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  • Anyone just given up on finding love?
  • No unfortunately not – I’m in sheffield.


    OP- looking for “the one” may cause you a lot of heartache, sometimes it works that way sometimes not. Enjoy what(and who) life brings your way more the merrier could be just as nice a life.


    Sheffield! Think I need to move….


    I decided on celibacy after splitting up with my ex.

    Three weeks later I met up with a friend that I had known for a few years, since we used to work together.

    We got engaged two years ago 😀

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    Rachel this is a little white lie 😉
    BTW your pink hair is fab.


    Despair and Deception, Love’s ugly little twins
    Came a-knocking on my door, I let them in
    Darling, you’re the punishment for all of my former sins
    I let love in

    Not that i’m bitter of course

    Hi – I used to enjoy wallowing with a bit of Nick Cave – my favourite lyric

    Here I am, little lamb…
    Let all the bells in whoredom ring
    All the crooked bitches that she was
    (Mongers of pain)

    Met a nice girl 11 years ago after I had just about given up hope. Have lived with her and her son for eight years and our daughter is now six.

    We do not share many interests but do values (as per Zippykona) and complement each other well.

    Still enjoy a bit of doomy music though!


    No no no!

    Best Nick Cave Lyric of all time has to be:

    I hear stories from the chamber
    Christ was born into a manger
    And, like some ragged stranger, he died upon the cross
    And might I say, it seems so fitting in it’s way
    He was a carpenter by trade


    Sorry should have qualified:

    My favourite Nick Cave lyric that expresses disenchantment with the former partners!

    To all the singletons at leats you stand a far better chance of creating some interesting art/music/literature than someone in a happy relationship!

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    No no no no no!

    Best Nick Cave lyric ever ;

    I was walking around the flower show like a leper
    Coming down with some kind of nervous hysteria
    When I saw you standing there, green eyes, black hair
    Up against the pink and purple wisteria

    For the op 🙂

    Caught a bit of nick cave at Glasto, appeals to me on some level but I dont listen often – but my sons were shocked by the lyrics – as you would expect at 8&10!

    @karinofnine – I have posted a link to a charity ride ending in Winsor, let me know if you or anyone you know fancies it 🙂

    Not to detract from the majesty of Nick Cave, but I like to listen
    to Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs when feeling down about relationships
    followed by 1965 by the same band when convincing myself to give them
    another go.

    I’m meeting a Swiss-German girl in 4 hours, will see what happens.

    I give you the definitive newly single lyric from the Cave-meister:

    You told me you’d stick by me
    Through the thick and through the thin
    Those were your very words
    My fair-weather friend
    You were my brave-hearted lover
    At the first taste of trouble went running back to mother


    #wonders if bravohotel8er is tied up and gagged in some hotel room somewhere#


    I doubt he got that lucky on a first date

    A colleague runs this Single Social for anyone in Sheff or surrounding area who fancies trying the single dating scene.

    If I were ever to find myself single again and with two teenage boys I have no idea how I would find the time/energy/enthusiasm to even get ready to go on a date, let alone be anyone’s idea of even adequate company – I’m guessing being face down, snoring in the entrée is frowned upon.


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    I’m guessing being face down, snoring in the entrée is frowned upon.

    Depends if Rohypnol is involved……


    Ooh rohypocinno!

    Which one of you comedians has signed me up to Russian brides?! 😡


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    She was a great Disco Deaver.

    Don’t give up Houns… As someone/many have said, it’s down to how you feel about yourself! Respect yourself and others will naturally respect you. Love yourself and others will naturally love you.
    After being in relationship after relationship from about 18 to 28 I decided to give the whole lot up! I wanted to be on my own and just go have some fun. ( I wonder if this is where you’re at at the moment really) It forced me to find myself and actually accept they some bits of me I wasn’t aware of! (Acceptance/acknowledgement of ones own little failures or weaknesses is essential )
    It WILL happen but only once you are ok with ‘you!’
    Ps; I can highly recommend singles nights…. They are GREAT FUN!!!
    Pps; @ Drac- that’s a fabulous song! *runs off to find old tapes*


    Find it, lose it, find it again, whoops there it goes again…that’s the way it rolls.



    I had almost given up hope, now I have given up completely.

    There is a great sense of calm that comes from letting go.

    It’s taken 12 years. I have finally found someone who I actually want to marry, I don’t want kids, she has a 17 year old daughter who is great and very bright and I treat her like a mate and offer advice and support when she needs it. But I don’t discipline her as that’s her mum’s job.

    My partner is best described as me with female body parts. We enjoy the same things in life, but have some differences in she likes mostly rock music which I like also but predominantly I listen to uplifting Trance, ambient and film scores and Orchestral music.

    She supports Manchester City, me Bolton Wanderers, Hibernian and Rochdale. She has got the buzz for mountain biking but her main passion is horse riding. We both live the outdoors, also our animals (5 cats and two border collies)

    Both Bolton born and bred, now living in Darwen but miss our home town. Both work in Healthcare, although she works in private sector and me in the NHS.

    We do have our moments, she can get stroppy over nothing and I’m stubbourn when she apologises.

    But it was worth the 12 months of flirting and waiting for my ex to get out of my life.

    Mister P

    I had a date last night which ended with her telling me I am “cold and emotionally detatched”. Guess it didn’t go well and I will be remaining single then.

    Definitely don’t give up, but do try to not worry about how and when it might happen again for you.

    I was with a guy for 10 years, married for 3 of them, that ended, then was single for a bit, then an old friend came back into my life which turned into a bit more, that ended, single for a bit again, then a little while ago, I had to take my bike in to get fixed and I came out with a date! I have just been on my 1st holiday with the bike shop guy, it’s going well so far, but who knows what the future holds!

    You shouldn’t over think things when you’re in a relationship and you shouldn’t over think them when you’re single, just have fun and see where life takes you 🙂

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