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  • Premier Icon richieokeefe1

    whats the quickest way other than riding more ? any indoor activities ?

    Running? Circuits?

    Sort your diet… apologies if your diet is already sorted..

    Premier Icon richieokeefe1

    well I drink a lot of pepsi max which says sugar free but I never drink beer

    Premier Icon Wally

    Porridge for breakfast with fruit and honey – keeps you full nearly all day and you snack considerably less = smaller belly ;-), long cycle rides twice a week help also. Pepsi max – yeough – try peppermint tea. Stick to porridge, rice, veg, plain meat and fruit teas and the belly will fall off – you will also die of boredom however. Also agree with cut out bread as much as you can.

    You cannot specifically target belly fat above any other area of fat. So a combination of diet and exercise is the way forward. Pick a diet and exercise that you can stick to and you’ll be sorted.


    give up bread


    Turbo trainer.

    Premier Icon richieokeefe1

    cheers guys it just I weighed myself today and I have pilled on the pounds but I think we all do this time of year !




    Lose some weight and the belly fat should decrease.


    give up pasta and rice too, oh and alcohol as well.


    Reduce calories, increase exercise basically.

    You can’t target fat loose in certain areas only. You need to target overall fat lose.

    Mary Hinge

    Cut out bread, milk and alcohol, or at least moderate the latter. And drop the Pepsi max too!

    Drink peppermint tea or black coffee.

    Also swimming, proper front crawl type swimming for 30 mins 3 times a week will drop loads of weight too.

    I’ve lost a stone in the last 9 months without trying, and by that I mean I had no intention or need to lose any weight. Currently 12st 12lb at 6′ 4″ and feeling (and looking 😉 ) great.

    I’ve been on the no bread and milk thing to help “our Gert” lose a bit, and she has lost a stone too, and she does limited activities due to a neck injury and had been finding it difficult to lose any weight at all.

    There’s no way of targeting fat loss to an area, even liposuction evens out over time. Any core/abs/back and shoulder/arms exercises will make you look thinner by sucking your stomach in and improving posture and broadening your chest/shoulders/biceps in proportion.

    Other than that I find it’s more down to time spent exercising rather than intensity. So stuff like group night rides, if possible get there an hour early and do an easy ride before anyone turns up (or ride from home if it’s practical), I find that easier than trying to plan an extra ride (and cuts down on washing but not going out twice).

    Set small goals that are quantifiable, but aren’t weight loss which can be influenced by counter productive things like starving yourself making riding harder, or dehydrating, or muscle loss. It can take quite a while to reach a target weight, there’s no way I could stay motivated for 20 weeks to lose 10kg, but a target taking about half that time is much more visible.

    I’ve set myself a target of joining the fast group for night rides, this means getting from an average speed of 6.6mph to about 8.3mph. Once you’ve got a target break it down into even smaller targets. So for me that’s:

    3x rides a week, ~2 hours each time, staying near the front on group rides so I’m working harder then taking a break which will increase my speed.

    As January, + get back into commuting by bike.

    As Febuary, but re-join the roadie club for Sunday cafe runs.

    So that’s 12 weeks planned out, and hopefully combined with some sensible eating some weight loss will be a semi-un-planned result 🙂

    Anna B

    Definitely food intake, also running works like nothing else for me. Tones side and stomach like cycling XC doesn’t. Apart from in summer, when the ground’s dry and I cycle much further/faster! That probably just illustrates that it’s intensity of exercise, rather than discipline though…


    . And drop the Pepsi max too!

    Why? It’s virtually cal. free. Alright it’s full of crap ( aspartame ect) and water is better but you can drink it and sill loose weight.


    Ditch the carbs. I’ve lost 4 lbs this week just by reducing the amount of carbs in my diet. More veg and protein, less pasta, rice, bread and starchy veg like potatoes.

    Stomach curls to tighten up the flab.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    On balance, I think I will keep my mini belly and enjoy what i eat/drink rather than depriving myself of ‘comforts’ just to conform to a stereotypical image of what is fit or healthy.
    If you’re riding your bike regularly and not living on Iceland 99p pizza and Stella you’re probably pretty fit/healthy anyway. Why stress yourself about a little bit of ballast? What if it gets windy out? Can you afford loads of new clothes? Be bothered to redo all your sag settings?
    (Says the guy who’s 6’2″, 32″ waist and 13 1/2 stone….)

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Why drop the Pepsi Max?

    Insulin is widely thought to be a major factor in how the body stores and uses fat, as well as how it affects cravings for sweet and fatty foods. While diet drinks have no calories some artificial sweetners can stimulate insulin production in the same way as the sugar that they replace.

    That’s why.

    And the iDiet is very good at reducing belly fat. It’s an insulin regulating diet.


    +1 mattbee! From another guy that’s 6’2″, 32″ waist and 13 1/2 stone.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Loads of advice above, but myfitnesspal is a useful tool too.

    I started after new year; I’ve put on about 20lbs of creeping weight gain since I was last properly making any effort on the bike and while Xmas wasn’t a disaster, I didn’t gain much then either. It’s not that i can’t manage longer rides, or be near-ish to the front on shorter ones if i want to be, but it stands to reason if I was 10% lighter it would make a big difference. So I’ve set the target to lose that (96-86kg, so i’ll hardly be ‘slim’ at 6ft tall – will still be a 26 BMI) at a rate of 1.5lbs/week (assuming that you always start well at 2-3 and then it gets harder, I’d be glad to hit that average).

    So after 8 days of MFP, my observations.

    1/ The snacks are where the calories were piling on – I’m not that bad an eater at mealtimes, but a few hundred cals on snacks and stuff adds up
    2/ Once you start to monitor your calories [against a target] then it’s easier to refuse stuff – it’s a willpower boost.
    3/ You eat smarter – as above, a nice bowl of porridge made with skimmed milk is about 250 cals (so 1/8 of my allowance for the day) and fills me up to lunchtime. However, if i have a bit of fruit or a low cal soup (95 cal) late morning rather than hanging on to lunchtime, I don’t feel the need to eat as much at lunchtime so the 95 cals is saved in double.
    4/ Sweetener on porridge / skimmed milk / black coffee is perfectly palatable. It takes a few days but look at the calorie saving
    5/ Exercise is good. Even getting out for a 20 minute run gives you 250 cals back.

    Big ride today though. 30 odd miles, lots of mud, 2000+ calories, so will be getting a few back later!!

    edit, beaten to it

    Alternative dance classes really give you a good work out, and are a great way to meet new and interesting people.

    You’ll look awesome performing your moves in your local nightclub once you’re in shape.

    Good luck!


    Apparently artificial sweeteners can have the same effect on insulin levels as normal sugar. And it’s the insulin level you’re trying to manipulate by cutting out carbs/milk/alcohol.

    Says who? They have barely scratched the surface on sugars relationship with insulin let alone the many artificial sweeteners.

    And I would NOT cut out milk. It’s probably one of the best drinks ever invented. Funny that!

    Just eat sensible portions of veg and steamed fish, drink water. Nought else.

    Carry on with your riding and add in some weights or circuits. If you have a smartphone check out the Nike training app.

    Get a heart rate monitor and learn how to use it.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    +1 milk. Particularly if you can wean yourself to skimmed (takes less than week) a glass is only 100 cals and contains all the goodies still.

    And after exercise,reduces muscle soreness and promotes recovery.

    The ELF diet. Eat Less Food. Forget this carbs vs. protein stuff, that’s just over complicating a simple formula. just eat a healthy balanced diet but less of it. The human machine is, unfortunately, very efficient. I know the answer, but struggle myself – I love my food! All these diet experts advice us rubbish.

    Premier Icon wallop

    Ditch the carbs.

    Premier Icon wallop

    Oh and milk was invented for baby cows, to make them into massive cows. It wasn’t invented for us.

    Id 2nd what Jon says about myfitnesspal although one of my regulars (a nutritionist for the US navy) reckons it over estimates calories used in exercise. Esp if you have good cardiovascular fitness because you use energy more efficiently.


    Alternative dance classes really give you a good work out, and are a great way to meet new and interesting people.


    I, literally, danced the fat off. Now my disco pants are, literally, just hanging off me.


    Jamie – Member
    I, literally, danced the fat off. Now my disco pants are, literally, just hanging off me.



    eat less and exercise more


    Alejandro Valverde (Spanish pro roadie) give this tip to a friend of ours: 20 mins very gentle exercise before breakfast. For me, that’s on the rollers and it seems to work. Add it to your current program and see how you get on.
    Tim (

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu


    Made me skinnyer than when i was training and riding every day. 😉

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    although one of my regulars (a nutritionist for the US navy) reckons it over estimates calories used in exercise

    I agree. My policy is that it adds to the effect of watching the input, it’s not an excuse to replace everything I’ve been using up exercising.

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    The sweeteners in drinks like Pepsi Max are artificial. The body can’t recognize or process them so it treats them as a poison and creates fat to coat each molecule in order to protect the body. All artificial sweeteners are essentially evil and should be avoided at all costs.
    In order to burn fat you need to be exercising at approx 60-80% of max heart rate. Get your heart rate too high and your body burns sugar not fat. You need to be exercising at a consistent rate for at least an hour at a time to get max benefit. I find road cycling to be the best way of achieving this. If you ride at an intensity whereby you’re out of breath but you could just maintain a conversation with another rider, you’ll be in the right zone. An hour or two, 2-3 times a week and the weight will drop off.


    Read “Why we get fat” then drop the carbs and go for a run

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