Mondraker goes down country with the all-new Mondraker Raze

by 21

The Mondraker Raze is a 130mm travel trail bike designed for pedalling efficiency and rowdy downhill fun.

Full disclosure, I only used the term ‘down country’ so that you would hit the link. If you’re reading this then thanks for not jumping to the comments to get angry about two words… If you jumped to the comments and are now telling me that “there is no such thing as down country blah blah” then an even greater thanks to you for feeding the algorithm and our engagement monster.

But enough of my early week trolling, what about the new Mondraker Raze?

The Raze is one of the new breeds of trail bike, one that has a relatively short rear wheel travel for an engaging and efficient ride, but with the right geometry to keep you in control and wheel side down when the trail gets sketchy.

We’ve seen similar bikes from YT, Santa Cruz, and others recently, but the Mondraker out guns those bikes with a whopping 150mm of front wheel travel. The large amount of front wheel movement combined with Mondraker’s progressive Forward Geometry and 29in wheels should serve up a very capable yet efficient mountain bike.

Reading through the Mondraker blurb, the Raze is one of those bikes that will happily take you for a long moorland slog, or rip up the local singletrack with terrifying efficiency yet still have the goods to see you safely down Tweed Valley steeps and enduro tracks. It’s the type of bike that reminds us what a mountain bike should be, something that can pedal, up, over and down a mountain.

Mondraker Raze Geometry

mondraker raze geometry

The Mondraker Raze comes in 4 frame sizes all featuring Forward Geometry and that signature low-slung frame design. Each size frame sports a short-ish seat tube, and decent reach combined with trail-friendly seat and head angles.

Reach figures range from 455mm on the size small and top out at 515mm on the XL frameset while top tube lengths range from 595mm to 670mm. Each model sports a 65.5 degree head angle and 76.5 degree seat tube angle making for a not so slack, but slack enough front end and good pedalling position.

Mondraker Raze Main Features

There are 3 bikes in the Mondraker Raze range, and each one boasts the same Stealth Air Full Carbon frame which weighs just 2kg without the rear shock. This lightweight frameset generates 130mm travel through the new Zero Suspension System with updated kinematics which make for a better pedalling platform.

Raze come with Mondrakers new MIND system. A set of sensors that help to set up suspension sag then monitor suspension and ride performance via a connected application.

Frames also feature a new lower suspension link to boost stiffness while dropping weight, internal HHG (hidden housing guide) cable routing, dual enduro sealed bearings and a built-in rear shock guard. The icing on the cake is a threaded BB73 bottom bracket.

Mondraker Raze Models

Mondraker Raze RR SL

Mondraker Raze RR SL – This top of the range build sports Mondraker MIND suspension system, carbon DT Swiss wheelset, SRAX AXS shifting and dropper post plus Fox Factory suspension.

Mondraker Raze RR

Mondraker Raze RR – The mid-range RR sports the same lightweight frame with cable operated SRAM X01 drivetrain and dropper post.

Mondraker Raze R

Mondraker Raze R – The R is a entry-level build featuring the same lightweight frame and MIND suspension system but with Fox Performance suspension and a budget SRAM drivetrain to keep costs lower.

Mondraker Raze Pricing

With such a lightweight frameset, Mondraker Raze pricing is a little on the steep side, but there are options for a frame only option.

  • Raze R – £5499
  • Raze RR – £6799
  • Raze RR SL – £9299
  • Raze RR SL Frameset – £3199

Full details of the new Mondraker Raze can be found here.

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  • Mondraker goes down country with the all-new Mondraker Raze
  • Premier Icon st colin
    Free Member

    In what world is an entry level model £5.5k? MTB pricing is getting more bonkers every year, even with COVID tax.

    The grey and yellow looks really nice though.

    Premier Icon twrch
    Free Member

    I’m still not sure what “Downcountry” means. Is it more or less efficient uphill than a trail bike? What about the rowdy-ness??

    Premier Icon impatientbull
    Full Member

    Is that ugly little tab behind the CSU meant to be a mudguard?

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Full Member

    I’m still not sure what “Downcountry” means

    It means slightly slacker XC bikes with 120mm forks.

    This is just a trail bike with a lazy headline.

    Premier Icon abingham
    Full Member

    Phwoar, that yellow and silver/grey finish is gorgeous!

    Premier Icon greavo
    Full Member

    Looks like a 2019/20 Foxy Carbon with a slightly fettled rear end.

    Premier Icon lawman91
    Full Member

    Come on now, that is not a “downcountry bike”!

    Premier Icon The Pinkster
    Full Member

    I’ve always liked Mondrakers even though they do try and kill me every time I throw a leg over one but the prices really are getting silly.

    Just the frame is almost double what I paid for my complete GT, a bike that sounds designed for the same type of riding.

    IIRC the full carbon GT is only about 200 quid more than just the frame here.

    Premier Icon voodoo-rich
    Full Member

    Nice bike, mental prices. Norco Optic has similar angles and travel for half the price.

    The Mondraker website has missed the word “expensive” from the end of its waffle…

    “Here at Mondraker we like exclusive bikes that stand out whilst being highly effective in their respective disciplines. Riding the new Raze you’ll realize it’s not just another conventional Trail bike, but something far, far more…”

    Premier Icon chrismac
    Full Member

    Looks stunning, especially in the grey / yellow combo , but they are how much!!!!!

    Premier Icon cromolyolly
    Free Member

    I’m still not sure what “Downcountry” means.

    XC with a slightky slacker head tube, but not as slack as LLS. Seat tube more upright for long days pedaling. A few more quid in the pocket of the brand.

    Is it more or less efficient uphill than a trail bike?

    Theoretically more, at least on flattish it not too steep stuff.

    What about the rowdy-ness??

    If sir wishes for rowdyness, it can be furnished for sir. A commensurate extra fee, natch.

    Premier Icon ff29
    Full Member

    Down Country is usually 130 max, front and back. Usually less than that at back. Any more than that and you have a trail bike. The above is a trail bike.
    The bike industry are trolling us anyway. My old Giant trance x 120 front and back was a trail bike back in the day.
    Now I have a Tallboy and I am down country. Who gives a Monkies.
    It rides like a dream. Very happy and it’s more than enough bike for most of my riding.

    Premier Icon mike martineau
    Full Member

    If that is Downcountry my p…k’s a kipper!

    Premier Icon hungry-monkey
    Free Member

    In what world is an entry level model £5.5k? MTB pricing is getting more bonkers every year, even with COVID tax.

    to be fair, ‘entry level’ just means cheapest in the range. Ferrari’s ‘entry level’ car isn’t £12,000.

    Mondraker have always been expensive.

    Premier Icon Superficial
    Free Member

    Looks cool, particularly the headtube/toptube arrangement.
    I can see how ‘downcountry’ bikes are the ideal thing for a large majority of riders.

    But Mondraker are not a boutique brand, and that entry price is mental for a very basic spec.

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Full Member

    Mondraker have always been expensive.

    Actually they used to be about on par with other nice brands, I was a bit of a fanboy.

    I bought a Dune RR frame-only in 2013 for £1,300 for full retail IIRC. I may have been on that when I rode that Magic Carpet trail with you.

    Their alu frames used to be very competitive on weight and the suspension was beautiful – but I guess they moved to carbon to make more money (and perhaps because the metal frames kept breaking?).

    I’m not sure I’d have one again even if they were cheaper though. They look gorgeous, but I keep my bikes for years now and all those little bearings would be a worry.

    Premier Icon akira
    Full Member

    To be fair to them the entry level alu foxy is just over three grand with a fox 36 and DT Swiss wheels. Carbon and electronic gibbons seem to add a lot onto the price.

    Premier Icon wzzzz
    Free Member

    Bird Aether 9 anyone?

    Premier Icon HoratioHufnagel
    Free Member

    Full disclosure, I only used the term ‘down country’ so that you would hit the link. If you’re reading this then thanks for not jumping to the comments to get angry about two words

    I’m pretty sure downcountry is ONE word, or, at best, camelcase (DownCountry), but not hyphenated (down-country) and definitely not two separate words (down country)

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
    Full Member

    Agreed. (Apart from your deliberate mistake with camelCase of course)

    Premier Icon Speeder
    Full Member

    Holy *********! If I was paying £9.3k for a bicycle I want it to have a motor . . . and not have FOX suspension.

    Do look nice though and I’ve been impressed with the Mondrakers I’ve had a ride on.

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