British racer wins opening Enduro World Cup

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The first World Cup Enduro of the year took place in the classic venue of Finale Ligure. Here’s the results, reports and highlights vid.

RACE COVERAGE | Finale Ligure UCI Enduro World Cup:

EDR World Cup Finale Ligure: results

Race reports and photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery Sports:


The opening round of the UCI Enduro World Cup in Finale Outdoor Region, north-west Italy, saw Britain’s Harriet Harnden (Trek Factory Racing Gravity) take the lead in the women’s competition thanks to a supreme stage three race on ‘Supergroppo’.

The men’s competition was dominated by reigning champion Richie Rude (Yeti / Fox Factory Race Team) who won three stages out of the four, including a near perfect ride on stage five – DH Men.

In the women’s field, 2023 overall winner, Isabeau Courdurier (Lapierre Zipp Collective) took second place, after an early lead on stage one, before falling back in the pack after a gruelling stage three.

Cannondale’s Ella Conolly, who experienced a turbulent 2023, kept a steady pace throughout the race to earn the third spot on the podium.

In the men’s, Charlie Murray (Specialised Enduro Team) put in solid times across the stages to place second on the day, whilst Belgian Martin Maes (Orbea Fox Enduro Team) returned to the podium, taking the final spot in third.

In the open racing categories 125 amateurs raced four of the same stages as the professionals.

What’s next?

Visit the dates and venue guide below…

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  • British racer wins opening Enduro World Cup
  • nickc
    Full Member

    Coverage of Enduro is pretty bad now isn’t it? The race highlights package on  YouTube is out today I think, but the results are all over the net already, and you couldn’t watch it live as far as I know. It’s dying a death really.

    Full Member

    Coverage of Enduro is pretty bad now isn’t it?

    Absolutely awful. Doesn’t sound like the actual racing was much better based on some noise coming from the riders. The normal bike race had about half the racing time of the E-bike race. It’s clear they want to push racing towards ebikes.

    Full Member

    I thought the racing was great. Good close stage time. Liaisons that weren’t just a bimble or time to go back to the pits and swap stuff that they are allowed to out. Not watched the highlights yet but it is impossible to do anything but a post event highlights show. Look at world rally cars. They are the same and I bet they have a way bigger budget to play with

    dont care about the e-bikes but I’m sure it will take over at the request of the manufacturers. Unfortunately that’s the reality of that segment of the industry and its direction of travel

    Full Member

    Lets not forget MTB legend Tracy Moseley finishing 2nd in the E-Enduro – still going strong!

    Watched the highlights and it seemed pretty good racing, it’s a pity that you can’t see more of it – understand the logistics of it all etc. with getting cameras & stuff on the stages.

    I recon they could stick some rider POV shots into the coverage as well to show a bit more.

    Full Member

    The race highlights package on YouTube is out today I think, but the results are all over the net already, and you couldn’t watch it live as far as I know. It’s dying a death really.

    Same as it ever was, just with added e bike racing on the Sunday which obviously pushes the release another 24 hours.

    I recon they could stick some rider POV shots into the coverage as well to show a bit more.


    I watched the show over lunch and although it’s compressed for a 30 minute TV slot is pretty good. I’d still like to see a longer web version with more action and longer chats with the riders for the diehard fanboys.

    Free Member

    A few friends used to ride the Finale EWS as they were locals. Went to watch a couple of times.

    Since they’ve cut down the field and excluded a lot of have-a-go hero riders, fewer people have a reason to spectate.

    Remember in 2019 speaking to loads of people and they were there watching their sons/daughters/friends ride. Added a lot to the atmosphere.

    2022 we were in Finale and the race of nations or whatever it’s called happened to be on. The atmosphere was crap.

    Free Member

    Go on then, put her name in the Latest Stories headline, “Brit racer” would have never replaced the name Steve Pete so why does it replace Harriet Harnden

    Free Member

    It’s either straight up raging sexism where the male overlords at single track won’t be happy till women aren’t allowed to vote, or a click bait article title

    Full Member

    Clickbait or avoiding being called out for spoilers?

    You can’t win either way, someone’s always going to complain.

    Free Member

    Cackhanded clickbait.

    The only spoiling going on is the continued running down of the discipline by its organisers, who are too busy cocking up DH as well to do a better job.

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