Bosch Unveils new Smart System and 750Wh Battery at Eurobike

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Today at Eurobike Bosch revealed plans for their new Smart Bike system. The new system consists of their new Flow app, control unit, display, battery and drive unit. Releasing now, the new system should be available by Christmas. This is a new system that’s not compatible with older units.

Bosch Smart system

The smart system streamlines cockpit controls, benefitting from a new buttonless Kiox 300 display that’s coupled with a brand new LED control unit for ease of use. Away from the cockpit, the introduction of the PowerTube 750 battery, combined with Bosch’s class-leading Performance Line CX drive unit, pushes the boundaries of eBike range to its maximum for longer rides on roads, trails and paths alike.


The press release reads:

Flow App

The eBike Flow app is the central connection to the eBike and the key to the connected biking
experience. Over-the-air updates always keep the eBike up to date and continuously enhance the eBike experience with new, innovative features. The app lets you customise riding modes, record activities completely automatically, and integrate fitness apps such as Apple Health.

The eBike Flow app bundles all important information on the home screen — from the connection status of the eBike to the next service appointment and the current charge status of the battery.

LED Remote

The LED Remote can be operated easily, comfortably and intuitively with the thumb. Using different
colours, the LEDs indicate the respective riding mode, which is easy to recognise while riding. Also practical for those who want to be on the road without a display when eBiking: The LED Remote is sufficient to control the eBike system and displays the most important information about the eBike, such as the current charge status and support level. The LED Remote is connected with the eBike Flow app via Bluetooth and thus the Internet.

Kiox 300 Display

The Kiox 300 display provides a clean eBike look on the handlebar and is easy to read in any riding situation. With the display, all relevant fitness data can be displayed to optimise your training. Through regular ‘over the air’ updates, Kiox 300 always stays current and thus promises a lot of fun on sporty rides or on the trail, including in the future. The buttonless colour display is controlled via the LED Remote and is connected to the eBike Flow app. Using the display holder, Kiox 300 can be ideally positioned on the handlebar according to the rider’s preference.

PowerTube 750 battery

The new flagship rechargeable battery for long and challenging rides. The PowerTube 750 offers the maximum range in the current Bosch eBike battery portfolio and is optimally designed for many metres of climbing and even longer distances. The lithium-ion battery can be integrated into the eBike frame and is characterised by a particularly high energy density at a weight of approx. 4.4 kilograms. The PowerTube 750 can be charged to 50% in just over two hours and fully in about six hours using the 4A Charger.

Performance Line CX drive unit

The powerhouse among the drives. The powerful Performance Line CX drive unit provides a maximum of 85 Nm of torque for a natural, dynamic and unique riding experience. In the eBike Flow app, the strength of the support, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum torque can be individually set for the respective riding modes and thus perfectly adapted to your own riding style.


In the future, eBikers will also be able to benefit from further developments in the area of theft protection. eBike models that are ConnectModule ready can be retrofitted with the ConnectModule in the future. This means, for example, that the eBike can trigger an acoustic alarm to deter thieves and, in the event of theft, be tracked in the eBike Flow app. In addition, further functions will follow that can
be used with the ConnectModule.

For more, head to the Bosch website.

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  • Bosch Unveils new Smart System and 750Wh Battery at Eurobike
  • ff29
    Full Member

    The amount of people out and about on ebikes now is amazing. I will definitely get one eventually. Watching the guys in the bike park do double the laps I am doing, in the same amount of time is doing my head in. This article is exactly why I am not jumping quite yet. Think there are many cool things to come and much improved systems down the line. It will mature and settle down as more people get going on them. Also my legs still work, just … 🙂

    Full Member

    Extra wattage battery is a good addition, well done Bosch.
    I’d like to see the gov increase the maximum speed from 15mph to 20 at least.

    Free Member

    @ff29 – I’d wait until manufacturers get the waterproofing figured out. The British climate seems to kill a lot of ebikes through water ingress.

    Full Member

    Extra wattage is good, but only if it isn’t with a weight burden. Compared to the Shimano E8000 system released in 2016, 504 Wh @ 2.6 kg = 194 Wh/Kg, the Bosch doesn’t fair well at 750 Wh @ 4.4 kg = 170 Wh/kq.

    Full Member

    Im disappointed Bosch havent developed a half fat system like the Levo SL im sure that would be a winner.

    Free Member

    My Shimano motor has just died after 8 months of use from new, with no jet washing or hose pipes or anything. Few muddy rides, but mostly I use my hardtail for that.

    What I’d really like to see is support for when the 2 year warranty runs out (or isn’t applicable, in crash damage for instance).

    Currently Shimano offer zero spares and no repair service for their motors, just has to go in the bin and you buy another for 800 pounds or so! Some people have managed to replace some of the bearings but that’s it.

    It’s a pity “right to repair” laws don’t apply, but they only seem to apply to white goods?

    I wouldn’t buy another eMtb powered by a non-repairable motor.

    Full Member

    The Bosch display is clunky and huge compared to the Shimano one.

    If this new one means you can run it without a display at all I’d really welcome that.

    With the Bosch especially having ’emtb’ mode, knowing what mode you’re in all the time in massive letters is even less important.

    Full Member

    How interesting. These comments. Thanks all. Especially about the water ingress. I am sure that the motors will get better and motor repairs will have to be more modular and environmentally friendly. It’s a tragedy to bin a whole motor. There must be a way to service/recondition them. Anyway I am still on the fence for a while so hopefully these are all growing pains which will get resolved.

    Full Member

    Rock Shox e specific forks have some very nice mudguard mounts.
    Maybe mudguards are key to not killing your motor. Do e bikes in drier climates last longer? Someone must have warranty stats.

    Full Member

    Really disappointed that Bosch are persisting with their proprietary “connectivity” bollox. The lack of any sort of integration with third party GPS and sensors is really poor. But the chance to tweak the support levels and do over the air updates is welcome.

    The new battery also sounds really heavy. Not sure this is a great advance.

    Full Member

    Really poor presentation, ok English clearly isn’t their first language, but the two presenters looked and sounded like this was the first time they had seen the script. For a company like Bosch and for something as important as this get some pro’s in to do the presentation. Just because you have a senior position in a company it doesn’t make you a great communicator in front of what sounded like quite a small audience most of whom were streaming rather than actually in the same room. I switched it off after a few minutes, including the naff video, and read the STW highlights instead, I was embarrassed for the presenters. Maybe it was more professional in German?

    Full Member

    Wonder if that nice big battery would retro fit into a 625 Wh power tube frame?

    Full Member

    For me a single bigger (and getting even bigger) battery isn’t the way to go, much prefer the levo sl type approach, smaller main battery plus easy add on battery (plus could get yet another in rucksack). Weight you don’t use is a waste, even on an ebike. Maybe a 750 that was a main 250 plus two click on 250s (with only needing to install the main 250 ) so you could do 250/500/750 bikes plus external 250s

    Free Member

    Wonder if that nice big battery would retro fit into a 625 Wh power tube frame?

    Nope, it’s longer, sadly.

    Full Member

    Honestly, the idea of riding an E-Bike leaves me cold. Yes you can go further and climb hills faster, but at what cost?
    Lugging a humping heavy big bike around some of the tricky off-piste and scary down bits would remove all the fun.
    And the cost FFS, 2 or 3 three decent bikes could be bought for the price that they go for.

    Full Member

    Honestly, the idea of riding an E-Bike leaves me cold.

    Nobody cares. Ride your bike and have fun. Stop worrying that someone might be having more (or less) fun than you.

    Full Member

    Wonder if that nice big battery would retro fit into a 625 Wh power tube frame?

    It should fit into a 2021 and newer whyte as they have fittings for the longer battery, but the connectors are entirely different. Perhaps if someone made an adapter loom it would work.

    Full Member

    I must agree that the idea of easy to connect ‘extender batteries’ mentioned by towzer is probably a better idea anyway. Something like a 250 Wh battery that fits into a bottle cage and connects to the external charge point sounds ideal. Means you don’t have the extra weight on your shorter trips. I think there are some out there for some systems, but not yet for Bosch? Unless anyone out there knows better?
    P. S. Seadog101, I ride analogue and ebike, including 60km 2000m big hike a bike days out on my leg powered carbon Bizango, different tools for different jobs m8.

    Full Member

    Nobody cares. Ride your bike and have fun. Stop worrying that someone might be having more (or less) fun than you.

    Not just about fun though is it. Given the growing problems of climate change and the role of energy production in it we should all care about technology that increases our energy demand. The bike is a brilliant concept and about as environmentally friendly as a form of transport can get. Ebikes are clever, but they’re not progress in a society sense.

    Full Member

    Thanks all. Especially about the water ingress

    I’m thinking of getting my sewing machine out and creating a ‘rain jacket’ that covers the downtube ,the headset and motor. I reckon I could use goretex material, elastic and velcro, and maybe neoprene, to make something than covers all. And while it wont be 100% water tight, it would keep the majority of heavy rain from streaming down into the electrical component areas.

    I’ll add it to my thousand other things to do list 😆

    Market opportunity for someone 😉

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