Scott Launches the all-new Patron eRIDE

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Scott has announced the launch of their all-new Patron eRide. The bike comes with 160mm travel front and rear and is available in seven different versions. Capable of 100km of assist the Patron has the new Bosch Smart System. The bike has a new frame design created specifically for the new system and suspension, as well as the integrated shock that Scott revealed on the new Spark.

The Bosch motor offers up to 85NM and up to 340% assistance. Starting at €5999, the top of the range comes in at €10999. Available from November with the full range due in 2022. Here’s a look at the new Patron eRIDE.

Patron eRIDE

The press release reads:

The team took a blank page when designing the Patron. We used the opportunity to rethink integration, design and a greatly improved riding experience. Integrated shock and cables, totally dialed geometry and a new drive unit from Bosch with a bigger battery, positioned to allow for optimum power and cooling.



The Patron comes with a completely new and revolutionary design. The rear suspension is fully integrated into the frame and gives 160mm of travel. More than purely a design statement, the shock integration gives space to other elements such as the motor, battery and a water bottle. Easy to access, the shock comes with our TwinLoc technology to lock the suspension directly from the handlebar for optimal pedalling efficiency.

The Patron eRIDE is probably the biggest challenge we ever worked on at Scott. The elements to take into consideration and the level of details to achieve that integration raises the bar yet again. A new chapter has begun.

Andreas Ziegler, Product Manager eRIDE MTB

Drive Unit

The Bosch motor comes with 85Nm and up to 340% assistance and totally new software that amplifies this natural feeling. The motor is one of the key elements on any E-MTB, therefore we wanted to protect it from impacts. On the Patron eRIDE, the motor is vertically positioned and supported from underneath. The frame acts like a nest with the motor cradled on top for natural support.
As the Patron eRIDE motor is supported from underneath, its top part seats in the open air, therefore, like a chimney the air is free to go out. This ventilation stream is even reinforced when you ride thanks to the holes on the cover.

Patron eRIDE


The Patron eRIDE comes with the latest electric technology from Bosch. Looking for more autonomy? The Patron sets a new standard with the new 750Wh battery and its 20% additional capacity. One of the biggest achievements of this bike is to fit the biggest battery on the market without impacting the tube proportions, we were also able to keep offering all sizes from S to XL. Expect to do up to 100km or 2000m of elevation on eco mode or half that if you select the Turbo mode.

The Patron eRIDE comes with a unique technology to provide optimal battery support. How? The battery is the heaviest element of the bike, therefore it’s crucial to have it properly mounted without compromising the ease of removal. The battery fits like a glove into its tube which is incorporated into the main carbon frame. This tube in tube construction ensures an easy battery slide-in when it’s time to go riding. Cable routing is nice and tidy too.


Electric mountain bikes have a crowded handlebar, between the brakes, dropper post, gears, drive unit cables, remote and suspension lockout, that’s a lot of cables. The Syncros Engineering team together with the SCOTT team worked on a clean solution to route cables directly into the headset for a clean finish. Inspired by our racing department, the Patron comes with the carbon 1 piece stem/handlebar combo, the Syncros Hixon iC SL.

A front and a rear fender are delivered with the bike, both fenders are tailor-made for the Patron for a clean and perfect adjustment. For optimal security, the rear fenders come with integrated LED lights that are directly powered by the motor battery. A cable is already routed, and a plug already mounted on the handlebar for a front light. A range of Syncros accessories are available for the Patron eRIDE such as a kickstand, a rear fender, a rear rack or an action camera mount.


The Patron eRIDE Product Range

The new Patron eRIDE comes in 7 different versions: 2 women’s versions with the Contessa Patron eRIDE 910 (5.999.- €) and 900 (7.699.- €) and the 910 (6.599.- €), followed by 5 men’s models starting with the Patron eRIDE 920 (5.999.- €), 910 (6.599.- €), 900 (7.699.- €), 900 Tuned (8.699.- €) and finishing with the Patron eRIDE 900 Ultimate (10.999.- €). The Patron eRIDE will start to be delivered to shops by November 2021, with further models available in 2022. Pricing might vary according to currency, please reach out to your local SCOTT contact for further information.

For full details, head to the Scott website.

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  • Scott Launches the all-new Patron eRIDE
  • pmurden
    Full Member

    Without sounding awful that’s bloody ugly imo.

    Free Member

    Aye, it’s not a looker, quite ED209-like.

    Free Member

    Did whoever designed this also used to work on the set of Buck Rogers? Fugly

    Full Member

    It reminds me of Kryton.

    What is the point of having twinloc on an emtb? I don’t think I’ve ever heard an ebiker complain about the pedalling platform as they breeze past me on the climbs.

    Full Member

    Another brand thinking that routing cables through the headset is a good idea. The Focus and Nukeproof bikes are two I’d rule out buying for just this reason alone.

    Laughing at the idea that the picture above shows a ‘clean finish’ on this one, what a mess.

    Full Member

    Get the full story on our front page…

    Isn’t this kind of thing what the “Charged” Channel is for?

    Full Member

    Reminds me a bit of those polygon and Marin Full suss bikes .

    Free Member

    Handy cheese grater for the mid ride snack, what’s not to like?!

    Full Member

    interesting linkage.

    Free Member

    All I can think (other than man that is ugly) is a vision of the future, walking into a Scott dealer “I’m looking for a spare integrated mount for a 2021 Scott Patron, do you have one in stock?” and then the shop assistant looking really, really worried.

    All those bespoke parts scare me, not that it isn’t click but the spares in the future. Bad enough trying to get standard bits ….


    Full Member

    All those bespoke parts scare me, not that it isn’t click but the spares in the future. Bad enough trying to get standard bits ….

    What if the bike companies just make all the cad files available publicly after 3 years. Then you can 3d print your own…

    Full Member

    I liked the idea of it (maybe not the aesthetics) until I saw the word TwinLoc and switched off.

    If they’d smoothed off all the edges a bit I think the integrated shock and frame would look quite nice.

    Full Member

    I wonder how the rear shock gets cooled? Even on my fairly lightweight 180mm “Big” bike, long continuous downhills (alps / bike park) see the shocks get pretty hot to the touch, even with remote resevoir style “one way” oil loops

    Full Member

    “Electric mountain bikes have a crowded handlebar, between the brakes, dropper post, gears, drive unit cables, remote and suspension lockout, that’s a lot of cables.”

    Well most aren’t as cluttered as a Scott because they don’t have the stupid TwinLoc remote in the way of the dropper remote with its 2 extra cables. I hired a Whyte E-150 and didn’t think it was cluttered at all with its fairly unobtrusive screen (about the size of a small Garmin).

    Full Member

    A wireless remote would make a lot of sense too, and the display could be top tube moounted instead of sitting on top of the stem, waiting to get smashed. It’s like they want to create clutter.

    Free Member

    The problem with the thinking,

    which is great, is that you are assuming that bike companies do such things with their bespoke / IP “stuff” and that everyone has access to a 3d printer.

    Neither has happened so far and whilst 3d printers are available at stores, the cost and the files to create bespoke parts isn’t and they all protect and file a court case pretty rapidly these days.

    I hope you’re right but cannot see it.


    Full Member

    Whilst I love smacking my front chain ring off rocks as much as the next person, at least it’s relatively cheap and easily replaceable. With this, it looks like you’ll just smack the bottom of the frame instead? Appreciate there’s a rock guard or something but not sure I’d fancy it.

    Full Member

    Should’ve called it the “Patton” as it looks like a tank.

    Full Member

    Is that 2000m of elevation when you weigh 50kg or 120kg or regardless?

    Full Member

    That is an e-bike for radio.

    Full Member

    Someone obviously never got over that Raleigh Vektar Santa didn’t bring them in the 80s… Bleurgh.

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