Matthew Fairbrother: Totally More Enduro Than You

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Everyone’s favourite enduro bikepacker is at it again. This time, he’s riding (and paddling) the entire NZ MTB Rally – instead of doing any of the uplifts and boat transfers. Or catered assistance and comfy beds.

Credit: NZMTBRally

One giant week coming up… starting tomorrow I’ll be racing the @nzmtbrally a 6 day supported enduro race, although I’ll be doing it 100% human-powered and unsupported. This means whilst the rest of the competitors are getting shuttles up the hills, helicopters up the mountains and a boat charter across the bay, I’ll be grinding it out on the pedals doing my best to keep up, whilst still trying to race. This could well and truely be the biggest week of my life. Excited to rip into it!

Matthew Fairbrother, Instagram

While everyone else doing the event takes advantage of helicopters, catering and general trip-of-a-lifetime assistance, Matthew is riding it all unsupported. After day one, riding all the ups as well as the timed downs, he was in first place – beating everyone that had been on the uplift trucks. After day two he was still first, despite logging the second fastest time of the day. Then he had planned what he thought would be about seven hours of paddling a kayak through the night, with his bike on a special rack, which you can see here in practice sessions.

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However, the forecast stormy weather meant he had to give his bike to the normal people and only do the paddling. Six and a half hours later with fish in his kayak, he made it to land, where a short pedal puts him ready to start day three.

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Tune in for @matthewfmtb’s latest challenge -taking on the @nzmtbrally totally unsupported. Day 1 has ended and he’s currently sitting in top spot! Awesome achievement.

For those who don’t know what he’s up to, here is a quick summary :

-120 Racers are taking on an epic 6-day backcountry enduro adventure in New Zealand’s Nelson-Tasman region
– A “typical” day in the race averages 600 – 1200m of climbing and 2300 to 3000m of descents
– The official challenge features multiple heli-drops, a boat crossing and 4×4 shuttles…but in true Fairbrother style, he’s switching a boat trip for 7-hour kayak through the night with bike strapped on board, and heli-drops with hike-a-bike

Find out more about the rally via the link in bio and stay tuned for more updates as the rally progresses!

Thanks to @__snaccident___ for sharing various clips from the day!

Deviate Instagram

Who cares if he finishes on the podium? It’s a thoroughly epic effort. Follow him on Instagram stories if you want to keep up with this wild trip, or read about the time he bike packed the entire EWS, below.

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  • Matthew Fairbrother: Totally More Enduro Than You
  • nickc
    Full Member

    That lad is without a doubt considerably more Enduro than most of the population, let alone me.



    Full Member

    he’s a complete nutter, in the very best way of being a complete nutter.

    Full Member

    Good on Matthew, first saw him riding in one of McTrail riders videos and he’s pretty handy on a bike.

    Full Member

    I have nothing but respect for him.

    There’s a way you coulld make MTB more green.

    We are not worthy!

    Full Member

    He’s freaking quick too – won day one and three, currently leading overall!

    Full Member

    probably being an idiot but how does he make the Tailfin rack work without locking up his suspension?

    Full Member

    He just won the whole event. Flippin heck.

    Full Member

    I knew he was leading it….

    In fairness though, he is a decent/high level EWS racer.

    Full Member

    Go Matthew !!!!!!!, that’s a helluva result from him

    Full Member

    Wow !

    Full Member

    MATTHEW FAIRBROTHER takes the win after 6 days of enduro racing, with his personal total of 582km and +17,300m of elevation, versus 165km and only 4245m of climbing for everyone else”


    This is absolutely ludicrous. I feel like this needs a bump on the homepage to get the views it deserves.


    Great PB article here:


    Full Member

    This is absolutely ludicrous.

    The stats of his riding vs what the others rode is utterly ridiculous! What an achievement, definitely deserves wider recognition for sure.

    Free Member

    I know people often say a rider is “a machine”, but has anyone checked that he isn’t actually an android or something?

    Absolutely ridiculous achievement.

    I was very, very impressed with him doing the Tour of Mont Blanc in a one-er last year – because it nearly finished me doing it in four days, so it gave me a brilliant perspective.

    But to cover that ground while also winning a bloody race? Respect is due.

    Full Member

    has anyone checked that he isn’t actually an android

    I had my doubts when he confessed he doesnt even wear padded shorts

    Free Member

    Must at least have a bionic gooch.

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