The Megasack Is Coming! Get Ready!

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Ho ho ho… We’ve got our first snowfall of the winter at STW towers, just in time for the It’s Definitely Winter month: December. November is a blurry line between autumn and winter. It’s too early for Christmas trees, but might be an acceptable month for mince pies. It’s late enough that you’re probably sick of the sight of pumpkins, but are you ready for cranberries yet? November kicks off with fireworks, and ends with endless darkness.

But fear not, because December is just around the corner! Come out from behind your SAD lamps, reach for a glass of festive cheer, and don’t forget to feed your Christmas cake. Good things are coming, because December brings Glad Tidings and endless days of hope: it’s Megasack time!

What is the Megasack?!

Every weekday in December in the run up to Christmas, we’ll be publishing a story and video about a product that you could win, either as a Daily Prize, or as part of the Megasack. The Megasack contains one of everything we have given away as a Daily prize – that’s 16 prizes with a total value of over £4000!

What can I win this week?

Tomorrow, on 1st December, we kick off with a Pro Tool Kit from Unior!

Friday 1st December: Unior Pro Tool Kit

  • Value: £899.99
  • From: Unior

This professional standard tool kit is worth £899.99 and contains everything you need to hit the World Cup circuit (assuming you have the skills!). The great quality case keeps everything in its place so you can be sure that no ‘friends’ have ‘borrowed’ one of these Slovenian made tools.

Then, next week, we continue with a host of items from Madison. Remember, if you simply can’t leave things to chance and must buy one of these items, Madison sells to the public via their Freewheel website. As you head to the checkout, be sure to nominate your favourite local bike shop to receive a spot of commission on your order!

Monday 4th December: Shimano GF800 Gore Tex shoes

Treading the line (see what we did there) between a shoe and a boot, these waterproof shoes for flat pedal riders should be a welcome addition to your shoe rack. Designed to have a comfortable fit for trail riding – where you might have a bit of walking and pushing as well as pedalling.

Tuesday 5th December: Aero Spider Bike Packing Set Up

Go bike packing on your full suspension bike, or just take the extra fun route to the supermarket and back! This Aero Spider cradle fits on bikes without mounts for racks – even on ebikes and full suspension MTBs. You’ll get the extra cradle too, and two dry bags, for carrying whatever you need, even on the bounciest of adventures.

Wednesday 6th December: Dt Swiss EX1700 Wheelset

This premium alloy enduro wheelset fromDT Swiss could be yours! Rims built for durability, combined with that ratchet freehub that’s durable and quiet. A very popular wheelset.

Thursday 7th December: Lazer Kineticore Helmet

Oooh! A choice! The lucky winner can choose between Lazer’s Jackal and Chase helmets! Will you go for the full face Chase helmet, or the open face Jackal? Both come with Lazer’s Kineticore technology, which helps to reduce shearing forces on impact, while keeping the weight low.

Friday 8th December: Madison DTE Clothing Bundle

A whole bundle of ‘Defy The Elements’ DTE clothing from Madison: jacket, trousers, jersey and gloves. You’ll get to choose men’s or women’s fit clothing, and your size. Waterproof, breathable and slightly stretchy fabric for both the trousers and jacket, some insulated gloves, and a jersey to pop on under it all. No excuses if you win this lot!

What’s coming the following week? You’ll just have to wait and see…! We’re feeling pretty confident that you’re going to enjoy this year’s videos – even if you don’t win a prize, you’ll have been thoroughly entertained. Someone complained that last year we were too professional. You’ll be pleased to hear that this year we’ve moved our studio to a much warmer location, which has given us lots more time to be unprofessional without fear of freezing to death.

Sign Up To Win

Anyone with a login to Singletrackworld can enter the daily prize draws. But free accounts can only submit one entry to the Megasack prize draws. Paying subscribers can enter twice. Because you are rad.

All users will need to log into to reveal the question (the question is hidden until you log in) to enter every day’s Megasack prize draw. Your name will also go into The Very Big Hat to have a chance of winning The Megasack AKA one of EVERYTHING given away in the daily draws.

Subscribers Always Get More!

If you’re a Subscriber to Singletrackworld, you’ll see the question (which you have to answer correctly!), but you’ll also get a box to tick to ‘double your entry’. Only paying subscribers will be able to see that box. Don’t forget to tick it!

Small Print Stuff

We can only post prizes to a UK address. One entry per person (unless you’re a Subscriber, in which case tick the box and we’ll double it). Vexatious multiple entries will be disqualified.

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  • The Megasack Is Coming! Get Ready!
  • weeksy
    Full Member

    Can I guess the answers as with every year?

    Full Member

    Wow. Great prizes. I would LOVE that Unior tool kit.
    Nobody else enter tomorrow please.
    Ok thanks 👍

    Full Member

    MAKE ME A WINNER. Oh wait, wrong competition.

    Anyway. I’m feeling lucky. Battles on kayak I want that frikkin toolkit.

    Edit; ok, if I win I’ll send you one of the screwdrivers from it or something. 😂

    Full Member

    MAKE ME A WINNER. Oh wait, wrong competition.


    I have spooked many people answering the phone like that lately!

    Full Member

    Nice touch of paying subscribers getting two entries per draw, that takes my chances of winning something from 1 in a million to 2 in a million 😁

    Full Member

    If I spot a typo in the copy do I win all of the prizes immediately? Thought so. And thank you.

    You’re name…

    By the way, I still don’t understand how this works. Are we supposed to watch the videos and there’s a question in there or something?

    Full Member

    @reeksy: aren’t you in Australia and therefore it’s irrelevant anyway?!! 😜

    I guess when the question is revealed, you either know the answer, can find the answer elsewhere or can watch the video for clues (or the actual answer)?🤷

    Full Member

    I am in Australia … but i have adresses in the UK.

    Full Member

    You log in to the site, go to the story about that product, and you’ll be able to see a question. The answer to the question will be in the video. It will not be something you’ll be able to look up anywhere. And it’s not a multiple choice answer, so guessing will be pretty futile!

    Sorry, no extra prizes for spotting a typo, other than knowing you made my teeth itch.

    Full Member

    Sorry, no extra prizes for spotting a typo, other than knowing you made my teeth itch.

    My work hear is done 😉

    Full Member

    YES, “MEGASACK” booming voiceover is in as requested, thank you STW Team!

    Also Benji: To add to your joke repertoire, pronounce vernier calipers as ‘very near’ as a geeky tongue in cheek reference to their accuracy (engineers are a wild bunch eh!)

    Full Member

    Oops i mean vernier. I dont seem so clever now, as if I ever did. Corrected now

    Full Member

    Can’t wait for this to happen again. Good luck everybody

    Full Member

    Some great prizes! I’m excited to get twice the disappointment of previous years.

    Full Member

    Click on what? Click where it says Unior and it links to their website, click on the picture the whole page freezes. I am logged in, subs renewed yesterday, the rest of STW is functioning correctly (I may be being generous to some contributors there!) What am I doing wrong?

    Full Member

    Needs a Pheem Toon, how about

    Megasack! Megasack! Megasack! baddadum baddadum Megasack! Megasack! Megasack!


    Megasack draw, megasack draw! Dum Dum Megasack draw, megasack draw!

    Full Member

    @wheelsonfire1 there’s nothing to click yet! This is all teasers for the actual thing!

    Full Member

    Premature, again, sorry!

    Full Member

    Still got my fingers crossed for the Saddlespur being one of the prizes 😉

    Full Member

    @stwhannah should the confirmation email still state “Your MegaSack 2022 entry has been confirmed” as I was hoping for prizes from 2023

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