Every Friday we feature all the kit, clothing, bikes and general unsolicited bits and bobs that arrive at our door. It heads through the often unflattering filter of our unique FGF photographic style policy before being considered for onward full review. Be prepared for shocking poses and facial expressions and as a supplier, we invite you to send us your latest products at your own risk – the results may not be what you expect.

What is Fresh Goods Friday?

It’s Singletrack’s long running, weekly roundup of all of the new products that have been sent in to the magazine.

Where do all of the goods come from?

They’re sent in by bike companies and marketing agencies

What happens to all of the products?

They’re featured and then some are reviewed down the line in either Singletrack Magazine or in online reviews and photoshoots.

What happens to them when you’ve finished with them?

They’re usually sent back after review, or kept on long-term test bikes. But no one ever asks for shorts and shoes back. Trust us on that. Once we were asked to return some brake pads.

I’m a company making the next big thing. How much does it cost to feature in FGF?

Nothing. Nil. Zero. Diddlysquat. Sod all. Just send all ‘next big things’ to us at – Fresh Goods Friday, Singletrack Magazine, Lockside Mill, Dale Street, Todmorden. OL14 5PX. Please note that if you require the products back after they have featured then you are responsible for arranging collection at your cost. While it is our policy to feature everything we receive in FGF if we decide your product is not suitable for publication we won’t do it. Publication is at our discretion. Whether a product goes on for publication as a review is at editorial discretion. Beer, coffee & spirits will ALWAYS be tested.

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February 28, 2020
muc-off fresh goods

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Orbea occam

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christmas gifts for mountain bikers

Christmas Shopping In Charlie's Dungeon.

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Andis new van

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Formula Selva R Fork

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