Fresh Goods Friday 692 – The Al Fresco Edition

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For this week’s Fresh Goods Friday we have escaped our mountain-top hideaway atop the shrouded misty slopes of TodMorDen and headed on over to… Stockport.

That’s right, we’ve been for a daytrip to Farmer John’s Bike Park on the edge of the Peak District. And what a fine, splattery time we had. We dare say you’ll be avle to read all about it in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

In the meantime, here’s the Fresh Goods that you’ve all come for!


Zefal Gizmo, Doowah and Z Sealant

  • Price: €9.95 Gizmo, €5.00 Doowah, €9.95 Z Sealant
  • From: Zefal

The Gizmo: presumably named after the main hero in Gremlins (and Gremlins 2), the Gizmo is a universal adapter that allows you to attach a bottle cage to various places on your bike. Supplied with adjustable clamps and an integrated soft strap for stable mounting without risk to yer paintwork.

The Doowah: Zefal describe these as “pant-ties” which, if nothing else, makes you re-read the description. Adjustable reflective hook-and-loop straps for keeping your civvy trollies out of the way of your oily drivetrain.

Z Sealant: Another tyre sealant option. This one is pink. The latex-based-formula claims to deal with punctures up to 3mm.

Fresh Goods Friday 692: The Motion Picture

Thank you Farmer John!

Zefal Z Bar Plugs

  • Price: €29.95
  • From: Zefal

A tubeless tyre repair kit that sits inside your handlebar. The first part has a needle tool and three 4mm thick tyre plugs. The other part has a knife with three 2mm tyre plugs. You don’t need any tools to attach it to the handlebars; you just turn the aluminium bar end plug with your fingers to snug/loosen.

Zefal Bike Taxi

  • Price: €49.95
  • From: Zefal

We assume this BIke Taxi is a licence version of the Kommit Zugsystem tow-along. It not exactly the same in terms of the case shape etc but the fundamental design is the same. Which is no bad thing, I [Benji] really rate the Kommit Zugsystem for giving younglings a helping hand up hills when required. Essentially it’s a saddle-mounted auto-adjusting/retracting length of cord that simply hooks over the child’s stem (it rests between the upper and lower stem bolts).

Zefal Vintage Bottle Cage

  • Price: €19.95
  • From: Zefal

Chromed steel with “vegetable leather cover”, apparently. “Our Vintage bottle-cage is a memory of Zéfal history. Timeless, it’s ideal for old bikes or today’s fixies.” In the absence of either of those, we dare say you can mount it on MY2024 carbon fibre full-suspension mixed wheel e-bike also.

Zefal Deflector FM30

  • Price: €16.95
  • From: Zefal

Fitted using trad zip-ties but also in the pack is a bundle of hollow soft cover ‘straws’ for the zip-ties to pass through; for improved stability and protection of your fork paintwork. Also comes with sticker packs for jazzing up the central section if you feel it. Initial testing suggests that this is a very planted ‘guard indeed. Nice one.

Zefal Profil Max FP65 Z-Turn

  • Price: €74.95
  • From: Zefal

Old world meets new world; wood ‘andle, digikal display. The Z-Turn adapter on the end of the hose offers “screw-on intuitive connection” and works with Presta and Schrader valves. Handle made from wood sourced in France from sustainable forests, which is nice. “The Profil Max FP65 floor pump is a high-quality product manufactured at our factory in France. The handle is made from wood and the body from anodised aluminium. The hi-tech base is reinforced using fibres ensuring that the vibrations or high temperatures created during inflation are absorbed.”

Zefal Pulse Z2 & Sense Pro 50 Set and Pulse L2

  • Price: €19.95
  • From: Zefal

Pulse Z2: Reversible bottle cage and 500ml bottle combo, designed for full-suspension mountain bikes with modest bottle space. hat doesn’t have enough room for a bottle cage? Cage can be run as leftie or rightie flavoured. The bottle features the Pro-Cap double closure system, making it impressively watertight.

Pulse L2: Zefal’s light weight cage. 18g. Carbon fibre. Adapts to different bottle diameters from 72 to 76 mm. 7075T6 alloy screws.

Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedal

These were finalyl revealed yesterday. We’ve had a pair on test for a few weeks. You can read our Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedal review here if you missed it. You’re welcome!

Lazer Finch Kineticore Helmet

The Finch KinetiCore is a kids helmet that looks a whole lot like a proper adult lid. The Lazer TurnSys turn-dial system.
Recesses in helmet shape removes the pressure on inside of head caused by sunglasses. “Effortless straps”: Less material used, lower weight, less plastic. Enjoy a comfortable fit with the antibacterial and recycled stitched straps, featuring Polygiene Biostatic StayFresh technology. 330g. Unisize, 50-56cm. Rated 5/5 stars by the world’s favourite white-coated helmet-smashers Virginia Tech.

Wolf Tooth Remote Pro Dropper Lever

Lately we’ve encountered a few test bikes with OEM droppers that have genuinely left us with aching thumbs after riding. Yeah, we know. Diddums. So it’s some convenient bit of timing from Wolf Tooth to come out with their new high-end remote. The Remote Pro can rotate 48°, independently of cable tension. The lever features an oval-shaped cable pulley, which offers greater leverage at the start of the lever throw. Machined in Minnesota, USA, with a premium sealed cartridge bearing and a light Delrin axle. Weight: 48.5g (love the 0.5g there). Compatible with all cable-actuated dropper posts.

The New Look Singletrack World Magazine!

As featured last week yes but we’re still extremely stoked about it, the new format Singletrack mag is here! What’s new about it? New shape. Thicker. Heavier. More colour depth. Vertically stiff and laterally compliant new cover.

Hamish (and some frame or other)

  • Price: N/A (Stif Squatch V1.1 frame £749)
  • From: Stif MTB

The Squatch V1.1. Although the revisions do arguably add up to “is now UDH”, it took more tube wrangling and metal casting than you may think! Also, to go with the new design there are new colours: Fruit Salad, Black Jack and Glacier Mint. Quick Facts: 80mm BB Drop, 64° head angle paired with a short, stout fork, 78° seat tube angle, 430mm Chainstays with 12 Bore Bridge, bespoke investment cast dropout for SRAM UDH systems, triple butted and custom rolled 4130 steel tubeset.

Hamish is not for sale, currently.

Thread Of The Week

Congratulations (and heartfelt commiserations) this week go to Rich_s for this thread. Good luck squadron leader…

The winning TOTW in FGF gets a prize. So @Rich_s please email for your random prize (it will probably be a Singletrack Forum Bottle Opener). Don’t forget to include your postal address, as it really speeds up delivery logistics like. K thx bye!

Yep, more Key & Peele. ‘Cos.

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 692 – The Al Fresco Edition
  • Rubber_Buccaneer
    Full Member

    The Gizmo: presumably named after

    Full Member

    Nice to see good kids helmets at a sensible price.

    Full Member

    £80 for a dropper lever!!!!

    Full Member

    Omg I love that Hamish made the front page 😍 Sod the rest of FGF.

    Full Member

    £80 for a dropper lever!!!!

    When an xt shifter is £40 it really doesn’t make much sense.

    Full Member

    When an xt shifter is £40 it really doesn’t make much sense

    Hardly comparing apples with apples, is it? Small brand, in house production, paying workers in the brand’s home country costs more. See also the Hope dropper lever.

    Full Member

    Full Member

    Good on Zefal for inventing the bottle cage holder and the trouser clip, both long overdue (I bet 20 scottish pence that the strap-on bottle cage is really good, til you put a bottle of water in it)

    The wolftooth dropper lever just looks a bit crap and agricultural, compared to the Oneup one? And the Oneup is obviously not cheap at £35 but that’s half the price.

    Full Member

    £80 seems a lot for a dropper lever but they’re likely priced at what they need to be for the product and they also don’t need everyone who needs a dropper lever to buy one. Just enough people for the production run to sell.

    I totally get people being annoyed if something expensive breaks or wears out too easily but if it’s expensive because it’s designed and made well fair enough. I have an original Wolf Tooth lever that’s been on at least 3 bikes now and works as well as new. I like that it doesn’t need a rubber/plastic insert for grip too.

    Full Member

    Having used both the One-Up and the Wolftooth dropper levers I am of the opinion that the latter is well worth twice the former.

    Both used with One-up posts.

    I have broken 2 One-up levers, but not a Wolftooth one – and the Wolftooth lever has a sacrificial component that you can replace for a few quid (and carry as a spare part).

    Full Member

    hollow soft cover ‘straws’ to put zip ties though

    I like that idea a lot less faff than trying to get 3m heli tape in the right places.  Anyone got a suggestion/source for aftermarket? would be really good for rear mud hugger.

    £80 for a dropper lever – actually seems to be 86 on their site (you *need* an adaptor whatever it fits to?) … Whats the replaceable/sacrifical part? @sargey2003 We’ve broken a few levers but the Bonty line elite works well, is neat and low profile and is £25…

    The original wolf tooth (got given one when broke something else) is near enough identical to the AliBaba copies that used to be about £10.

    however – this  looks genuinely different and interesting.  Has anyone ever used one?


    Full Member

    That 360 model does look like it could be a simple sulution to fitting more bikes. I wonder if the leverage is enough to feel as light as their regular levers?

    Full Member

    I had a lever just like that 360 on something, buggered if I can remember what it was now! Not mountain bikey, maybe a camera thing? Mind blank, it was a bit picky about perfect setup, cable needed to be just so but it worked great.

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