Fresh Goods Friday 687 – The AV It Edition

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Are we still within the New Year period? It matters not. New things can happen whatever the calendar may say. What’s new this FGF? Well, we’ve decided to get with the now and make a weekly video to go with the web story.

Now then, perhaps the New Year was not the best time to debut the Audio Visual FGF; there’s not actually been very much delivered through the door this past week. Oops. Well, not in time for the actual day of shooting. (Sorry the smash the illusion before it’s even started)

In the absence of actually having anything shiny and new to show, just WTF did Hannah and Benji talk about? You’ll have to watch the vid. If you watched any of our MegaSack videos, you’ll be well aware of the sort of high level primo drivel waffle that these two can emit on demand.


Yamaha YDX Moro 07 30th Anniversary

An actual Yamaha. We’ve had Yamaha motor-ed ebikes in before (such as the E-Bike Of The Year no less) but this is the first fully Yamaha machine. Despite the split tube frame design, those of you with keen eye may see visual echoes of another giant bike brand in some of the tube shaping here. Well, we can anyway. The vital stats are 150mm rear travel, 160mm fork. 85Nm torque. 500Wh battery. Magura MT5 four-opots with 203mm rotors. 170mm dropper on this Large. And yep, 27.5in wheels front and rear. This particular Moro 7 is in the shiny 30th Anniversary colourway. 30 years? 30 years since what? 30 years since Yamaha’s first foray into the world of pedal assist bicycles. 1993 and all that. Fair dos.

Fresh Goods Friday 687 Video

Well, here goes nothing. Almost literally.

Kona stickers

  • Price: £0.00
  • From: Kona

What’s a New Year version of a Spring Clean? Whatever one of those is, we did. And we happened upon a baggie of stickers from Kona. These stickers could well push my [Benji] stickered-up garage cupboard doors into a state of total completion. I guess we’ll have to move house now. Favourite sticker? The yellow ‘EST. 1988’ ones of course!

Kona Wah Wah Small Composite Pedals

  • Price: £55.00
  • From: Kona

Keeping it Kona, here we have some purple placky peggles. The Wah Wah 2 Small is a composite pedal “made for people with smaller feet or kids with regular feet or anyone who just wants a smaller platform.” 13mm thick. 110mm by 108mm platform size. 7 pins per side. I might put them on my daughter’s bike to see if it inspires even more rad riding in 2024.

Aeroe 12L Dry Bag

We’ve been fairly loving the new mounts-to-anything Aeroe Spider rack luggage system stuff. A review is imminent by the way. But before we write/publish the sucker we wanted to give the system a go with a single 12L capacity drybag (as opposed to the standard 2 x 8L twin dry bag setup). Compatible with the Spider Rear Rack or Handlebar/Front Fork Cradle. Load limit: 4kgs. Heavy duty TPU fully welded. Fully waterproof.

Shimano ET7 Shoes

  • Price: £119.00 (currently on sale for £79.00)
  • From: Freewheel

Performance touring shoes… what? These natty Shimano shoes are ‘multi-weather’ flat pedal shoes for riders who don’t want to go riding, or multi-day touring in FiveTens or skate shoes. 

To that end, the Shimano ET7 shoes have a performance-style upper, complete with single BOA dial, paired with a semi-knobbly sole that is designed to work with flat pedals (or even toe clips…) while still giving plenty of traction for off-bike use. There’s a ‘Splash Shield’ forefoot membrane to protect toes from, well, splashes and a semi-rigid midsole that’ll transfer power while still letting you browse the bakeries and bars in comfort and safety.

Amtech U2573 15m Garden Hose Pipe Reinforced PVC

New year, new hose pipe. In a bid to keep the piece with the neighbours, a repositioning of The Place Where I Wash Filthy Bikes is required. Which necessitated a slightly longer length hose. Hopefully thi will reduce the amount flooding and over-silting mucktide that ends up in the neighbour’s gaff. Sorry about that pal.

Singletrack World Subscribers Newsletter Revamp

If you are a Singletrack World subscriber, this one’s for you. The newsletter is having a kick up the arse for 2024. It’s increasing in frequency to fortnightly (from monthly) and will have a rotating editorship bringing you interesting and entertaining BTS* bits ‘n’ bobs. The first of the new look Subscriber Newsletter is going out next Monday and will have a feature from Chipps detailing a bit more about what the relaunch of the magazine is going to look like. New mag, new newsletter, new year, new… newness. Anyway, get yerself signed up. If you’re not on The List, you’re not coming in.

*hipspeak for Behind The Scenes

Vegan Wild Rocket

Possibly taking veganuary to new marketing lows, you’ll be reassured to hear that this wild rocket is suitable for vegans. If you have not welcomed rocket into your life, now may be the time to do so. Pile it on top of some nice crusty bread and hummus, mix it in with some pasta and parmesan shavings and a splash of olive oil, or eat with a hearty risotto. Mmm. Hungry? Head to this thread for more snack ideas…

Thread Of The Week

Which brings us neatly on to TOTW. This week the internet has been won by blokeuptheroad for the Favourite slightly decadent savoury snack? thread.

The winning TOTW in FGF gets a prize. So @blokeuptheroad please email for your random prize (it will probably be a Singletrack Forum Bottle Opener). Don’t forget to include your postal address, as it really speeds up delivery logistics like. K thx bye!

We can’t accept drum and bass

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It’s Singletrack’s long running, weekly roundup of all of the new products that have been sent in to the magazine.

Where do all of the goods come from?

They’re sent in by bike companies and marketing agencies

What happens to all of the products?

They’re featured and then some are reviewed down the line in either Singletrack Magazine or in online reviews and photoshoots.

What happens to them when you’ve finished with them?

They’re usually sent back after review, or kept on long-term test bikes. But no one ever asks for shorts and shoes back. Trust us on that. Once we were asked to return some brake pads.

I’m a company making the next big thing. How much does it cost to feature in FGF?

Nothing. Nil. Zero. Diddlysquat. Sod all. Just send all ‘next big things’ to us at – Fresh Goods Friday, Singletrack Magazine, Lockside Mill, Dale Street, Todmorden. OL14 5PX. Please note that if you require the products back after they have featured then you are responsible for arranging collection at your cost. While it is our policy to feature everything we receive in FGF if we decide your product is not suitable for publication we won’t do it. Publication is at our discretion. Whether a product goes on for publication as a review is at editorial discretion. Beer, coffee & spirits will ALWAYS be tested.

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  • mtbfix
    Full Member

    Only had to pay for one petal to get a pair?

    Full Member

    Shimano ET7 Shoes

    They look good as ever day riding shoes.

    Full Member

    That downtube – toptube interface is probably the worst I’ve seen in years. And they’ve even managed to fluff getting a bottle mount on it because of the motorbike style frame/chassis

    Full Member


    In a bid to keep the piece with the neighbours, a repositioning of The Place Where I Wash Filthy Bikes is required. Which necessitated a slightly longer length hose. Hopefully thi will reduce the amount flooding and over-silting mucktide that ends up in the neighbour’s gaff. Sorry about that pal.


    We can’t accept drum and bass




    Full Member

    if those shimano shoes are wide fitting, i may buy some.   need some new shoes as my keens have almost disintegrated.

    Full Member

    New for 2024: Yamaha E-MTBs with their patented NadCatcher Pro top tubes.

    Full Member

    I’m a certified Yamaha fan but that thing is am absolute dog’s dinner

    Full Member

    Vegan Rocket is shit..Joe Rogan and Elon Musk said so.

    And Jordan Peterson.

    Full Member

    There’s some bits of that yamaha that are absolutely lovely. And others that cancel that out completely

    Free Member

    Hummus,rocket and pasta sandwich, err no tah.

    Full Member
    Full Member

    @ton – we had to size up two sizes, so I wouldn’t say so

    Full Member

    Incidentally, we have MY23 shoes, which are currently on sale everywhere, but Madison reckons it’s not getting the MY24 shoes in this year anyway…

    Free Member

    There’s some bits of that yamaha that are absolutely lovely

    The price? Pretty damn decent for a eeb these days.

    Full Member

    I see your discounted Rocket and raise you this winner at Morrisons yesterday vegan, gluten free and reduced 


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