Scott Release All-New Spark RC and Spark 900

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Now their fourth generation, Scott announced the launch of their all-new Spark range from XC race models to short-travel trail rippers. Here’s a look at the range and the changes.

Scott Spark RC and 900

For 2022, Scott have introduced integrated suspension technology meaning the shock sits within the frame. Available in both carbon and alloy, there are 21 Spark models to choose from. Split into two categories, you can choose from the XC-race oriented RC or the short-travel, trail-oriented Spark 900. Both categories have the same frame, but the 900 is better equipped for trail riding.

There are also four women’s Scott Spark Contessa models available, one RC model and three 900 models. The difference being women’s specific touchpoints and custom suspension tuning.

Spark Suspension

Scott are using a single pivot suspension layout based on their patented integrated suspension technology. Both the RC and 900 comes with 120mm of rear travel.

Now, a more noticeable change is that we’ve moved to a frame platform with an integrated shock. If we take a deeper look, this approach allows us to refine suspension characteristics without sacrificing weight. Often, when working with bikes at this level, the concept of marginal gains becomes an ever important one. For the optimal performance of a suspension shock, power transfer must be the most direct possible. What we want to avoid are any inefficient directional movements, in other words, lateral movements (sideways to the direction of travel) as the shock goes through its compression.

Scott Sports

Accessing the shock is manageable through a hatch. Here you can adjust rebound, compression and pressure. You’re still able to adjust as needed, there is a sag indicator on one of the pivot points as well as a port in the seat tube so you can see where the o-ring is on your shock.

Having an integrated shock allows us to improve this in several ways. Firstly, the frame construction around the shock and with the trunnion mount can be designed to be much more rigid, reducing movement and fostering more efficient power transfer. We can also add much larger bearings to the seat tube pivot, further reinforcing this area and reducing any unnecessary motion. Our Integrated Suspension Technology also helps us to engineer frames with a lower shock placement which lowers center of gravity. As a result, the bike benefits from better handling, and a more stable, confidence inspiring ride for the end user.

Scott Sports

Spark Frames

The Spark features Scott’s twinloc suspension system enabling you to control the shock and fork via handlebar remote. Choose between descend, traction control and lockout.

Fort Bill New Blue Doon Trail - Longest in the UK (Just Trail Sounds)

Fort Bill New Blue Doon Trail - Longest in the UK (Just Trail Sounds)
Twinloc remote

The frames also feature chainstay protection and space for two water bottles. The 55mm chainline allows for greater tyre clearance and optimal power transfer.

Brendan Fairclough

One thing we wanted to achieve was to have a similar pedaling position for both the RC and the 900. Both of the bikes are meant to be punchy, quick accelerators when stood up or sat down. With the built-in ability to modify the head angle, we can run a longer, trail-oriented fork on the 900, or a fork with slightly less travel on the RC that can easily be used for a more aggressive position on the bike for racing. The result? An XC bike that has the ability to descend like a trail bike without sacrificing anything when you need to put the hammer down, and a trail bike that can fly up the hill, and excel even more on the way back down.

Scott Sports
Frame kit weights of Spark RC & 900 platform (including shock and hardware).


Spark Geometry

Syncros Fraser iC Combo

The New Spark features an all-new Fraser iC combo from Syncros. Integrating the cables presents a number of unique problems and the Fraser was designed in part to address this. Syncros’ designers worked on the shape to allow the cables to flow under the bar and around the sides of the stem before disappearing into the headset with integrated plastic parts to keep it clean and efficient. This avoids bends or kinks in the cables and provides a minimalist front end. All our bars and stems feature multiple options for computer, light and camera mounts both on top or under the bar.

Scott Sports.

Contessa Spark RC & Spark 900

Kate Courtney

The new Scott Spark RC represents a huge step forward in the design and functionality of cross country race bikes. Aesthetically, the design is cleaner and sleeker than ever before, but from experience, I can say it rides even better than it looks.

Kate Courtney 2019 World Cup Champion

See further details about the Scott Spark RC here, and the Spark 900 here.

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