DMT WKM1 Waterproof Boots review

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Lightweight and plenty waterproof, the DMT WKM1 boots – or are they shoes? – might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Three things I liked

  • Even distribution of pressure around the foot
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Look fast!

Three things I’d change

  • Address the odd sizing
  • I wonder how long the zip will last…would these boots be a good long term investment? There is a 2 year warranty.
  • Nothing really. I feel like these sit in a niche that either you like, or you don’t.

I’m going to be upfront here: I never intended to review these DMT WKM1 Waterproof boots, and I probably wouldn’t buy them. However, they do have a number of useful qualities that might make them just what you’re looking for, so read on.

Let’s start with why I wasn’t going to review them: when I put my feet in them, they seemed too small. They are a size 40, and I am pretty consistently a size 41 in bike shoes. But, I had a cleat crisis – my old boots had a worn cleat rusted on – and I needed to ride. So I put new cleats on these DMT WKM1s and squeezed my tootsies in.

The DMT WKM1s are somewhere between a boot and a shoe. They’re sort of a shoe with an integrated overshoe. The inner shoe piece is made of stretchy knitted material with a BOA fastener. This is – in common with many Italian shoes – slim fitting. But, in common with staff experiences of other DMTs, these do come up quite long – so much so that I’m inclined to think a 41 would be too long on me, whereas the 40 is just tolerably snug (but definitely no room for thick or waterproof socks). The fit is akin to a climbing shoe – tight, but tolerable, to a point. There are no half sizes. The shoes are snug to wriggle into, though it’s not a strenuous process like I’ve experienced with some stretchy boots.

There’s a small amount of stiffened structure around the heel outer, and a silicone gripper inside to help hold your heel in place. Other than that, the shoes are basically a stretchy sock with a stiff sole. The BOA does a great job of tightening the shoe up around your foot, and then you zip up the outer boot/integrated overshoe.

This outer layer has a fleecy lining and waterproof outer. There’s no toe protection from rock strikes to speak of, just a slightly thicker patch of outer fabric. It’s certainly snug to zip up, and once they’re on they make my feet look tiny. Tiny and fast. They were practically tap dancing their way towards race tape. These were snugger than any overshoe I’ve ever worn, and loads easier to get on – plus with no fabric underneath there’s no risk of entangling a cleat with frayed and worn ends.

I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that this waterproof outer is very waterproof, and the tight tops discourage water from dribbling in via your socks. They’re reasonably cosy too, though I wouldn’t go so far as to call them warm. The fact your feet are dry keeps you warm, but there’s not a whole lot of insulation there, and the slim fit means there’s no room for layering socks (at least, not for me in this size) or wriggling toes to aid circulation and warmth. It’s hardly been sweaty foot season, but these do appear to be quite breathable and I haven’t noticed any sweaty damp socks after rides. The DMT WKM1s are sold as a winter boot, and you can certainly wear them for shorter frosty rides without feeling chilled. But I’m tempted to say that you should give these some consideration as British wet weather riding shoes – for all year round.

While these are definitely on the too-snug side for my taste, they’re still surprisingly comfortable. The knitted construction means there are no hard edges to bump up against, so your foot has room to stretch the shoe out a bit where needed. I was quite surprised to find that the BOA and small amount of heel structure was enough to hold my feet in place, while the stiff soles put the power through the pedals. Because there is stretch and flex in the uppers, it feels to me like some power is lost, but I quite like the comfort factor of the sock-like upper. Instead of having my upper foot bumping on stiff velcro straps or hotspots, the forces holding your foot in place seem like they’re distributed in a more natural way than in a stiffer upper. If you’re a real power puller on the pedals you might not like this, but I found it a good balance of stiff sole and foot comfort.

And yes, I’m saying that these were comfortable despite also saying they’re too small. It’s not the paradox it might appear to be – I have these boots for testing, I’m not buying them. If I was buying them, I wouldn’t, because I feel like I’m between sizes so they’re just not the boots for my feet. Especially at a price like this, I want things to be perfect. However, if they fitted the proportions of your feet – I would suggest slim footed riders who often find themselves between sizes in other brands – I think you will find these comfortable, waterproof, and useful for the sort of weather we so often get in the UK. If you like the functionality and fit of an overshoe, I think also you’ll like these. In the office, we’ve found that DMT shoes tend to come up slim and long, but I do like this knit/BOA construction and would certainly consider it as a potentially comfortable solution for a more summery shoe too.

You can fit toe studs for added grip, but I wouldn’t choose to be walking far in these – the tread grip is pretty good but I found the heels rubbed me off the bike – but not at all on the bike. Instead of hike-a-bike, I think these are best suited for pedally rides, probably at a fair lick, and quite possibly paired with Lycra. I can well imagine wearing these for a winter XC race, or a splashy summer midweek spin. I have tested them as gravel shoes, and they’re certainly well suited to that too. They look and feel fast, and lack the bulk and weight of many boots.


I would suggest that the DMT WKM1s are better thought of as wet weather shoes than true winter boots. But, I do think that some riders will think these are just what they’ve been looking for. Lightweight, waterproof, stiff but comfortable, and slim fitting. If that’s on your shopping list but you’ve yet to find quite the right shoe, especially if you often find yourself between sizes, I think these will be worth your consideration.

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  • DMT WKM1 Waterproof Boots review
  • montylikesbeer
    Full Member

    £270.00 are you kidding me

    Free Member

    So you tested a size too small and then said they are too snug, right….

    Full Member

    Have you tried a size 41?

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    That price is, err, challenging.

    Full Member

    Haven’t had a size 41 available to put a foot in but since the length is ok on these I am inclined to think a whole size bigger would be too long. Other team members have had similar experiences with DMT sizing – they come up long and narrow.

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