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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Blur LTc
    Fox Float 34 160
    Hope ProII/XM719’s
    Ardent Tubeless
    SRAM X0 Twisties/x9 Mechs
    SRAM 2x Crankset
    Thompson Stem & 780 Bar
    Hope BB & HS
    KS 950 or Lev

    Should weigh just under 30lb without pedals (frame in transit currently)

    Basically an evolution of what I have ridden component wise for 5 years to what I like. Demo’d the Alu version (panned to get one until a deal on the C came up back to back with a Nomad C, both great bikes but even on a good lakes test the Blur did enough – the nomad would be awesome with enough alpine weekends but not an option)
    Although it appears the LT & c is no more after this year, the bronson should pick up the space though.


    Sounds like a nice spec!, would you recommend 2 up front or 1 ring up front, that may be a main issue, there are guides and such to run dual ring up front isn’t there?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Plenty of 2x guides. 1x is there if you want it. All about you, your riding style, your legs and where you live.

    Premier Icon Pridds

    New one so not had a chance to weigh it yet but hoping about 31 to 32 lb
    2013 Nomad C with DBair
    Fox 36 Talas
    Hope Hoops with Flows and high roller 2 St and Ardent
    1×10 with 30 tooth up front and 11-40 cassette
    XT brakes and shifters
    Ks Lev 150 seatpost

    Untitled by IanPriddle, on Flickr


    That nomad looks very smart! How are you liking it?

    Also this is my current bike, probably a bit overkill for where i live, rode 30km on it today and didn’t feel too bad after, would just feel i would benefit from having something with less travel and is lighter so i can go further without it being a slog sometimes, weighs in at 45lbs or something.
    [/url] DSCF4465 by bikerider27, on Flickr[/img]

    Premier Icon Pridds

    Love it, only had 1 ride after a bit of time off the bike but still felt quick and planted. Had a mate who still has a Giant Glory one as his only bike, it a monster on the downs but it kills him on the climbs and anything that is not steep

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Terrible photo…

    IMAG0203 by Northwindlowlander, on Flickr

    I’d sneaked light wheels onto it for this race, which didn’t go too well, destroyed the rear 😳 Usually it’s a more bulletproof spec, at 32-give-or-take lbs… ’tis ace. Slacked out with a 2 degree Works headset, coil Lyriks, Specialized Butcher Controls (like little downhill tyres). Innerleithen walkers paths one day, Fort William dh the next, nae bother.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Looks sweet Pridds, probably my first choice if I had more mountains.
    I reckon my 1x move will only come after X01 has bedded in a bit though.

    no pics @ mo as can’t get into photobucket but pretty much everything on mine is heavy/burly so I’d guess 35lb?

    2010 Alpine 160 with CCDB coil
    2010 Marz 55 RC3Ti
    XT gears and brakes, 203mm rotors, M800 Saint cranks, 2×9 with bashguard and Blackspire Stinger dual guide
    Pro 2s with Sun Equalizer (31?) rims
    Haven bar/stem
    GD post
    Easton flatboy (nearly 600grm!) or Kona Wah Wah pedals.

    Premier Icon Pridds

    Having ridden the 1×10 i will be saving my pennies for X01 as i love it but a wider range would be great, but its works as it is


    Once i come back from the alps i plan on replacing my Scott Gambler downhill bike with some kind of do it all bike, most likely a full sus.

    It would be nice if you could post your am bike with spec and a rough guesstimate of weight too. This being to give a guide on what people are running and what would be a good spec to aim for.



    @Northwind, what frame is that?
    @Crashtest,i wouldn’t mind a build like that, maybe a 5 or something, would try get it nearer the 30lb mark though, if humanely possible!

    also, long shot, is there a frame with geometry alike this one?
    Size Head angle HT Length TT Horizont. Seat angle Top ST CST Length BB OS
    Short 64.0° 115 (565) (72.0°) 418 440 25
    Long 64.0° 115 (590) (72.0°) 418 440 25

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Hazza, it’s a Cotic Hemlock.

    it got heavier without really trying 😆 , trashed the splines on my RF crank and picked up a mint M800 cheap, flat-spotted my DT5.1 rims and CRC were doing the Sun rims for £15 (down from £60) in cool/naff (delete as applicable) winter camo, RC3Tis replaced worn Lyrik Solo airs, I love the feel of Flatboys and they are indestructible but good grief they are heavy. I’m only 70kg so it is a bit of a lump but I love it, climbs far better than I expected and isnt a killjoy on easier terrain.


    I guess mine falls into this category…

    Only ridden it a couple of times in the two weeks I’ve had it but I really like it, it’s far more capable than I am! It flies down the hills, is surprisingly easy to jump but still climbs ok. The rear end generates a lot of traction and the steep seat angle helps to stop it getting wandery on climbs. It comes in at 33 for the large with coil forks.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    A candy blue 06 Enduro with 36 Van RC2s, hope m4s, nukeproof 29mm rims and on-one tyres (xt rear and formula front hub)

    1×10 with an mrp chain guide and burgtec penthouse flats

    Comes in at 34lb but it climbs ok as long as you have the legs for it and descends way better than I can


    here is my banshee spitfire . I finished building it a couple of weeks ago its an absolute blast to ride ,could not be more pleased with it!!!indoor photos unfortunately everytime ive been out on it ive been having so much fun riding that I forget to take better pictures!!


    forgot to list the spec

    Medium banshee spitfire v2 with the slack chipset installed so head angle of 66.5 with 150mm fork
    Fox ctd trail adjust kashima shock
    Rockshox 150mm revelation with 20mm maxle
    Rockshox reverb
    Shimano xt brakes with 180mm rotors
    Shimano slx double cranks 22-36
    E thirteen trs duel chain guide and bash
    Shimano slx shifters
    Shimano slx 10 speed cassette 11-34
    Shimano slx shadow + rear derailleur
    Sram x7 front derailleur
    Kmc chain
    Hope headset
    Hope bottom bracket
    Superstar Am490 wheelset with tesla hub front and trizoid enduro hub rear fitted with schwalbe hans dampfs
    Raceface atlas 50mm stem
    raceface atlas kash money ltd edition handlebars cut to 750mm
    raceface half nelson grips
    nukeproof pedals
    Charge spoon


    Nicolai Helius AM
    Avalanche Downhill Racing fork and shock (Marz 55 RC3 Ti and Fox DHX Air 4.0)
    XX1 drivetrain
    Light-Cycle Carbon rims on Hope hubs
    Formula TH1 brakes
    Easton Havoc Carbon Bar
    Conti Rubber Queen 2.4 tyres

    Weight is ~31 lbs

    Hob Nob

    SB66C. Gnats b*llock over 27lbs, now without the disgusting HD tyres, back on a Specialized Butcher Control/Purgatory combo.

    Premier Icon tmb467


    How easy / expensive was it to get the Avalanche kit?

    Premier Icon Alex

    Well this is going to the alps later today 🙂

    Cotic Rocket / X-Fusion Slants by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    With stronger wheels/bigger tyres/1×10. At that build it’s 32.5. at the one in the pic about 31ish. Pedals uphill well tho. And downhill let’s just say I wish it was supplied with a bravery upgrade!

    Premier Icon stevied

    My Intense 6.6, bit oldschool now but a fantastic bike:

    Intense 6.6 Frame, 5th Element Coil
    Fox 36 Vanilla RC2’s
    Hope Pro3 AM4 Wheels/Stans Flow
    Full XT 2 x 10 now with S+ rear mech
    Easton Monkeylite DH Bars
    Hope Tech4 brakes, 203/183mm rotors
    Maxxis Minion Exo 3C 2.5″ front, 2.35″ 60a rear.
    Weighs in about 33lb but thinking of changing the shock to a DB Air which would save a lb or 2 but I’ll probably put that back on with a Thomson Dropper..
    Use it for local riding on the Malvern Hills so more than capable of climbing and so much fun going down 😀


    All mountain-ish

    SC Blur LTc
    2013 36 float RC2
    Crossmax SX
    XT drive 1 x 10 w/clutch mech and XT brakes
    ENVE DH bars
    Havoc stem
    Hans Dampf tubeless
    Point1 podiums

    I’m very happy with it after a lot of different bikes (and demos) It’s happy to go out all day, do uplift days, natural rides, TCs, alps etc. Very versatile bike. My only criticism is lack of routing for the dropper.


    Theraggyone – that Spitfire is lovely and probably the the bike that I should have bought instead of the Rune but I couldn’t get a demo and didn’t want to spend a load of money on a bike that I haven’t ridden. What does it weigh in at? I’ve been impressed with the KS Link suspension so far.

    Hazza – the Banshees are pretty slack. I’m running mine in the neutral setting so a 65.5 degree head angle butuit can go to 65 degrees with the slackest flip chips in the drop outs. Personally I find the neutral setting to be the best compromise if descending and climbing ability plus its a but easier to get the front wheel off the ground.

    Hon Nob – that Yetibis lovely. You not a fan of the Hans Dampfs then? I’ve been really impressed with mine so far and I prefer then to the Minions and reckon they’re on a par with the High Rollers that I used to love.

    The other bikes are mice too. I nearly went with a Tracer from Tweeks with some cash off it.



    How easy / expensive was it to get the Avalanche kit?

    Easy to get but quite expensive… although since the fork and shock were cheap even with the upgrades I’ve paid less than I would have for a Fox 2013 CTD fork and CCDBAir 😀 .

    I’ve ended up with custom tuning on all my shocks in the past so this was taking it to the next level. There is an entire thread about my suspension geekery 😳


    Not the best picture as I still havn’t got a pic of it fully built.

    It comes in at around 35lbs but should be lighter when I replace the MK1 Saint crank anchor. Its going 2×10 at some point due to me being too unfit and broken to get up big hills these days.

    Enduro Evo 2011 mid build by i_ache, on Flickr

    Hob Nob

    You not a fan of the Hans Dampfs then? I’ve been really impressed with mine so far and I prefer then to the Minions and reckon they’re on a par with the High Rollers that I used to love.

    No, not at all! They arn’t even close to the grip of a Minion when pushing on, which I could accept if the rolling speed was noticably higher, yet they seem to roll just as slow. But then a cursory glance at the tread depth & side lugs could tell you that. I can’t compare to HR’s as i’ve not tried one for years.

    The Butcher/Purgatory combo roll noticably quicker & the Butcher out front grips almost as much as a Minion which is what i’m after. They are a fair chunk lighter than the Minion EXO’s I have too (which was almost the same as the HD’s).

    I like the look of the new Schwalbe’s though (forgot the names), be keen to try on them. They look a bit more focussed to what I want.


    mindmap3 – Member

    Theraggyone – that Spitfire is lovely and probably the the bike that I should have bought instead of the Rune but I couldn’t get a demo and didn’t want to spend a load of money on a bike that I haven’t ridden. What does it weigh in at? I’ve been impressed with the KS Link suspension so far.

    it weighs in at just under 32ib but the wheelset,tubes and tyres are pretty heavy so could easily shave some weight off.

    it doesn’t seem to make any difference though I use this bike for everything from mini downhill and duel slalom at bike parks to long xc rides/some commuting and its great. ive never had a bike that handles such I wide variety of things so well. it absolutely flies when going down, loves air and rails corners at serious speed inspiring so much newly found confidance but the ks link suspension makes it very easy to pedal too.

    I was torn between this and the rune as well but I could only demo the spitty and decided I didn’t need more bike than this . im really happy with my decision this bike is a beast and I love it:)


    Loving the Banshees 🙂 ive wanted a rune or spitfire for ages but the cost has put me off before!


    Stumpy Evo Expert. All stock apart from bars (Renthal), stem (can’t remember but it’s 70mm) and pedals (SS nano). Never weighed but around 30lbs. Utterly brilliant off-the-peg bike in every way. In an ideal world, i’d upgrade the suspension but everything else does it’s job very well.


    No pics (at work), but spec is as follows:-

    Ibis Mojo HD in raw carbon
    Fox 36 160mm fork
    CCDB air
    CC angleset -1.5 deg
    Shimano Xt brakes
    Shimano 2×10 drivetrain
    rockshox reverb seatpost
    Easton haven carbon bars
    Dt swiss ex5.1 rims on hoope pro II hubs
    Hans dampf tyres set up tubeless

    ~30lb, feels a alot lighter than my old 05 enduro thats for sure. Works well for everything I want to do with it.


    On its holidays in Morzine…

    Took a bit of a punt on the frame and built it up on a budget a week before going out to the Alps. Great little bike. Doesn’t get used much in the UK unfortunately due to lack of mountains down south.


    I’ve not got a pic of it to put up here, but my venerable ’09 Wolf Ridge is definitely in the all mountain category.

    It’s built up with Wotans, Fox CTD Kashima shock, Nukeproof cockpit, SLX Double cranks and a Stinger chain device. The wheels are probably the weakest part of the package being 719s on Pro2 Evos, I may well opt for something like 521s or similar in the future.

    Weight-wise it’s about 33lbs, but it pedals really well – certainly well enough to make it a viable all day bike.


    Hob Nob – it’s interesting how different people gel with different tyres. I never felt secure with the Minions despite people raving about them but really liked the High Rollers that a lot of people found a but snappy when they let go. I’ve really got on with my Hans Dampfs and don’t think they drag any more than my super tacky / 60a set up used to. I’ve not tried the newer Exo Maxxis though.

    The raggyone – I reckon if I’d got a demo of the Spitfire I would have been sold too. I love my Rune but it is a but OTT. I agree about the confidence they give you…I’ve had a few big moments in mine where I’ve been going too fast for my own good.

    _tom_ – I don’t think they’re any more expensive than other brands these days. I managed to get a pretty good (well, I’m happy with it) deal on mine. I paid less than rrp for the frame, hope headset, conversion kit for my Easton rear wheel and a fitted invisiframe kit. It’s still loads of money, but I intend to keep of for a long time (it’s just replaced a 2005 SX Trail). I like them and being able to email the designer is pretty cool.

    I_Ache – two words…ti spring. You know it makes sense and you deserve it!


    I would love a Ti spring but is Ti actually a word?

    In all seriousness I’m not 100% sure that I have the right weight spring fitted, I need to do a little bit of fiddling with the shock setup. It doesn’t bob at all on climbs and all the reviews says it bobs a lot. This makes me think that my spring is too heavy because I would expect them to have the right weight spring on the test bike.


    tom_ – Member

    Loving the Banshees ive wanted a rune or spitfire for ages but the cost has put me off before!

    I got a great deal on my spitfire frame, two different sets of dropouts and a hope headset for way under the rrp, they are definatly not expensive compared to a lot of other manufacturers frames:)
    my frame deal was under £1250:)which I was very pleased with but then I will be keeping this bike a long time. my total build was about £2400

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