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    I badgered them into upping my BB to 100mb for another £3.50 p/m.


    thanks for the PSA.
    my wireless has always been crap on the Superhub, I always used to have it on 5 GHz because 2.4 didn’t work at all. Then I plugged in a seperate old wireless router and it worked a lot better but that brought more problems where facebook + youtube streaming, and other high draw streaming would knock it out every now and then.
    had it for over a year now and it costs a bomb so reckon I could get a new Superhub.


    My Superhub was problematic at first.. Software fault. Virgin sent me out 2 in error! So now I have a spare if this one fails in any way. But my speeds give me a fixed download speed of around 5mbps. Not too shoddy for direct downloading*.

    *Read T*****ts

    That’s at the same time as my tablet, phone and games consoles being connected too.. Average browsing speed using speedtest sits at 95..


    Just a PSA really.

    We have had cable from Virgin since 2010. Normally fine but just recently the broadband service has started to drop off in availabiloity. Most weekends it’d go away for a few hours at a time. I complained a bit and they agreed that my old router might be a bit dodgy and said they’d send a replacement out.

    The superhub arrived today and after a bit of messing about, it was online.

    Our download speed doubled immediately from 10Mbps to 20Mbps. Upload went from 512k to 1M. Wireless signal has jumped massively and I can get it now out in the back garedn on my iphone which I couldn’t before.

    If you’re having problems with your old Virgin router, browbeat them into sending a new one out.


    Have a similar setup to brakes with similar streaming issues. What’s the model number of the new superhub samurai?

    If you you use p2p, utorrent ect… then you need to change the flood gate settings in the router or surfing the net and downloading at the same time becomes a chore.



    When we first set it up wireless wouldn’t work at all. We could associate but not connect to the internet so I rebooted the router and then after a few minutes wireless started working and has been great since.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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