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  • Anybody use them electronic ciggies?
  • fallsoffalot

    have tried a few of the flavours but non to my liking.e cigs also kept breaking.have been back on the rollups a couple of years now,can someone recomend a good tobbaco flavour and an e cig that does’nt self destruct.

    Our Hangsen Golden Virginia is a popular choice fallsoffalot and the equipment is loads more reliable than a few years ago

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    Binners, I’m still off them 🙂 and I wouldn’t return to them now, that would be a waste of the last 13 months!

    Fallsoffalot most people find the basic ego type batteries to be robust, I recently tried a slightly newer version of an ego type Battery & it disintegrated after a couple of weeks.

    STR,, have you given out the stw discount code yet? 😉

    2unfit – no, as I don’t have a website.

    However, I’ll do anyone who contacts me a decent deal.

    I did contact STW towers regarding my involvement on this thread, but never heard anything back 😕


    Found this thread Dec 2012, ordered some stuff and began vaping when it arrived 27/12/12. Not had a cig since, and that’s after 37 years on 20-30 / pack of rolling baccy a day. VERY happy with it, all the things I like about cigs, nicotine, silly hand/mouth habit, but without the nastiness. Can really feel the difference when riding up hill. I’d started to seem susceptible to coughs and colds every 2-3 months and only had one minor cold since switching to vaping.

    The first 3-4 months were a bit frustrating while working out which kit worked for me. Now using;
    HS Delight standard strength liquid -tried a few flavours, but always quickly came back to this, which to me tastes the way a freshly opened pack of B&H smells.
    Kanger T3 clearomisers, metal sleeved version as it’s more robust. Easy to replace the spare heads cheaply when the resistance goes up.
    Ego Vamo battery thingy, which allows me to change the voltage to get a consistent vape.
    Efest 2000mah batteries, which last a reasonable amount of time.

    It’s worked out about half the price of smoking over the year, even including all the kit changes in the first few months.

    I find this set up works well and reliably for me. A bit of a faff when traveling, though a lot less faff than looking for smoking opportunities all the time!

    Really happy to be off the fags. This has been the best thread on here for me 😀

    Premier Icon binners

    VERY happy with it, all the things I like about cigs, nicotine, silly hand/mouth habit, but without the nastiness.

    Amen to that brother!

    I dumped the nasty smelly things and went on the e-cig again. Getting on for 7 weeks now.

    Due to a shoulder injury, today was my first time back on the bike since I knocked the fags on the head. I can’t believe how much easier I’m breathing on the climbs. So…. fat? Yes! Slow? Most definitely! But no longer wheezy. Result!!! 😀

    And well done 2unfit2ride!!!

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    Another update on my progress! Well I still haven’t managed to really quit the nicotine, but I have finally found an atty that allows me to enjoy a vape at slightly lower levels (from 18mg to 11mg), I am now enjoying a “Kayfun-Russian” type device with a microcoil & pure cotton wick, the results are amazing if you have the patience to try a few different builds, I bought a knock off from ebay & it works great!


    I’ve had mixed success with recoiling my atomisers, about 50% work, altho I’m sure I’ll get better at it and work out why some aren’t working (I suspect I know). Most recent recoil was giving 1.5ohms and altho working well, it’s going thru eliquid like I don’t know what.


    Good old STW. Want to get a kit for my Dad and this thread has been a great help.

    Could do with some advice on e-liquids though. Just for a bit of history, smoking is the habit of a lifetime for my dad – started at 11, and is now 68. His lungs are shagged – emphysema, steroid inhalers, the works. He has periods of being off the cigarettes, but he relapses and will start again, not back to his 20 a day habit, but smoking none the less. If we are being entirely honest, he probably doesn’t really want to quit, ‘the damage has already been done’, but my mum does say that she can notice the difference when he stops, the wheezing and coughing subsides.

    Hence my wanting to get him a kit, with the hope that when he does feel the need to have a stealthy fag, he can get his nicotine without the smoke.

    I appreciate that the e-cig flavours are a personal thing, but does anyone have any suggestions on what I can get him started with? I will be sending a kit back over with my Mum (they live in South Africa), and wouldn’t mind sending a couple of samples over too. He is fairly old school, and smokes strong brands. My worry is that he gets the stuff that is usually included in a kit, thinks it is rubbish, and doesn’t pick it up again.


    vaping can feel a bit weak after proper smoke but I found the cigar flavours were strong enough not to tempt me back.
    There is a site called liberty flights that has a liquid called Winston after Churchill that most of my smoking friends said was very close to a normal tobacco flavour but is still different. It would be a good idea to get him a selection of the stronger flavours then he might be intrigued enough to try different liquids instead of just going straight back to the fags. Good luck.

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