Fresh Goods Friday 709 – The Quiet Roads Edition

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This Sunday evening will be a good time to head out. The Euro kickball sportive is on as of today and Sunday evening is when Engerland’s opening lap takes place.

Enjoy the quieter roads and such. Or watch the soccertime. It’s fine. No place 4 H8 M8.

Before you do, here’s this week’s Fresh Goods for you!

When do the roads become The Streets?

Formula Nebbia Air Shock

Despite initially looking just like just A.N.Other air shock with a reservoir, there’s more to the Nebbia than you may think. Basically, Formula has made an air shock that has the plug-and-play CTS compression circuits. You get three CTS valve arrays in the package (green, gold and orange) that opffer differing tunes. It’s easy to swap out to a different CTS. No special tools or mechanical knowledge required really. Combined with the external low speed compresison and rebound adjust dials, means you can set the Nebbia up for a huge variety of different behaviours and bikes. There’s also a (purple) ‘climb switch’ present which switches between open, platform/pedal and firm. Oh yeah, that zigzag design on the shaft. Clearly it’s a way around falling foul of RockShox’s sag indicator patent. The peaks don’t technically refer to specific ‘this peak corresponds to this sag’ (as that would require a different frequency position for each shock length). But for this 65mm shock here, the peaks start at about 20% sag, then 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%. Kudos Formula. Anything else? Oh yeah, the shock uses Formula’s Neopos squidgy volume spacers which in theory help tune the spring a bit more into the midstroke as opposed to hard spacers that just affect the end stroke. Those hard black plastic spacers in the box/photos above are travel reducers by the way.

Fresh Goods Friday 709: D’Movie

PNW The Loam Carbon Handlebar

  • Price: £149.00
  • From: PNW
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13051483

A nicely jazzy but not too jazzy looking carbon handlebar from PNW. Seriously though, it’s genunely very useful to have some sort of symmetrical pattern on either side of the bar to help when setting up your various cockpit clamp angles/positions. The other features are all pretty par for the course for a premium carbon bar; 800mm wide, with trim marks down to 740mm), pre-preg UD carbon with a layup that PNW have amusingly dubbed ‘CBD’ (no, we can’t find out what this acronym means). The up sweep is a fairly common 5° but the back sweep is a slightly-more-than-usual 10°.

PNW Loam Dropper

  • Price: £202.00
  • From: PNW
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13051484

An impressively affordable dropper considering its adjustability. The Loam dropper is travel adjustable (by 25mm) and doesn’t require any tools to do so; undo the collar (which has a handy silicone band for grippage) and rotate a plastic shim thing to the desired -mm indicator. That’s it. The post is also one of the better ones for travel-versus-insertion. This 200mm travel post only requires 290mm of seat tube insertion. Total post length is 540mm in case you’re wondering. At 576g for the 200mm option, it’s pretty much the same weight as other premium posts too. Oh, the air cartridge is adjustable so you can alter the speed of post extension if you prefer it a certain way, either gooch bruisingly fast or lazy Sunday slow.

PNW The Range Lever

  • Price: £54.00 (w/ 22.2mm clamp), £49.00 (w/o clamp)
  • From: PNW
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13051486

The Range differs from PNW’s classic Loam lever in a few ways. It’s forged not forged-then-CNC’d. It has a smaller cartridge bearing. It’s cheaper £54.00 inc. clamp rather than £70.00). And, most inerestingly, it’s a few mm smaller lengthwise. So if you have a bike (probably an ebike) that has a lot of stuff going on near your lefthand grip and you can’t quite get the dropper lever exactly where you want it, the PNW Range lever may be your answer.

PNW Pebble Tool

  • Price: £35.00
  • From: PNW
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13051488

We’re big fans of dinky multi-tools. But you do have to make sure you find the correct dinky tool for you and your bike(s). The Pebble tool has 3/4/5/6mm Allen, T25 Torx (hidden under a Dynaplug ‘spear’). So, it won’t do 8mm pedal axles or crank bolts, or 2mm brake lever adjust screws. But it will do a bit of puncture repair duties (you’ll still need a pump/CO2 though obvs.) so is arguably a more useful combo of stuff for most riders/bikes/mechanicals. Nicely rounded shape to the tool body, which just makes it nice to use and insert/removce from your pocket. Available in black, bronze, orange and purple.

Specialized Trail Air Gloves

  • Price: £25.00
  • From: Specialized
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13051491

Less is more. Well, that’s the theory with these paw covers anyway. Maximum venting baby! Micro-vented, perforated palm, breathable back of hand, mesh between the fingers. Embossed neoprene cuff features small perforations too. Ideal for something called “hottest trail days” or just folk who like minimal stuff encasing their hands.

WTB Max-Flow Tubeless Valves

  • Price: £32.00
  • From: Saddleback
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13051492

Valves is valves, right? Well, pretty much. But these are still some nice offerings from WTB. Valve core removal tool build into the caps. Knurled lockrings. Side- and top-ports to allow inflation air to breeze in without being impaired by tyre inserts. Rubber cone valve stem bed is generally the best best to gel with most rim bed designs out there. Only available in black so as to prevent naff attempts at colour matching the rest of your bike (it never works, please stop).

WTB Rocket Plug Kit

Exploded view (bottle opener and Tire Plug Pack sold separately)

The TCS Tire Plug Kit uses Rocket anchors (“because they look like tiny rockets”) that stay in your tyre and hold the plug in place. Apparently you will not lose a plug. The anchor will hold it in place “like a ship at dock”. You can even reuse the anchors. The Rocket Plug Kit also features an ‘Extra Hand’ tool under the smaller cap: “the Extra Hand will temporarily plug the hole and take the pressure off while you prepare your Rockets and plugs.” This certainly looks like one of the better tubeless repair kits out there.

WTB Tubeless Tire Sealant

WTB are on our list of Sealants That Are Good. It just works. Tyres inflate. They stay inflated. The sealant stays liquid and thus reusable in new tyres when swapping rubbers. WTB also claim: “eco-friendly, ammonia-free, synthetic latex solution that cures sealant particulate within the puncture to effectively seal punctures for the long term. Since the mica particulate in the solution seals using tackifiers, rather than evaporation, it will work brilliantly in harsh conditions where other sealants have trouble clotting, swiftly and flexibly repairing 1/4” (6mm) punctures at temperatures as low as -9.4°C.”

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Peaty’s Monarch Trail Comfort & Monarch Race Control Grips

  • Price: £24.99
  • From: Silverfish
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13051493

Two different grip designs: Trail Comfort and Race Control. The Trail Comfort grips are the mushroomy ones (shot against stone background in the pics above) and are designed for “longer rides”. The Race Control grips are the dinky dimaond design (shot against balck wood background above) and are for “maximum feedback when the going gets really tough”. Both are 20a compound. Both are available in two diameters (‘Thin’ 30-32mm or ‘Thick’ 32-34mm). The cores are made from 80% recycled ocean plastics and are tapered (so make suire you tap them fully home with a soft mallet when installing). The rubber is offset from the internal core ie. there’s more rubber on top/palm than underneath (fingers). Both grip designs feature a zig-zag thumb pad and finger bar ridges. Plenty of colour options too.

A Tall Vegan Vanilla Cake

  • Price: various, there are a lot of cakes to choose from
  • From: MyBaker
Tall cake, very tall mug

This is the official word on this cake….”My Baker has a gorgeous selection of cakes for all occasions online. It’s a small team, Mark, Mel and Shane. It has its own bakery in London, but also partners with the best independent bakers up and down the country. Over 180 of them. New customers can use the code WELCOME15 for a 15% discount.”

The unofficial word is that this vegan vanilla cake was absolutely delicious. By any cake standards. The disorganised among you may wish to note that it’s usually possible to get next day emergency cake for £10. In case of emergency, send cake. Not by courier – the MyBaker bakers often delivers them themselves, so they can bring you incredible towering cakes and you can be sure you won’t find it left in a random ‘safe place’. Imagine the tragedy of finding your cake in your recycling bin…

…That would be almost as tragic as being ill on the day the cake meant to mark your leaving arrived at work, wouldn’t it? Which is exactly what happened to Amanda. But since we are so distraught that she is leaving, we comforted ourselves with cutting into and eating the cake, live on video. So if you want to see what it looked like, or live tasting notes, watch the vid above. And if you want to bid farewell to Amanda, or hello to our new magazine designer James Vincent, then read this story.

And don’t worry, we did get some cake to Amanda. Thanks to the local arm of MyBaker for getting it to us, it was outstanding!

Thread Of The Week

This week’s bestest forum posting winneriser is blokeuptheroad due to this thread right… here:

The winning TOTW in FGF gets a prize. So @blokeuptheroad please email for your random prize. Don’t forget to include your postal address, as it really speeds up delivery logistics like. K thx bye!

“SunGod is a performance eyewear brand on a mission to See Better. We see a better world; through our lenses, through our actions and through doing business better. Our planet is our playground, so we’re a community built brand that’s sustainable to our core. With you, our mission is multiplied and together we can See Better.”

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 709 – The Quiet Roads Edition
  • stumpy01
    Full Member

    ref, the carbon bars…..

    carbon with a layup that PNW have amusingly dubbed ‘CBD’ (no, we can’t find out what this acronym means).

    it’s apparently Compliant Bore Design & written on the PNW website it says….

    “Compliant Bore Design (CBD) refers to the unique inside shape, layup, and wall thickness of the Loam Carbon Handlebar….”

    Not that hard to find 😘😆


    WTB plug tool looks pretty good, especially the extra hand thing.

    Free Member

    Did anyone else think PNW had released a carbon bar with an old skool style brace?

    Full Member

    Mmmm. Gtips, dinky tools, all sorts of stuff under the thirty quid mark. This is the kind of fresh goods that will get me buying stuff I don’t need.

    Free Member

    Did anyone else think PNW had released a carbon bar with an old skool style brace?

    Yep, when I first saw the photo :D

    – guessing it’s not any of the WTB stuff then!

    Full Member


    Did anyone else think PNW had released a carbon bar with an old skool style brace?


    Yep, when I first saw the photo


    I had to go back and have another look after seeing this comment.

    Am very disappointed now. I used to love a good bar brace

    Full Member

    Pebble tool looks like the perfect multi tool. Shame I already have a Dyna plug racer and a small multi tool.

    Full Member


     – guessing it’s not any of the WTB stuff then!

    LOL – didn’ t catch that price – £50? That’s an absolute joke.

    Full Member

    Formula creative way around RS sag marking patent!

    Full Member

    Am very disappointed now.

    This may cheer you up.

    Full Member

    What’s with the weird hotel lift music in the background?

    Full Member

    Are you sure you’re not in a hotel lift?

    Full Member

    @darlobiker Yep absolutely sure, at 99.9% anyway. :-)

    Definitely background music on the FGF video, you need to turn it up loud to hear it properly.

    P.S. Perhaps I should have mentioned i the first post that the music was in the video of Benji & Hannah? ;-)

    Full Member
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