Fresh Goods Friday 585: keep off the roading edition

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After a strangely traffic-heavy tarmac week on it’s nice to head into the weekend planning our big weekend off-road rides.

Most of us here are lucky enough to be able to not have to drive to the trails. Having said that, pretty much any UK mountain bike ride (outside of a trail centre) involves a fair proportion of road sections. There isn’t a mountain biker is Britain who hasn’t experienced how ropey it can be to be a pushbike pilot on our road network.

Anyway, here’s hoping the ‘new’ Highway Code helps, alongside Mr Boardman and his active travel plans. Our filthy fingers are crossed.

There’s nothing pedestrian about this crossing

Now on to what stuff has arrived at STW HQ W/C 24/01/22…

Canyon Torque 29 CF 9

Canyon Torque 29 CF 9 BAAW

The Torque can be tricky bike to classify. It’s had previous lives as a freeride bike and a park bike. To us, it looks more like a modern super enduro bike. Carbonium. 29in wheels. Loads of travel (170mm). That is also very pedalable and doesn’t weigh a ton. Enduro race bike is certainly the area where Canyon are hyping this beast.

But we can’t help but look at this bike and think it deserves some stoopid sik hucks, drops ‘n’ chutes.

Hannah is the intended pilot for this machine. She’s currently thinking of things to try out with this Canyon Torque. Trail area, bike park – and race – suggestions welcome. Comment below.

Cotic Kupilka Danglemug

Danglemugs are not a crime

For the eco bikepacking hipster in your life (is there any other kind?) here is the Cotic Kupilka. It’s a more-ecological-than-thou 370ml cup/mug/bowl.

They’re made in Finland from Kareline, a super eco product using wood pulp. Cotic met the Kupilka crew at ISPO 2020 and – after also having a Finnish mechanic work for them – Cotic got a soft spot for all things scandi.

Thread of the Week

A bikey thread for this week, thanks to @DaveyBoyWonder who might like to have a read of this article which includes some singlespeeding hacks to make any frame work on minimal gears.

There are some nice pics of bikes, some reminisces, some ‘ooh, I should do that agains’ and so on. Go join in. And before you head over there to say ‘because it’s horrible’, maybe read this too.

Oxford Venture jacket

Orangey (actually it’s Fierce Red)
Also available in Cool Grey if you’re cool and/or grey

Dry2Dry 2.5 layer fabric. 10,000 mm waterproof, 10,000 g/m2 24hrs breathability. Snug fit. Stretch panels. Soft, fleece lined collar.

Detachable hood for those who (erroneously) think that hoods are redundant on a mountain bike jacket. Have these people never punctured on hillsides desolate?

Vittoria Syerra Downcountry tyre

Two types of music: downcountry and downwestern

Is this the first bike product to officially identify as Downcountry? Look, it’s written right there on the packaging. DOWN-COUNTRY. What a time to be alive.

If we take Downcountry as meaning ‘XC that is fun and not out to kill you’ then these tyres look like they might fit the bill. Not too skinny (29 x 2.4in). Not too worryingly light (850g claimed). The very chevronny tread pattern is rather retro but who knows? If they behave like a slightly more grr-able Maxxis Forekaster, they’ll find plenty of fans out there.

Osprey Rolling Transporter 90

osprey rolling transporter 90

Now that some cautious travel is possible, for some of us it’s time to dust off the luggage that’s been sat in the loft for the last few years. Thanks to the arrival of this rolling 90 litre pack Mark doesn’t have to rummage too deep in the damp recesses of his house before his holiday to Canada next week.

Waterproof outer with oversized wheels (there may be some off-road dragging) this needs to be big enough for all his smalls, helmet and even his ‘Big Coat’ (It’s currently maxing out at -7 where he’s heading).

The impossible equation with air travel is that you need a sturdy bag but it also needs to be lightweight to not eat in to the allowance. This bag tips the scales at a rather meagre 3.4kg, which means there should be capacity spare for a giant Toblerone on the way back. Sturdiness will be assessed for the full review when he gets back.

Top secret bike

You know the weight, now guess the bike

Can you tell what it is yet?

Hopefully not.

Rubber Hardness Tester

Name that tyre (it’s actually a top secret shoe sole)

I [Benji] have had this for a couple of years now. To be level with you, it doesn’t really work terrifically well. The readings are somewhat inconsistent. On tyres anyway. There’s something about the multi-layer nature of modern modern tyres that fools the needle, as it were. Not to mention the difficulty of finding a knobble that’s large/flat enough to use the testing needle against it with any sort of accuracy or consistency.

Where I have found it more useful is when investigating flat pedal shoes. Yes, investigating. Do you not spend a lot of your time investigating shoes? Anyhow. I do. And the AMAZING results will be part of our upcoming flat pedal shoe group test.

Honestly, how can we leave you with such a witholdy clickbaity cliffhanger? We are awful. Soz.

Issue 141 Pete Scullion A3 Art Print

Real-world screensaver

Issue 141 is just around the corner and Pete Scullion does it again! Another great cover shot from the man who’s not shy about putting in the effort to get the right shot. Here’s the tale behind it:

There might not be a steeper way to bag two Munros. Stob Binnein and Ben More from Inverlochlaraig is a fierce day out with a real emphasis on the vertical. 8500ft in seven and a half miles really tested the legs, but for brief moments where the contour lines spread out, the ridgeline singletrack was some of the best I’ve ridden. Scott makes moves back towards the car and the promise of a fish supper.

Issue 141 of the magazine is available on pre order here.

Neil Young’s best/worst song

This week’s #STWFGF winner

Every week we’re now running a competition over on Instagram to win a free subscription to Singletrackworld (or some other item of merchandise if you’re already a subscriber/member).

Simply tag your Instagram riding pics with #STWFGF and… that’s it.

Ideally we want riding-a-bike pics but… we ride alone as much as anyone, so we’ll also consider non-riding pics in #STWFGF from here on in.

We sift through the tagged candidates at the end of each week and pick a winner. The winning Insta pic gets proudly displayed in Fresh Goods Friday.

Congratulations and respec’ to the Suffolk Senders for this week’s winning shot. Send us a DM on Insta and we’ll sort you out with your prize.

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Have a super weekend y’all!

Cotic RocketMAXer. Schwalbe Magic Mary Purple Addix front. Maxxis DHR II 3C MaxxTerra rear. Coil fan. I have been a writer for nigh on 20 years, a photographer for 25 years and a mountain biker for 30 years. I have written countless magazine and website features and route guides for the UK mountain bike press, most notably for the esteemed and highly regarded Singletrackworld. Although I am a Lancastrian, I freely admit that West Yorkshire is my favourite place to ride. Rarely a week goes by without me riding and exploring the South Pennines.

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 585: keep off the roading edition
  • brakestoomuch
    Full Member

    Hannah for Rampage! Or how about the Mega?

    I’m sorry, but Danglemug? “Sorry, I can’t make tonight’s ride. I’ve got Danglemug.” Nasty.

    Free Member

    is the Top Secret Bike a Raleigh Grifter?

    Full Member

    How big is that osprey bag – yes I know 90l but I don’t know how big that actually is and equally it could be could be 1000x1000x900mm or 10x10000x900mm

    Full Member

    DOWN-COUNTRY. What a time to be alive.

    Go on, say that again…

    Full Member

    1000x1000x900mm or 10x10000x900mm

    I think that would be a significantly larger capacity bag than 90l…

    Full Member

    1x1x0.9m is 0.9m^3 is 90l, unless my maths is suffering as much as the rest of me which is distinctly possible of course.

    Edit: yes it is. Should be 0.09m^3 so that would be a 900l bag

    Full Member

    “Top secret bike”

    A chunky DHR II on the rear and just under 23kg, this sounds like a latest full-fat eMTB from one of the big brands. Dimples on the saddle don’t give too much away.

    Going to take a wild guess at an Orbea. They’ve recently added alloy versions of the Rise without adding much in the way of weight over the carbon version. Would make sense that they’d try to do the same on the burlier Wild FS.

    Full Member

    How big is that osprey bag – yes I know 90l but I don’t know how big that actually is

    Dimensions (CM): 80H 44W 35D

    Or, as I like to think of it, nearly the volume of three OMM Classic 32s, but at less than three times the price of a OMM Classic 32 AND you don’t need three sets of shoulders to carry it. So it sounds very good.

    Full Member

    Thank you Tom – I did nosey at osprey’s site but it seemed to be missing from what I could see

    Full Member

    Have these people never punctured on hillsides desolate?

    Careful there, Morrissey might just give you a cease and desist clickbait order!

    Full Member

    New Hope High Pivot bike?

    Full Member

    I’ve got that Neil Young album, but don’t have a record player anymore.

    Full Member


    Free Member

    Definitely ‘Meghannahlanche’ for the Canyon!

    Full Member

    is the Top Secret Bike a Raleigh Grifter?

    I’d say that’s about half the weight my Grifter was. I loved that bike though!

    Full Member

    I haven’t seen a website or magazine send someone out to compete/report on the Megavalanche since Dirt years ago. I think a new generation of riders need to be introduced to the race. A good in-depth report from an journalist competing in it. Would be nice to see how it’s changed in the last 10-15 years with all the advances in bikes.

    Maybe a ‘downcountry’ vs enduro bike comparison seeing as back in 2007ish there was a split between DH bikes and XC bikes

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