Anyone still riding, ragging, jumping and loving their hardtail aged 35+ ?

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  • Anyone still riding, ragging, jumping and loving their hardtail aged 35+ ?
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    I’ll be 35 tomorrow, won’t be stopping riding my hardtail (or my rigids, or my full sussers 😉 ). It’s the mountain bike I ride most.


    Over 30 and still hardtail riding here too! Can’t imagine I’ll stop anytime soon!

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    Cotic BFe here, age 53 (me, not the bike), not particularly big on jumps but everything else from playing in the woods to Antur via Lakeland rock descents is fair game.


    Blimey, I’ve just turned 30 and I feel better than I ever did in my teens or twenties.

    I’m hoping to ride any bike till i can’t no more.

    30 is still very young in my eyes.


    Just turned 35 and have a torn ACL but still managing to ride my HT without issue…in fact loving the HT so much the FS isnt getting much of a look in at the mo.

    b r

    48, and of the other guys I ride with the HT boys are 48, 37 and 37

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    40 still riding a hardtail/rigid forked singlespeed, and racing cyclocross, so come on kids, man up or whatever the youth say today.


    43 here and just built up another hardtail. The full suspension bike has hardly been used this Summer.


    37 (38 next Tuesday) so technically an adult and I spent Saturday on the uplift at bike park Wales on my BFe.


    Mid fourties here. Two hardtails, rag the chameleon good style. That bike doesn’t lime being on the ground.


    Hardtails are for wusses anyway, cx bike for tough guys.

    44 here and still riding and racing my Ti hardtail, SS hardtail, and cyclo cross bike. In the summer I was at a new enduro style trail centre in Germany and according to Strava was the KOM on a couple of the descents all on my SS hardtail. 😈

    Yeah. Just been out for a quick blast on my Soul. Seem to be enjoying it again. 59 next month.


    40 here and riding a soul. Got a pinned and plated heel/ankle and a shocking back from that accident but hardtails just feel right. Just looking at a 29er hardtail to go with the soul. Got to be steel though. 8)

    I’m contemplating do I reallly need a full suss. I think it’s peer pressure from riding buddies two who have 130 and 150mm full suss’s and my best mate who keeps saying we both need get full suspensions. He rides a 130mm Hardtail at moment and me a 100mm one yet I’m the quickest on the majority of the strava segments at Gisburn and the quickest on Hope Line.

    I don’t want to do 20ft drop offs. I do like getting air on the hope line jumps though.

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    45 here and have just bought a Cotic Solaris after years on a full sus.

    Like soops – got to be steel.


    I’m just a few days off 38 and it’s not even entered my head that I’ll not be riding my rigid bikes, let alone my hardtail for the foreseeable.


    33 here and cleared my first double on my HT at the weekend 8) (that’s first double ever, not the first one since I switched from a FS, just to be clear…)


    42 here with a blue pig X and ride most of the Dh stuff at FOD.


    44. Riding full rigid. Don’t own a bouncy bike. I do ride real slow tho..


    I have a HT but it only gets ridden on the smoothest trails really and road, which is probably only 1 in 10 rides over my Anthem


    47 (next month) an old Kona Kilauea hardtail and a home grown rigid Kona Hahanna SS!


    42 and have a steel SS and carbon one
    not sure i could be classed as still jumping on one mind but i am not scared of the wheels leaving the ground.


    Just bought a new Scott hard tail after a long hiatus from biking. Just back from a 9 miler tonight which has put me in a great mood. I’m 32 and am hoping my new hobby sheds some of my excess beef, if you know what I mean!


    42 BFe and loving every ride. 🙂

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    i’m 62 and have just got into proper mountainbiking as opposed to bridleway riding. Just built an old fashioned wheel size bike……a Soul! I love it


    41 here. Just decommissioned my Orange SubZero but only to nick a couple of bits for my new Five. Will rebuild the hardtail when I’ve room for 3 bikes.


    40 here.. Not too fond of leaving the ground unless I have to, but find the time time to get sideways and nearly out of control on the superfast super steep rocky rooty stuff whenever I can..
    Never owned a FS cos whenever I’ve ridden one they feel baaaaaaaad


    I turned 35 last Sunday – been doing far too much road riding, fixie riding, full suss riding and not enough hardtail riding I reckon. I’ll get it out at the weekend and smash it round the park.


    46 and still playing on either my Genesis Latitude or Piglet 2 🙂


    I’ll be turning 30 very soon and my only bike is a hardtail, which I love to rag and abuse to the best of my abilities. I’m wondering how much longer I can expect to keep this up as I have no intention of switching to a fs until my hand (or knees or whatever) is forced!

    So, I’d like to hear from any fully grown adults who are very much enjoying riding and particularly jumping their hardtail into the 2nd and 3rd quarters of their life!


    Another 40 something Bfe owner here and love it.


    Cheating as I’m only 32 but this was me at the weekend racing hardtail cat at sw champs, Gawton on super tavi spend a great chunk of the summer hitting our local big stuff on the hardtail, all good 🙂



    45 and bought a Blue Pig 2 yrs ago, just to avoid being That Guy when riding with my GF who was new to the sport. I have barely ridden my other bikes since, great fun and a better work out to boot.


    42 race DH on mine, all of them 🙂

    Superfly Styler deluxe 853 steel.
    Atomlab Pimp2, triple butted Daytona steel.
    Surly Karate Monkey, double butted cromo steel.

    I likes steel.

    seen Steven’s post….. thought you where younger than 32 🙂 the way you hit that jump (got beaten by Steven at Gawton)


    I’m 45 and riding a HT, no intention of stopping!

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    43 and still ragging my BFe round the woods and down the hills. Not a dirt jumper by any means, but still not averse to getting my wheels off the ground.

    Been riding various incarnations of rufty-tufty hardtails since the mid-90s and don’t intend to stop any time soon.


    Just turned 40 here and have a nice harsh aluminium HT as my go to trail bike. Had a brief flirtation with a FS as my main bike in my early 30s but back on hardtails now.

    I don’t really get the switching to FS due to injury thing. Unless you get seriously overbiked and want to just pedal through the rougher stuff then I don’t think it makes a huge amount of difference.


    Just turned 40 and love my HT, I have never tried a full suss so cannot say that I would not like one but I love the feedback I get from my HT.

    I grew up riding Raleigh Bombers/rigid MTBs and have never really grown out of that! That is probably why I like my cx bike so much as it takes me back to my roots!!


    I’m 41 and my only bike is a steel hardtail and I love it. Been riding with a few different people lately with a real mix of bikes and I haven’t been left standing by a full suss yet 🙂

    Each to their own, but I’m finding my hardtail so rewarding to ride at the moment that I keep thinking the full suss riders are missing out. Hard tail riders just seem to get more of a buzz out of riding trails & that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it???

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