Issue 142 International Adventure: Nice to see you, to see you… NICE!

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Sanny loses himself in the sun and dusty trails of Southern France. Words & Photos: Sanny Sometimes you just have to accept that things don’t always go quite how you hoped. Case in point. A recent trip to the South of France to ride bikes in the sunshine. The £215-sized kick in the nuts for pre-departure testing and several hours of internet trawling and form filling that would give even Dr Sheldon Cooper nightmares should have served as a warning, but did I listen? Did I chuff! That said, after a stupid o’clock start and two flights, the short taxi ride from the airport up to the picturesque hilltop town of Saint-Paul de Vence in the hills above Nice afforded me the opportunity to finally relax and take in the passing scene. Street art is apparently a big thing in this part of France, although quite why someone would want a life-size roaring gorilla statue in bright gloss red in their garden or construct a building consisting of two massive slabs of concrete squashing an enormous head is a little beyond me. Still, it takes all sorts eh?  Phone shamed Settling in at the hotel, I soon found myself in ride gear being shown the latest electronic fork technology by Chris from Fox. An instantly likeable chap, he looked on with a mix of admiration and pity when his suggestion to download the latest ride apps onto my phone was met with me sheepishly showing him what the yoof these...

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