New Maxxis Forekaster: goodbye to damp, hello to downcountry?

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The new version of the Maxxis Forekaster has ditched any of its previous damp duties. It’s no longer a XC tyre for damp conditions. Or is it?

Apparently it’s now a tyre for short-travel trail bikes AKA… downcountry bikes. Something to sit between the Aspen/Ikon/Ardent and the Assegai/Minion/Dissector.

Prices start from £59.99 RRP. Some versions expected ‘soon’ but most will be later in the year.

Hang on though, the new Forekaster appears to be very much more of a wet weather XC tyre compared to the previous shallower tread version? I guess it maybe depends on your type of wet weather.

The previous Forekaster, for rubbery reference

The new Forekaster has certainly got closer spaced knobs but that’s about the only thing theoretically less-wet-friendly about it. The rest of tyre tread, from its general knob height and Nobby Nic-esque tread pattern, seems to my eyes to be much more of the sort of thing I’d worry less about having on my bike as I headed into some wet muck.

Then again, what I know about XC tyres ain’t a lot. Aside from the fact that I spend most of my time with them removing them from test bikes after one terrifying ride.

And, to be frank, all I have is photographs to go off. The very photos here. In some pics the knobs look shallow, in other pics they look a bit taller. So who knows? We’ll have to wait until we get hold of some in the flesh. Still, it’s always good to chat rubber init.

Regardless. The new Forekaster does appear to make more sense in the Maxxis range. They didn’t really need that many racy XC rubbers. What they really didn’t have was… something like this, funnily enough. A nippy tyre for modest trail bikes. And something that doesn’t have that Ardent-y gappy V-shape to the tread pattern (that I personally have never got along with).

We don’t have much in the way of info – let only test samples – so we’ll have to make do with the press release and pics…

Press Release


The original Forekaster was designed as a wet weather option for XC, while the new version is aimed squarely at modern short travel (100mm-130mm) trail bikes – aka the “downcountry” segment. Intended to be a “Goldilocks” tire, the new Forekaster rolls fast but also provides solid cornering and braking traction in a broad range of trail conditions.


  • A densely packed tread pattern to increase rolling efficiency
  • Taller side knobs to improve cornering grip
  • Raised ridges on the casing to promote mud clearing
  • Increased casing width and volume from 2.35 to 2.40 and 2.60
  • Two rubber compound options: Dual or 3C MaxxTerra
  • EXO sidewall protection
  • Tubeless ready casings

The new Forekaster slots into the Maxxis mountain line between our XC options that prioritize rolling speed (Aspen, Rekon Race, Ikon, Rekon) and our gravity-focused treads (Dissector, Minion DHF, Minion DHR, Assegai) which emphasize cornering and braking traction. We envision the new Forekaster as the perfect companion for long, pedally rides in a variety of terrain.

When an Aspen isn’t enough tire but a Minion is too much, choose the new Maxxis Forekaster.

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  • New Maxxis Forekaster: goodbye to damp, hello to downcountry?
  • Premier Icon lawman91
    Full Member

    Spied these on Geoff Kabush’s instagram a few weeks back, think I need some of these! Nice to see they’re finally offering it aftermarket in a 3C version, always annoyed me you could get the old Forekaster in 3C OE but not standalone!

    Premier Icon honourablegeorge
    Full Member

    Yeah, no 3c was a dealbreaker for me, esp for a damp conditions tyre.

    These look good, although hard to know where it sits vs the Dissector. Would you have this front with a dissector rear?

    Premier Icon Stu S
    Free Member

    The old Forekaster was basically Maxxis version of the Nobby Nic, but then Schwalbe updated the Nic tread with more aggressive and closely spaced cornering knobs and which improved that tyre immensely.

    This new Forekaster looks almost identical to the newer Nic, just with the trademark Maxxis ramped centre tread.

    These look good, although hard to know where it sits vs the Dissector.

    I’d also love to know this. A lot of people are running Dissectors up front on downcountry / short travel bikes, myself included. Slightly faster rolling speed with the same grip could have me changing to one of these new ones.

    Premier Icon danieljohnreynolds
    Full Member

    Got a bargain Forekaster/Reckon (front/rear) 2nd hand from a lad who took them unused off his oEM Orbea- delighted to have them and only 40 quid or so. Was going to use them as a summer set now that it looks like summers is here for a few weeks! Swapping out a DHF/Dissector but intrigued about the potential of having a potential ‘shoulder’ season combo of Dissector/forekaster!!!!!!!!
    @honourablegeorge I reckon it would be Dissector up front, no?

    Premier Icon lawman91
    Full Member

    Dissector will be more aggressive than this, I liked the Dissector but it did occasionally feel vague when leaned over due to the big gap between centre lugs and side tread.

    This pretty much looks like a love child of the old Forekaster and the Assegai. I’d say its been a Dissector and Rekon as a guess. So probably Minion/Dissector up front and one of these out back if you wanted a bit more speed, or new Forekaster both ends for extra extra speed.

    I’ll be after these as soon as they’re available. Shame they’re quoting them as so heavy, the 29×2.4 is claimed at 945g, which puts it same weight as a Dissector and 2.3 DHR II. Was hoping it would be closer to 850g but still very keen to give them a go!

    Premier Icon Ian Dyson
    Full Member

    I have the now older version and quite happy with it. It needs a bit more volume (2.35) but it was fine round a very muddy ashton court at new year. 3C is a good addition but I really don’t want a tyre just shy of 1kg for my riding. Off to buy one before they are out of stock!

    Premier Icon lawman91
    Full Member

    Looks like we’ll have to wait to find out how good they are, due in stock in March 2024!! 😲😲😲

    Premier Icon joebristol
    Full Member

    I thought the old Forekaster was ok for what it was. Run a 2.6 x 27.5 one on my hardtail for a lot of the year. When it’s really dry and dusty I swap it for a slaughter.

    The Forekaster rolls ok / brakes ok and actually it does a pretty good job when it’s wet. Lighter than the equivalent dhr2 and on that bike it probably doesn’t need as much grip as on the fs bike which has got a dhr2 on it in the slop.

    Premier Icon ben_h
    Full Member

    Joe will know that I run a pair of old Forekasters in 2.2 flavour on my 100mm-forked 29er XC hardtail. Originally as OE tyres in 3C trimming and latterly non-3C aftermarket. They seemed like a decent tyre for my needs, especially for the weight – but I miss the 3C compound on my newer pair.

    Looks like I’ll be looking towards their more XC-orientated models next time, which is a shame as I like the larger side knobles than is typical for a light tyre. There are no sub-800g 29er Forekasters now, with only one (wired) 29er option in 2.25.

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