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  • anyone NOT ridden this xmas.
  • ton

    came home from work ill last thursday, in a mates van with my bike in the back.
    he has just phoned me to tell me it is still there and that he will drop it at work tomorrow.
    i told him to keep it until new years day.

    still ill, and not ridden a sodding inch this xmas.

    ps, after a week of coughing up very green mucus mixed with blood clots, should i pay a visit the the doctors?


    Went out last Saturday but nothing since then. Will be out next week somewhere.

    What happens between Xmas and New Year isn’t going to affect what happens between New Year and Xmas.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Me! Commuting tomorrow though so that’ll be 30 miles or so.

    Premier Icon prawny

    Cough sounds nasty, I’d get that looked at.

    On the original question, I’ve not ridden since *checks strava* 19th of November 😳 And that was only riding back from dropping the car at the garage. Bloody hell, need to sort that out.

    Been puking and shitting myself over Christmas though so won’t rush back too soon, probably my traditional New Year’s Day pre dawn bimble will be the first one back.

    Premier Icon scc999


    Might get out between now and NY – which would be nice.

    If I don’t get out then that’s ok too.  I try not to beat myself up about my lack of motivation at this time of year.


    Me – also been ill for a week coughing up all sorts of green stuff, generally feeling miserable and no energy.

    Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon but literally no interest in going near my bike at the min.

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    Me .
    Been out on the bike once in four months. ☹

    Premier Icon Drac

    Me but I never have always took time off the bike over Xmas for indulgence.

    Pop to a walk in centre sounds like a chest infection.

    Premier Icon Kuco

    Me, went docs last Wednesday after coughing up blood, got some virus that won’t **** off. On second round of antibiotics.


    I’ve been ill for weeks. Took a couple of days off at the beginning of December, but it’s been hanging around ever since.
    I had to ride up to the 24th, but I’ve had a couple of days off and I’m not going out tomorrow, maybe my cold will bugger off.

    Not ridden the proper MTB since 22nd September. Weather has been so rubbish I just can’t be bothered with getting cold, soaking wet and muddy tbh. Fair weather rider and proud of it..!

    Me, family time over the main days of the season innit. Gonna do a road spin tomorrow though, before I crack and tell the wife and kids what I really think of them! 😜
    Also ladzzzz (well, old blokes) bike ride on 30th, might be beer involved afterwards

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    Nope, my last ride was the 13th December. It’s been so wet here that most trails are under water or bogs, even ‘gravel’ rides end up caked in mud.

    I find hard to get the enthusiasm to go out for a road only ride too.

    Fingers crossed things start drying up this side of June…

    Premier Icon woody21

    Nope – recovering from knee surgery


    Nope. Did the 100 day challenge which ends on Christmas Eve and then devote Christmas week to family, friends and indulgence. I’ll ride again with my pals on New Year’s Day.

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Me. Urinary infection early last week so fever and weeing a trickle of razorblades – first time off work for many years.

    Getting ready for some fresh air and exercise, but definitely not cx racing on Sunday.

    Premier Icon DickBarton


    Premier Icon tomhoward

    My main Xmas pressie from mrsTH this year was a fierce cold, given to me a week before Xmas, I’m hoping to get out for a bit tomorrow, then hamsterley on Sunday.

    Premier Icon vondally

    Me…injuries most of the year,neck and spine issues plus other silly injuries …. miserable

    Premier Icon argee

    As per other comments, had the cold last week, it’s all but gone now but riding hasn’t happened due to a mixture of family time and just terrible weather, the latter being annoying as i could have got an hour or two on the bike, but you then factor in the cleaning and travelling and it’s just not viable, and i just went down the playpark with my daughter instead.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Me. Got the snip on the 14th. Hopefully this weekend I can get out for a little pootle around the woods.

    Premier Icon martymac

    Been off work sick for a few days, coughing up green crap.
    Back tomorrow, up to the 31st, then off 1/2/3, working 4/5 then off for 17 days from the 6th.
    Hoping to get out and ride then.
    Not entirely bad though, I’m still losing weight, T2 diabetes and careful diet is seeing to that.

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper

    Me too.

    Planned a ride a few times but something has always got in the way! Hopefully getting out tomorrow morning for a lap at Afan, although now I’ve written that something will torpedo that plan too.

    Premier Icon chestrockwell

    Not ridden this Christmas, not ridden much since the summer. Boo.

    Premier Icon jekkyl

    crawling the walls itching to get out, I’d be out every day if possible but apparently holidays are for family time even though **** family time seems to mean everyone in different rooms watching screens.


    Me. But intend to be out full on in the New Year on gravel bike until I get the El Mariachi built up, when I’m back from the USA.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Nope, not since a major injury in October.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Did a couple of blasts on the turbo, but just haven’t had the time. Definitely will be out on the 29th though

    Premier Icon somafunk


    just ride when you can for **** sake, stop being so **** melodramatic as some of us will never ride again

    Me, not ridden since early December.  The state of the Downs has beaten me at the moment ☹️

    A mix of blood from your cough get booked in, for a few years running I had a heavy chest coughs and antibiotics sorted it in the end, doc said always get in for that..

    Been ok this winter so far and last winter too, although had family over with 3 under 5 and a few other kids around yesterday..

    bike park today, lady bower loop tomorrow, hopefully 3-4 local shot fest Sunday followed by Xmas dinner

    Only if you count turbo rides, when I did a proper training session on Xmas Day and the gentlest short recovery on Boxing Day.

    Last commute was on Xmas Eve, last outdoor non-commute of note (i.e. not just a few mins pootle for groceries) was back in Prestatyn in early November.

    Trying to convince myself to do a Gran Fondo to South Harting today, will be the first I’ve done in months (August?), barely done any compared to 2018 and I’ve not ridden to South Harting this year.

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Hi Soma. Didn’t know / sorry to hear it has progressed that far. Are you still getting some fresh air locally, mate’s farm etc or just stuck inside?

    Yip, no biking at all, but today will be 4th day hillwalking this week. 🙂


    No biking

    Have run 50k this week though so not really bothered.

    Legs will still be there when I get back

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    today will be 4th day hillwalking this week

    Aww man just when we were feeling bad for somafunk, this pops up; first the running, now this. Chin up, nobeer

    (@soma – hope 2020 goes well for you)

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Nope, bloody sciatica struck on Sunday. Got a bit more feeling in my foot and less pain in my calf today, so might try and fit a gentle bumble in today unless I’m made to go sofa shopping.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Not ridden a bike since October…

    Although I blew my ankle up trail running yesterday so I might need to dust off the road bike for some low impact cardio while it recovers. The local trails round here are like a swamp and I just can’t be bothered with mtb’ing in those conditions anymore.

    Premier Icon Houns

    Me, CBA.

    Premier Icon kelvin

    Chest infection here as well. On top of broken ribs. Still, good time for down time and eating yourself back to health.

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