Issue 148 Editorial: Every ride is like an individual snowflake

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What is it that sets our sport apart from most of the other sports/hobbies/lifestyles out there? After all, some people don’t even think that mountain biking is a sport anyway. While the cross-country tip of it has some Olympic cred, it doesn’t pop into your normal vox-pop, high street responses when the public are asked what sports they like. Sports to most people involve a team, hitting something, a ball, or all three.  I’ve mentioned before how mountain biking is often the sport of the short-on-mates, not-very-coordinated corner of the world, but I think that there’s something very special that...

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  • Issue 148 Editorial: Every ride is like an individual snowflake
  • bigdaddy
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    Well said! Wholeheartedly agree with that! (He says, sporty some major bruises from an interface with a tree – they stay constant!). It’s one of the main features of our sport, that it’s different every time and rarely do you come back wishing you hadn’t bothered!

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    That thing is unpredictability

    An adventure: and enterprise of unknown outcome, often daring, unusual or risky.

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