Cheaper Things Tuesday: Discounted E-Bikes Edition

by 13

Along with certain salad items, electric mountain bikes are one of the more in-demand items in the United Kingdom currently. Here’s our roundup of the best bunch of savings to be had. Act fast though!

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  • Cheaper Things Tuesday: Discounted E-Bikes Edition
  • johnnystorm
    Full Member

    Eh, aren’t the two Kenevos in fact identical, especially as the top one is OOS in the dark colour anyway?

    Full Member

    what a difference a pandemic makes…. ebikes in stock!!! and discounted!!!!


    Full Member

    The Lappy is intriguing 🧐 wonder what it pedals like with the battery and motor out and how much of a faff is it to remove ?

    Full Member

    Wow, can’t see inflation busting price increases next year with the amount of unsold stock around in arguably the most in-demand bike category.

    Full Member

    blimey, ebikes are not pretty are they?

    Free Member

    Comes to something when the cheapest thing in the list is £2,499 :/

    Free Member

    Comes to something when the cheapest thing in the list is £2,499 :/

    You could buy two boxes of tomatoes for that

    Full Member

    Discounted, you mean the price they should be at, rather than the comedy numbers.

    Full Member

    Not really a surprise…ebikes are very expensive so even discounted they’ll make your eyes water.

    Full Member

    How much is a motor and battery? 1.5k? That black Levo is £5500 RRP yet has basic 35 forks and cheap shock which have no place on a 4k bike (if non ebike).

    Full Member

    I was looking at the new Orbea Wild … That comes with a RS 35 Silver for £6999!!!

    Full Member

    There was a third off some specialized ebikes in the concept store I was in last week.

    Down from £13,000 to £10,000

    Blimey, how many of them did they shift at full rrp??????

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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