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  • A SSers opinion on derailleurs.
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    NOpe – all derailleur bikes make a noise as the chain goes round the jockey wheels. Yours as well. You are just used to it and tuning it out

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    I’ve enjoyed riding singlespeed,its good fun.Having said that it only works where I live in the summer months when I have,faster ,easier rolling,grippy trails,where I can get good and constant traction and keep momentum.All of which are in very short supply here in the 5 months or so of seemingly wetter and wetter Winters.So for me my humble and cheap £50 NX 11 speed Deraileur with weather proof bushings rather than seizable bearings(and a big bonus – also jetwash proof) – is the little tough marvel that just seems to work,keep working and enables me to ride just about anywhere I want to.
    Of course now I’ve said that ,I know whats gonna happen on the next ride .

Viewing 2 posts - 121 through 122 (of 122 total)

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