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  • anyone NOT ridden this xmas.
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    Put my back out 3 weeks ago. Missed the groups xmas fancy dress pub crawl ride 😥

    Getting better but not up to riding yet. Gotta be fit for our annual fatbike trip to the alps end Jan!

    On the upside I also missed all the Christmas shopping. Little wins!


    This will be my 3rd week of not riding, had this horrible bug that’s been going round for 2 weeks and can’t shift it so admitted defeat this morning and phoned the doctor.

    Was actually starting to enjoy the wet muddy rides lately so missing the riding. But on the plus side it means I haven’t stuffed myself with food and had an alcohol free Christmas.

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    Been full of lurgee right through Christmas, hoping to get out at Surrey Hills on Sunday.

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    Last trained on Monday 23rd, about to train today.   I need a break from a low carb diet and booze free period so maximised all the Christmas trimmings in between.

    Premier Icon clubby

    Nope, first Xmas with my 9 month old. Too busy visiting relatives and being visited. All socialed out though and hoping for some rides this weekend.

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    LOL – I’ve not ridden since The Rain came in October.  As I’m out with the dog everyday I’m acutely aware how wet everything is compared this time last year.

    I keep meaning to ride the Gravel Bike but haven’t quite summoned up the levels of being arsed enough.

    I don’t think the aforementioned Dog i helping with my riding mojo as I’m getting an hour or more of quality outside time everyday and when you combine this with the gym work I’m doing I’m not getting fat.


    re the wet weather, in 37 years of cycle commuting, this year is by far the wettest I have known.
    had full waterproofs on since October.


    I managed to clip my handlebars on the side of some railings whilst going through a gap last Friday morning. In turn that then knocked me offline and half off my bike, and left me chest down on the stem with my toes dragging along the floor and me trying to keep my knackers off the crossbar. By the afternoon it was clear that I’d done something to my ribs, now it feels like I’ve cracked one, or damaged some muscle tissue or something, basically every movement hurts and I can’t breathe in deeply.

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    Joy of Zwift and Traineroad; ridden every day 🙂

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    I rode to my brother’s on Christmas Day so I could partake of some alcoholic beverages. It’s about 3 miles 🙂 Cold though!
    Commuted today.
    MTB not been touched though, so not really ridden proper.

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    Last ride I did was 15th December in the freezing cold & snow of Llandegla. Next one will be 5th January in the probable swamp of FoD. Hopefully the Verderers won’t bee too soggy.

    Not suffered from any illnesses, just been busy with family stuff & work. Been out for a few nice works with Mrs. P & the pooches though so don’t feel too guilty 🙂


    Not since it started raining in late october. MTB is a dry & warm hobby for me, no interest in riding in the cold & wet. Usually start again march or so.
    Ride to work now and again, but dont really count that.

    Premier Icon Pyro

    Not ridden yet. I’ve been up at the ancestral pile in the Lakes since the 20th, but I was working on an event on the 21st, shopping on the 22nd, and I’ve been working from home (no, not in the Mitchell & Webb sense) 23rd, 24th and today. Got out for a short walk with my folks on Christmas day and was going to ride yesterday but the weather was shit.

    I’m off for 3 days kayaking in Scotland as of tomorrow, but the bike will still be in the Lakes for me to come back to from the 30th, which will prove a useful escape from my sister and her feral brats over the New Year. There’s still time 🙂


    Not ridden much. For me it is family and (for the majority of November and December), the weather. Keen to get out again when I get back home though and the weather is looking up, sort of.

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    Was planning a few rides over the Christmas and new year break, but then slipped on a wooden step in my back garden and landed weirdly on my little finger. Couple of xrays in minor injuries and a visit to the fracture clinic a week later in Christmas eve and have been told its broken, and to stay off the bike until the swelling goes, 3-4weeks.
    Need to try to find a place for the turbo. Been told the kitchen is OK, but I know that as soon as a set ut up, someone will want to make food halfway through, and expect me to stop.

    Joined a gym recently too, but can’t really do much there with a broken finger.

    Though its nice to see everyone else’s riding pics, its also a bit pants.


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    Nope, Healing broken bits from crash late November..hopefully back out before Feb

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Yep me.

    Not been out for a few weeks. Working hard and gearing up for Xmas hit the usual Tuesday night rides and the trails are slimy grot round here so taking the chance to nail some DIY stuff.

    I shall not be a complainy-chicken-receptacle about it as I’ve at least managed some walking and good family time.


    Last ride was 2nd December, was gonna try and get out on the 17th but the weather was crap. Had a Septoplasty and Turbinate reduction on the 19th so no riding till 2nd of January depending on if it’s still oooozing brown gunge and dissolvable packing is still falling out.
    So will be slow flat canal cruises till my follow up appointment on the 30th January.
    Hopefully spring will be dry, this year trails and canal stayed bone dry round here from Mid March till July, then it went progressively to slop.

    Also not been on the bike over Xmas either. But that is because I‘ve been in Austria for the Xmas period skiing and boarding with the family! Probably not what you wanted to hear op.🤗


    Not ridden for a few months now, got zero desire whatsoever to go out at the moment…


    Saturday and Sunday. Then went to Ireland for crimbo on Monday. Got back last night and I’m not riding today but will be out tomorrow so that’s a full week between rides, over crimbo, which is unheard of!! Worst thing is I took me bike over to Dublin with me but was never in any fit state to use it!

    Will hopefully get some rides in next few days tho…

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