Fresh Goods Friday 637: The Warranty Edition

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This in the ‘kin-tro… A bit like the flippin-tro but just that little bit coarser. Because we all just want to go out and ride our ATBs today, let’s dive straight into FGF!

Altogether now…

Bird Aeris 9

  • Price: £3990 for this spec, depending on dropper post size
  • From: Bird

The Aeris 9 is a 29” wheeled all-mountain machine. 160mm of rear travel in its standard form (there’s an optional linkage upgrade to increase that to 180mm). New tubeset with increased travel up front. 180 forks accepted. This Zeb is 170mmm. 64° head angle. 340mm bottom bracket height. 440mm chainstays.

Chainstay flip chips allow you to increase chainstay length (+6mm). Full double lip seals on oversize main pivot axle. Either way routing (internal or external). Room for big coil piggybacks AND a water. And as Bird delightfully say, “No cables through the headset or bars, because we don’t hate you.”

With frames and complete builds you can choose from rear shocks from RockShox, Fox, Cane Creek, Formula and Fast. Bird is adding build kit options all the time pretty much.

This bike is up against the Saracen Ariel 60 and the Privateer 161 seen in recent FGFs. We’re still debating what to call the bike test. Brit Bruisers? WTF is Enduro Anyway? The Return To All Mountain?

SnowVision Prescription Goggles

Most modern snow goggles claim to be anti-fog these days, which is technically down to the way the lenses tend to actually be double glazed. On the inside you will usually find a second lens clearly attached to the front lens and it is this separation of the warm inside from the cold outside that helps prevent fogging. Just like your windows at home don’t condense up like they did for those of us brought up in the 70’s.

These Snowvision goggles come with a prescription insert that is actually molded directly into the inside ‘pane’ of the ‘double glazing’. That means it’s all airtight and sealed in there and there’s only one side of your lenses you need to worry about keeping clean.

I usually opt for contacts when doing outdoorsy stuff but there are pros & cons to that so I’m looking forward to giving the prescription insert option a go too. First impression is the prescription is spot on despite my prescription being a bit complicated by astigmatism. Prescription options range from the frankly Mr. Magoo like -9 to +9, which is certainly beyond the normal range of contact strengths.

Snowvision also make a specific MTB version of these goggles with removable nose guard too.

Specialized S-Works Prevail II Vent

New dropbarring safety hat for Amanda. Chosen for breathability, apparently. She’s had one before. But smashed it. Not out of the park. Just smashed it.

Compared to the non-Vent version of the Prevail, this one has had total of seven foam bridges removed from the center and sides to create more ventilation. This new venting moves air “across your head 18% faster than the original Prevail II”. So there you go. Weighs about as much as eight slices of bread.

9Point8 Slack-R Headset Cups

  • Price: $100/€100-ish, plus shipping
  • From: 9Point8
The assembled three-piece Slack-R system

As production bikes have become slacker in recent years, some riders have kept their existing machines on-trend (and arguably, handling ‘correctly’ by installing ‘slack-set’ headsets to reduce their head angles by a degree or two. With the proliferation of integrated headsets, where the bearings sit directly in the headtube, this is impossible – until recently, thanks to the Slack-R headset system from 9Point8. 

The kit does come with very pleasing fitting tool. You just need to add blue Loctite and carbon paste.

This is effectively a new, bolt-together headtube that sits on your current bearing seats. It moves your existing headset bearings to its races, which offer a headtube angle adjustment of 1.2° to 1.7° depending on the kit chosen, and things like your head tube length. There are various kits available and two different angles per head tube length.

Chipps has a couple of these kits in with –1.4° and –1.7° flavours, so expect to see a review soon. 

Shimano Pulley Set RD-R8000

Who on Earth calls their jockey wheels a ‘pulley set’? We do. From now on at least. Jockey wheels – sorry, pulleys – along with shifters are one of the easily forgotten about parts of your pushbike. But if you’re jockeys are in good nick, and you have a nice shifter, riding is just that little bit nicer than it otherwise would be. Always the small things init?

Thread of the Week

A runaway winner from the legendary Singletrack World Forum this week. Take a bow wheelsonfire1 for instigating this LOLfest…

The winning TOTW in FGF gets a prize. And it’s the fabulous majestic Singletrack x Granite Designs RockBand Strap! Therefore, howdy! to wheelsoinfire1. Please email Please include your postal address, as it really speeds up delivery logistics init.

Bobble And Bum Butter Valentines Bundle

valentines bundle
Love. Love. Love… Love is all you need. (and some Bum Butter)


Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is only days away. Don’t forget, and don’t cock it all up. Don’t arrive home with last bunch of flowers from the petrol station that are half dead yet also still super expensive and have already been deemed too crappy by over a dozen poor planners with lower life standards than you. Just get our Valentine’s Bundle and relax… job done.

Nothing says “I love you” in quite the same way as the Singletrack Bobble and Bum Butter Valentine’s Bundle. A hearty combo of cheerful cherry sorbet coloured hat, and some Bum Butter with its distinctive “heart” logo.

Here we have combined two great products at one great price. So, you can not only declare your everlasting love for someone, and save a few quid, but also support your favourite independent mountain bike magazine at the same time. Lovely stuff.

Outcast Single Speed Zine Issue 25

Charlie says: “When the single speed scene started back at the turn of the millennium, we were all much younger and would laugh at things like “stunt cock” and “glamshagsolo” (a Campagnolo spoof pleasure product). We are now much older and are no longer entertained by such childish things, until they are presented to us again, and then it turns out we are still just as juvenile as we ever were.

“You must expect profanity, swear words, explicit content, “gnar and farts”, willy stuff, and boobs (you have to buy the zine to find out if the boobs are male or female). On the plus side it also features words by Chipps, lots of Jo Burt illustrations, 26″ wheels, and even a Jo Burt illustration about 26″ wheels.”

“If The Outcast had a theme tune, it could well be the Electro Hippies. A whole album, 11 tracks, all done… in and out in 15 filthy minutes, leaving you stunned, poorer, spent in a stench of guilt, and never wanting to return, ’til next time.”

Charlie’s Choice

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 637: The Warranty Edition
  • desperatebicycle
    Free Member

    “The Warranty Edition” made me laff.

    That Bird is a great looking bike. I’ll never need to buy a 160mm travel machine, but if I did.. :)

    Full Member

    I haven’t seen a QR seat clamp on a bike in years. Decades maybe.

    Free Member

    Looking forward to the review of the Bird and see how stacks up against the competition

    Full Member

    I haven’t seen a QR seat clamp on a bike in years. Decades maybe.

    We don’t actually sell them, we do however fit them to demo/Journo bikes because its easier for all concerned!

    Full Member

    Be very careful giving bum butter as a valentine’s gift. At least make sure the recipient knows what it is.

    Full Member

    I love the idea of a full Formula spec Bird. I keep speccing them up on the website and bottling it!

    Free Member

    yup, this has me interested in the Bird again (as i am in the market for something long travel for those trips to the Alps).

    When might a review be dropping?

    Or does anyone else have one?

    Full Member

    Thought you’d got a pic of my bike for a second there.

    Or does anyone else have one?

    Feel free to drop me a line.

    Free Member

    I like the look of the headset thing, not for the angle adjust so much but just for putting proper cups back into an integrated frame.

    Full Member

    I like the look of the headset thing, not for the angle adjust so much but just for putting proper cups back into an integrated frame.

    Both in fact. Looks a very satisfying product.

    Bit like the FSA metal sleeve that converted my old BB30 Enduro 29 to standard BSA (and that was only £20).

    Full Member

    I like the look of the headset thing, not for the angle adjust so much but just for putting proper cups back into an integrated frame.

    Not really. The new 9point8 cups still take the same drop-in bearings, they’ve just moved them out of the frame. I don’t see what advantage a zero degree version (which they don’t make – yet?) would give over your existing frame’s headset cups? Apart from increasing your effective fork length a tad…

    Full Member

    Bobble And Bum Butter Valentines Bundle

    The work of a genius.


    Full Member

    ‘We’re still debating what to call the bike test. Brit Bruisers? WTF is Enduro Anyway? The Return To All Mountain?’

    I’d call it the FAF (Fast as F@ck) test…

    Full Member

    the valentine’s package looks ideal for those al fresco adventures…

    i’ve run a 9.8 adjuster on a chameleon. it did the job but ideally you’ll want a second set of hands to fit it or a couple of 3d printed doodads to hold both cups for rotation while you do up the centre piece that binds it all together. it’s nicely made but due to the lack of either add-ons (i suspect) mine creaked/clicked. yes i used copious amounts of carbon paste and loctite. as it goes the chameleon died for reasons unrelated to HA and was warranty replaced with a new one that had the angles i’d achieved with the 9.8 setup so all was good.

    i might fit it to the new one one day but i’ll do some printing first! :D

    Free Member

    I don’t see what advantage a zero degree version (which they don’t make – yet?) would give over your existing frame’s headset cups?

    I just don’t like cupless headsets. So I guess the “advantage” would be much the same as one paint job vs another. Which is to say bigly advantageous.

    Full Member


    Full Member

    I haven’t seen a QR seat clamp on a bike in years. Decades maybe.

    My Whyte hardtail came with a QR and a dropper! 🤷‍♂️

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