Fresh Goods Friday 690 – The Crank Holiday Edition

by 15

Dave’s not here man. And neither is anyone else. We’re all having a day off. We call them Crank Holidays. Aside from all the free sealant you can drink, it’s part of the job.

I’ll level with you, personally a Crank Holiday Friday is very hard to differentiate from a regular Friday. This morning I’ll spend finishing off this very edition Fresh Goods Friday that you’re reading right now with some last minute dot com bits and bobs that have arrived. And then I’ll go out and do some back-to-back test riding of bikes and kit. KInda never not working. But when working is riding, is not very work at all.

Enjoy your day wherever and whatever you’re up to! On with Eff Gee Eff…

Scott Addict Gravel 10

It’s not often you encounter a bike brand telling you to “get lost” but that’s exactly what the attendant marketing description of the Scott Addict Gravel says. And we quote: “The Scott Addict Gravel 10 will get you wherever you’re going, no matter what the trail throws at you. More progressive, more control and more mounts mean this adventure-ready machine is your ticket to getting out there. Find yourself, get lost.” Anyhoo. This is another steed for our inhouse gravelleur Amanda ‘Framebags’ Wishart to have a go on.

Fresh Goods Friday 690 – The Movie

Mudspray or paintjob? You decide.

Wahoo ELEMNT Rival

  • Price: £199.99
  • From: Wahoo

Never. Lose. Focus. That’s the phrase that Wahoo use for the Rival fitness tracker sports watch thingy. This particular Rival is destined to live on the wrist of our man Ross. Although billed as a watch for runners, it’s more than happy to go along on some mountain bike rides as well. E”LEMNT RIVAL creates a seamless training and racing experience for runners. Powered by proven ELEMNT technology to provide a simple user experience to set up and customize the device to fit your lifestyle. “With optical heart rate, barometric altimeter, ceramic bezel and water resistance up to 50m, ELEMNT RIVAL is your next GPS watch for running.” And mountain biking.

Grangers and Cherry Blossom stuff

  • Price: Grangers Odour Eliminator £10.00, Grangers Active Wash £9.50, Cherry Blossom Sneaker Shield £7.45, Grangers Footwear + Gear cleaner £5.75, Cherry Blossom Eco Ultra Repel £5.95
  • From: Grangers and Cherry Blossom

Left to right: 1) Grangers spray-on solution will work to remove unpleasant smells from activewear. “It tackles odours at the source, rather than masking them with perfumes, and is kind to breathable and water-repellent materials at the same time”. 2) Cleaner combats and removes all manner of dirt, swear and odours from a range of activewear”. 3) “Shielding sneakers from rain and stains, your feet stay dry while your sneakers stay fresh. For use on all materials including canvas, synthetic, textile, leather, suede and nubuck”. 4) “It has multiple uses. Whether you have a jacket that needs to be spot-cleaned, a dirty rucksack that isn’t machine washable or some shoes that have been on one too many adventures to be left any longer, this product is ideal for you”. 5) “This easy-to-apply spray is fast-drying and offers breathable, powerful protection against dirt, rain and stains. This high-strength, eco-responsible, water-based”.

Hiplok DX and Pop

  • Price: Hiplok DX D-Lock £79.99, Hiplok Pop £24.99
  • From: Hiplok

Keeping baddies at bay, here’s a couple of items from Hiplok. The DX is a “maximum security” D-Lock featuring a double dead lock, anti-rotation locking design, 14mm hardeneed steel shackle, three coded replaceable keys. It weighs just over a kilogram and is approx 150 x 85mm in size. The Pop lock is designed for “short stop, a deterrent against the opportunist thief or the perfect secondary lock.” 10mm braided steel cable offers with a generous 130cm locking diameter.

OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post

The best just got even betterer. You probably know all about the previous OneUp V2 Dropper post. What’s this V3 improve upon? 60-70g lighter. 75% reduction in breakaway force and smoother actuation. New cartridge design. Compressed stack height is 3mm shorter. Total length is 10mm shorter. Increased bushing overlap. IGUS self-lubricating bushings. Low friction SKF Seal. New cartridge is 100% recyclable.

Revo.Fat Inner Tube / Patch Kit

While tubeless rules the roost these days, inner tubes are still very much an essential for an awful lot of riders. Wanting to save some rolling weight on his fat bike wheels, Sanny nabbed himself these astonishingly light inner tubes. Coming in at a real world 153 grams and designed for tubes between 3.8 and 5.05 inches, these tubes are made of TPU which are claimed to offer high puncture and snakebite resistance in an ultralight package. Size wise, they are about one third the size of a regular fat bike inner tube. Being made of TPU, normal glue and patches won’t work so the 3 patch self-adhesive repair kit is an essential accompanying purchase.

Schwalbe Al Mighty Fat Bike Tyre

Fancy inner tubes deserve new tyres and in the spirit of being able to ride in all weathers, Sanny has gotten his sticky mitts on these mahoosive rubber rings from Schwalbe. Designed for deep snow and mud, the Al Mighty’s are Schwalbe’s answer to those riders who want more stability and control than offered by their light weight Jumbo Jim offerings. Tipping the scales at 1784 grams, they weigh more than an awful lot of 29er wheelsets but if you want 4.8 inches of gnarr, you canny change the laws of physics. Just in time for the worst of the weather (or best if you are a fan of riding in snow and ice), the Al Mighty’s come ready to be fitted with ice studs which is exactly what Sanny is planning to do.

Schwalbe Spike Tool including spare steel studs

Stud compatible tyres need studs so this tool and pack of 50 steel studs is just the ticket for those who experimented in sticking screws through old tyres in an ill-advised effort to make ice tyres that even Heath Robinson would shake his head at. The tool is designed to both fit and remove studs meaning that you can run compatible tyres all year round.

Ass Savers Win Wing Gravel and Mudder Mini

Cometh the winter, cometh the mudguards. We are a broad church here at Singletrack Towers and many of us ride (Gasp!) gravel bikes as well as mountain bikes. Designed to be a lightweight and easily attachable and removable option for those riders who like to keep the worst of the clart and concerningly strange smelling mud off their faces and back ends, these offerings from Ass Savers come in a variety of colourways and have already been fitted to Sanny’s DeAnima gravel bike. The rear can accommodate tyres up to 60mm and the front 55mm so even monster crossers can get in on the act. Despite their unusual looks, he reports back that they are already his go-to mudguards as he no longer experiences the brown streak of shame up his shorts and back nor the muddy face of despair. Now if they could just offer a mountain bike option…

Galibier Zephyr All Surface Gloves

Knitted gloves have come a long way since the mittens-on-a-string type that you used to pass through the arms of your duffel coat. Abrasion-resistant nylon knit construction on backhands. AX Suede anti-slip palm. Ariaprene palm padding.
Laser-cut palm perforations and inner finger mesh.

Galibier Fire Feet 3 Socks

Gloves for your feet. Socks in other words. 40% Merino wool, 40% Acrylic, 18% Polyamide and 2% Lycra. That’s 100% sock that is. Antibacterial fibres, flat-seam toe, 17 cm ankle cuff, “abrasion resistant” sole. Called Fire Feet 3 socks just to confuse us all.

Galibier Trail Wind Jacket

One of those jackets that doesn’t really know if it’s an on-bike or off-bike garb. Certainly the description on Galibier CC’s website appears to be in two minds about it!. Whatever. It certainly works as a “I am a cyclist I am” form of tribal identification in social scenarios. Also, very probably adept at a bit of commuting and riding to the pub-ing. “Light weight jacket for 4 season layering. Windproof fabric. Front pocket. Hidden back pocket. Reflective drawcords on the hood. Exposed YKK Vision zip.”

Muc-Off D30 Rider Gloves – Punk

Knuckle-pad gloves used to be all the rage BITD. Nowadays, not so much. But if you can’t bring yourself to ride handguards then Muc-Off have a handy(!) solution to ripping your way through overgrown trails. These D30 Rider Gloves feature a softshell outer with integrated D3O Knuckle protector. DWR coating. Extended neoprene cuff. Perforated palm with silicone gripper print. Soft touch microfibre thumb.

Muc-Off eBike Drivetrain Tool

A product that elicits celebration and ridicule in seemingly equal measure. This is not a product that everyone will feel the need for but I [Benji] am glad it exists. When oiling e-bike drivetrains, sure it’s possible to jam an Allen key into the chainring bolt to get the backpedal method to work but it’s not perfect; the Allen key usually fouls the pedal body making backpedalling really awkward, it also leaves a nasty mark on your crank arm. Having a specific tool for a specific job is always just a nice thing.

Muc-Off Silky Suspension Serum

  • Price: £4.99 (100ml)
  • From: Muc-Off

We wouldn’t advise using this spray as a way of avoiding doing any proper maintenance or service work on your fork or rear shock. Used as a finishing touch to polish stanchions after a washdown is fine. So too is using it for keeping dropper seatposts similarly sheeny.

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Orange Switch 6er. Stif Squatcher. Schwalbe Magic Mary Purple Addix front. Maxxis DHR II 3C MaxxTerra rear. Coil fan. Ebikes are not evil. I have been a writer for nigh on 20 years, a photographer for 25 years and a mountain biker for 30 years. I have written countless magazine and website features and route guides for the UK mountain bike press, most notably for the esteemed and highly regarded Singletrackworld. Although I am a Lancastrian, I freely admit that West Yorkshire is my favourite place to ride. Rarely a week goes by without me riding and exploring the South Pennines.

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 690 – The Crank Holiday Edition
  • sharkattack
    Full Member

    Another day, another Scott which I would cross the road to avoid riding.

    Full Member

    Gotta say, the paintwork on that Scott would drive me nuts if I was having to clean it 😂

    Full Member

    Al mighty are excellent tyres, especially if your fatty is fully rigid. Ok, so they are horrendously heavy, but oh my, the grip….

    Full Member

    Red canoes are faster than green. Science fact.
    Poll of bike colours in this seasons DH and XCC vs podium positions?

    Galibier Zephyr All Surface Gloves

    These I am interested in.

    Galibier Fire Feet socks

    Crap. They have thin mesh on top.

    Full Member

    Nice to see Galibier continuing with their wallet friendly tradition.

    Full Member

    Oooh, and just as I listen and you say ‘what is the fastest bike you have owned…’. I say an Orange ST4.

    In White.

    Orange ST4

    Full Member

    Crap. They have thin mesh on top.

    I’ve been wearing a pair of DHB socks made in a similar way for two winters now, and as one that feels the cold I can say they are warm but kinda regulated as I guess the warmth rises through the upper layer.  Don’t knock L them until you’ve tried them I say

    Full Member

    Cheech and Chong? Excellent, not heard ‘Dave’s not here’ for years.

    I think I still have a copy of Up In Smoke on VHS in my loft, somewhere.

    Signs of a misspent youth?

    Full Member

    Got my Wahoo Rival for 99 of our European yoyos (and free delivery) and got a work colleague in the states to go get one for only 99 of his yank dollars about a month back …  sure enough Wahoo UK says 99 GBP rather than the 199 you quote??  99 is great value, 199 is not.

    Full Member

    Another day, another Scott which I would cross the road to avoid riding.

    Why’s that then @sharkattack ? A bad experience or you find them ugly? (Genuinely interested btw, as I’m looking at a Scott Addict for the road).


    Full Member

    ’ve been wearing a pair of DHB socks made in a similar way for two winters now, and as one that feels the cold I can say they are warm but kinda regulated as I guess the warmth rises through the upper layer. Don’t knock L them until you’ve tried them I say

    I have two pairs.
    They get worn – just not really cold days.

    Full Member

    That Scott is gorgeous imo, except for the absolutely hideous mech but that’s function rather than form. Love that paint.

    <grumpy hat on> but I do not like having the big item in FGF being a gravel bike. I appreciate that it’s probably mostly about what new stuff you have in the office to actually show, and the overlap can be pretty big, there’s times like with touring that gravel and mountain biking is basically the exact same thing… But that Scott definitely feels like a Gravel Bike For Gravel Riding On. And as Chipps says there’s only 2 UK mountain bike mags left, I’d hate to see that diminish by tenths…

    (and tbh I think it did, a while back, and then happily recovered, and then happened which seemed like it reduced the crosscontamination a ton…)

    On the other hand, WOO FAT BIKE STUFF. I mean, I’ve already got a minion 4.8 and I don’t need studs, so I won’t be buying an Al-Mighty but I’m really happy to see it covered. Maybe I’m a massive hypocrite and for most of the forum fat bikes are for **** and the niche is dead anyway and it’s NOT PROPER MOUNTAIN BIKING and basically everything I said about gravel.

    Full Member

    This and a previous article reveal there’s a lot of Scott haters out there! I can’t understand why- I confess I’ve never owned one as they always seemed to be for riders who were better than me but why would anyone want to spend time being negative about a brand that is simply trying to make better mountain bikes and of course turn a profit but that’s how it is. Cards on the table my go to brand for manual bikes would be Pôle and now I need a motor I love Orbea. That said I’ve never looked at someone else’s bike and thought it was somehow not any good. Why waste my time on negative vibes?

    Full Member

    Never tire of watching Phil Atwill throwing shapes :-)

    Free Member

    Nothing to see here, just a hardtail for £5.5k.

    I can’t believe how desensitised everyone has become to this.

    It’s ok though, it says ‘gravel’ on it.



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