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The Shimano Bicycle Company is a Japanese manufacturer of cycling components, founded in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano.It was established in Tokyo as a drop forging plant for bicycle parts, initially manufacturing steel rims and later hubs for Japanese bicycles. The company’s early production consisted chiefly of drive train components for 3-speed bicycles, the majority of which were exported to the United States and Europe. This led to an initial expansion abroad, with sales offices set up in London (1941), Los Angeles (1942), New York City (1946) and Chicago (1965).

The name Shimano is probably the most famous brand name in all of cycling, this Japanese brand is simply ubiquitous throughout the industry.

Whether you are a 10 year old getting your first bike without stabilisers or a seasoned pro on a bike priced in five figures, it’s a safe bet that the words ‘Shimano’ will be found somewhere on your bike. Each year the latest technological developments trickle down to the gear levels below, effectively meaning this year’s Shimano XT users are riding the technology of the XTR riders just a few years ago. As big as the brand is there is competition from the likes of SRAM and Campagnolo.

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