Hello Dave! New UK Trails Project Manager Revealed

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The new UK Trails Project we told you about a few weeks ago will be getting underway shortly, now that the Project Manager post has been filled – by Dave Evans. If you’ve not heard that name before, you should be reassured to hear that it’s hard to imagine anyone better placed to fill the role.

Dave currently runs Bike Corris, a guiding and holiday company in the Dyfi Valley. He is also throughly embedded in the world of trail building and trail advocacy and has previously undertaken studies of trail use in Wales on behalf of NRW. He’s also suggested that ‘wild trails’ can give us ideas about how to build better trail centres. There can be few people in the UK that have the level of knowledge, practical experience and years of thinking about the subject as Dave. In short, he knows his stuff, and he knows the mountain bike community – he should be well set to hit the ground running – or should that be rolling?

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Revealing the news on Instagram, Dave said:

Eight years (almost to the day), it’s time to wind back Bike Corris and step up to a new challenge.

I am excited and delighted to be joining DMBinS as Uk Trail Project Manager, starting Monday 23rd. This is a massive project which will hopefully allow us to take stock of the actual MTB scene in the UK, and find a way to make rider-built trails manageable in future. All communications for this project must be through official channels, which will be announced next week.

Bike Corris will continue to provide accommodation, but other activities will cease.

Contact Rikki Barratt MTB for the best guiding and coaching in the Dyfi area.

Massive thanks to all who I’ve worked with over the last 8 years. What a ride!

Dave also notes that the whole Dyfi Valley is up for a Singletrack Reader Award:

‘I am stoked to see the whole Dyfi area nominated as a Singletrackworld Best Destination, and delighted to have played a small part in the long history of riding in the area. To keep the trails sustainable, please follow and support @DyfiMTB the local trail association.’

We look forward to seeing what Dave and the UK Trails Project can do to move forward trail advocacy and access across the UK. Hopefully there are exciting times ahead!

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  • Hello Dave! New UK Trails Project Manager Revealed
  • albo
    Full Member

    Good luck Dave! We got the full Dyfi experience with Bike Coris and he’s definitely a knowledgeable and passionate guy.

    Full Member

    No if only Forestry England had the foresight to do something similar……..

    Full Member

    Well, FE are part of the Steering Group managing the role…..

    Free Member

    Good luck, Dave!

    Full Member

    Wonderful to see this initiative get off the ground. Hopefuly Dave’s enthusiasm rubs off on all stakeholders and we see trails in England catch up with our Welsh and Scottish neighbours. My family would love to see Forestry England dust off our ‘local’ (Hodgemoor Woods), which hasn’t survived the double whammy of budget cuts and the pandemic. Congrats Dave and best of luck!

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