Fresh Goods Friday 708 – The Bendy Bus Edition

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Hello and welcome to this week’s rundown of shiny bikes and shinier bike stuff. Having said that, most of the stuff detailed below has more off a matt finish. Possibly eggshell.

Without any further ado, tuck into Fresh Goods Friday seven hundred and eight…

Merida eOne-Sixty 875

  • Price: £6,000
  • From: Merida
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13050584

Another very e-bike. The very definition of full fat. The new Merida eOne-Sixty is being promoted with the tagline “Goodbye range anxiety”. While its 750Wh internal battery is no great shakes these days, there is an option to run a piggyback 360Wh range extender battery. Which, if my maths is correct, brings the total capacity up to… fecking loads.

Big batteries and especially range extenders are pretty rare for Shimano motor-ed machines. Though there does seem to have been a bit of loosening up of the control freakery reins from Shimano’s e-department of late. It started with bigger non-Shimano internal batteries (eg. Darfon), then non-standard power assist level options (eg. Cannondale Moterra SL) and now have range extenders. Oh, and Shimano have admitted that the new EP801 motor has got 100W more peak power apparently.

Anyway, enough about E. What about the bike? 174mm rear travel aluminium mullet. And a flex-pivot design no less. That is quite a move. The suspension is Select level 170mm RockShox Zeb fork ‘n’ a Super Deluxe shock. Not a whole lotta bling bits; we’re talking Merida own-brand stuff and Shimano XT Linkglide drivetrain and 4-pot brakes. Which is absolutely fine by us. And yes, that is a semi-integrated front light (it can be removed pretty easily by unplugging a couple of wires from the drive unit and pulling out of the headset top-cover etc).

FGF 708: D’Movie

SendHit Nock V2 MTB Handguards

  • Price: €62.49
  • From: SendHit
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13050585

‘Tis the season. i [Benji] am a shameless hand-guard fan. I don’t (just) want them for tree punching protection. The main thing my locale struggles with from now until Autumn is overgrowth. Nettles, brambles, ferns. After one too many splinter-injected bulbous knuckles, last year I had a go with some Revgrips Handguards and that was that. For this season I’ve got some other brand’s ‘guards in. The first to arrive were these SendHit Nock V2 MTB handguards from across the Channel. Aside from the new colour aluminium bracket arms (silver and grey are new options), these Nocks feature: “unbreakable guards with optimized ratio between rigidity (protect the hand) and flex (handle impact without breaking)”, a flip-chip offering fore-aft and side-to-side positions, impact foam inside the shield, thick decals (to help protect shields and brackets as well as aesthetics).

SendHit Lever Grip

Something new from SendHit. We’re not actually sure if they’re officially out yet but here they are anyway. Essentially they’re adhesive wraparounds for brake levers, intended to improve braking feel. The material is some sort of textured rubber. It feels a bit like micro-suede (is that even a thing?) Whilst they don’t explicitly say as much, we feel they are principally designed around Shimano brake levers.

Fjällräven x Specialized Cave Pack

  • Price: £115.00
  • From: Fjallraven
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13050586

Whilst a lot of the Fjallraven x Specialized colab stuff is peak bikepacker hipster cringe, this pack is still undeniably a nice item. No, it is not good value. Yet. It does feel like it will last for a long time however. Apparently designed to fit inside a Fjallraven ‘Cool Cave’ bike pannier, it works pretty well just as a backpack. It has a separate, fully padded laptop compartment, an easy-access pocket on top plus a large front pocket, padded shoulder straps (that can be neatly made flush) and two handles on the top. Also available in ox red, ochre, black and navy as well as this ‘Travis Bickle meets Rambo uptown’ green.

Specialized Wordmark DriRelease T-Shirt

  • Price: £25.00
  • From: Specialized
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13050587

A technical Tee that’s perhaps a little bit more loose fit than most. Chest screen print on the chest. Fabric is a blend of 85% drirelease Polyester and 15% Elastane. We’re not sure if it really comes across in these pics, but this ‘birch white’ colour is really rather lovely.

Specialized Prime SWAT Liner Bib Shorts

  • Price: £110.00
  • From: Specialized
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13050589

These need to be worn under a pair of oivershorts or riding trousers. Not just because they’re rather revealingly skimpy and delicate open mesh, but also because they can look like they’re a garment that’s still in the middle of being stitched together. Three floating rear pockets. Stretchy elastic braces are plush and soft against the skin. Mesh elastic leg grippers. New smaller and thinner mountain bike specific Body Geometry pad. Outward facing seams reduce chafing and increase comfort.

Dynaplug Racer Pro

This may look like drug paraphernalia but it’s not. Although it is designed to help you get high (PSI) again. The Racer Pro allows you to store four pre-loaded tubeless plugs ready to go in a single tool. Snap-on caps protect plugs from dirt and damage. “When your ready to make a repair, just pop off a cap to deploy either a standard size plug (with wheel-friendly soft brass tip) or the aluminum Megaplug for mega-big punctures. If you need more plugs just unthread the Twin Tube™ and flip it around for more plugging action!” What a cutie.

Singletrack World Magazine issue 155

It’s he-rrre! If you want to find out what’s inside this glorious new edition, head over to the product page and click ‘Description’ and all shall be revealed unto you. Glory be!

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Thread Of The Week

This week’s winner is the majestic SaxonRider with this thread right here:

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 708 – The Bendy Bus Edition
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    Full Member

    62.00 euros for  a set of handguards when, y’know gloves exist seems a bit; cart before horse.

    Free Member

    Brake lever grips?


    Full Member

    Bar ends to protect your hands?

    Full Member

    Sincere non-snarky question- has anyone found a glove that fends off gorse and bramble thorns without being a hellish heat swamp for their hands?

    Full Member

    I love the ease of use of Dynaplug but availability of refills is awful.

    Currently showing as out of stock everywhere including the Dynaplug UK site and no due date.

    Both links in the article above are out of stock as well btw

    I could spend £25 on a pack of 5 on Amazon but that’s more than a complete entry level kit (if you can find one that is in stock in the UK)

    I know, I know,  not enough capitals and spellings for a singletrack standard whinge. 😅

    Full Member

    has anyone found a glove that fends off gorse and bramble thorns without being a hellish heat swamp…

    Some Japanese Keirin gloves have carbon knuckle armour. Trouble is, Japanese hands are far smaller than mine. So that’s not a useful option.

    Full Member

    Some Fox mx gloves do as well.

    Full Member

    Hand guards! Get some decent gloves and man/woman up!

    Got enough stuff on my handle bars already, gears, brakes, bell, dropper post lever, light fitting (when required). Those handguards look like they were built by a bloke in a shed who is into post-modernist industrial design, ugly!

    Full Member

    Appears to be a bit of hate for the handguards, I may get some for my ebike

    Full Member

    Anyone with an inkling as to where and when I can get new dynaplug inserts? Short of picking them up in France in a couple of weeks they seem to be totally missing from the country.

    Full Member

    Weid how no-one has them instock now – maybe ask Madison why there’s a shortage

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