2014 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo 29″
    2016 Norco Sight Carbon
    2016 S-Works Enduro 29″
    2020 Specialized Enduro Elite

    Premier Icon dyna-ti
    Free Member

    With the exception of the Raleigh Chipper, Cannondale m200,Marin quake 9.0 and the Ebike, Ive built up from frames into full bikes. Most with period or original catalog spec.

    1976 Raleigh chipper
    1991 Muddy Fox Adventurer
    1991 Claud Butler Ventoux 400
    1992 Raleigh Diablo
    1992 Rudy Project
    1995 Cannondale M200
    1997 Santa Cruz Tazmon
    1997 Specialized Stumpjumper
    1997 Specialized Rockhopper
    1997 Marin Quake 9.0
    1998 Marin Pallisade trail
    1998 Raleigh Torus
    1999 Orange Clockwork
    2003 Cove Stiffee FR – (Still own)
    2005 Kona Hahanna
    2007 On-One Inbred
    2007 Kona Kikapu deluxe
    2010 Orange Pure7
    200? Omega DNA 6al/4v Ti Interbike prototype.
    E-Bike 2021 Scott Genius Eride 920 (Current ride)

    Premier Icon thols2
    Free Member

    Probably somewhere between 40 and 50, never really kept count. I’ll see what I can remember.
    Giant: at least 9
    Spesh: at least 8
    Cannondale: 2
    Trek: at least 2
    Kona: 1
    Tomac: 1
    GT: 2
    K2: 2
    Marin: 1
    Scott: 1
    Misc: probably 15 or more

    Premier Icon honourablegeorge
    Free Member

    Since getting into mtb, I’ve had 16, maybe just one I don’t remember fondly.

    Kona Hoss
    Blur 4x
    Cotic Soul (26er, loved it)
    Specialized Demo 7
    Cotic Roadrat (still have, just repainted)
    Lapierre Spicy
    Morewood Makulu
    Intense Tazer (bought as a play bike, impossibly stiff, hated it)
    Nicolai Ion 16
    Last Fast Forward
    Geometron G16
    Geometron G13 (still have)
    Fearless Vulture (still in my shed but sold)
    Geometron G1 (still have it, main bike)
    Cotic BfeMax (soon to be replaced, waiting on a delivery)
    Fairlight Secan 2.5 (still have it)

    Premier Icon mattbee
    Full Member

    Erm. Since 1992 when I got my first mountain bike I have owned 49 of them.
    I currently have 4 but that does include one from 1992 (Klein Fervour) alongside 2 mtb and a gravel bike.

    Premier Icon ton
    Free Member

    i am still counting.

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