Orbea now offering Occam in LT long-travel option

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Hot on the heels of the release of the new Rallon is the updated Orbea Occam and Occam LT trail bikes.

If you read our first ride impressions of the 2022 Orbea Rallon last week and loved the design but were put off by the racy EWS geometry and suspension then the newly updated Occam could be worth checking out.

Trail riders in love with Orbea’s asymmetric design have been able to pick up the 140mm Occam for a while now, but for 2022 Orbea has made updates to the design meaning more aggressive riders can bump the travel to 150mm if they want.

The increase in travel comes by installing a longer stroke rear shock which customers can do when purchasing their bike. The larger shock increases the rear suspension travel by 10mm to 150mm in total and the LT build is finished off with burly Fox 36 150mm forks, more durable EXO casing tyres and powerful 4 piston brakes.

In comparison, the standard Occam runs a shorter shock for 140mm travel, a Fox 34 140mm fork, 2 piston brakes and lighter-weight trail-ready tyres.

Because the frame and linkages are the same for both Occam and Occam LT bikes, customers can build an LT from any Occam on the Orbea website, and with options that cover both air and coil shocks everyone from epic long-distance trail riders, to enduro smashers should be easily covered.

While the new 2022 Occam does get the option of long travel, the kinematics and geometry of the frame remain unchanged, however, Orbea has increased clearance on the new frame to make room for the longer shock and also simplified the construction of the linkage. At the same time they’ve also included the same neat integrated trail tool in the main pivot as we saw on the new Rallon.

Orbea Occam Geometry

orbea occam geometry

Orbea Occam Pricing

Orbea Occam prices start from €2399 ranging to €7999, however, the most affordable LT build begins at €3199. The most affordable bikes, Occam Hydro models, use an alloy frameset whereas Occam OMR bikes feature carbon framesets.

Both alloy and carbon frames share the same geometry and riders have the option to personalise their bikes with the MyO customisation system, which Orbea claims offers over 1million combinations.

For more details head over to the Orbea website.

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  • Orbea now offering Occam in LT long-travel option
  • Premier Icon weeksy
    Full Member

    I’m not sure 10mm takes it from normal travel to long travel… it’s marginal at best isn’t it ?

    It’s a lovely thing though

    I’m assuming it’s 29er only though

    Premier Icon Martinhuutch
    Full Member

    The 150mm option is the same as the previous model, rather than being new for 2022.

    Premier Icon davros
    Full Member

    No, the previous model did not have a 150mm rear option.

    Premier Icon whatyadoin sucka
    Free Member

    new model, its identical to the 20/21 model.

    i’ve just checked the geometry numbers on s/m/l/xl on the blueprint 2020 pdf versus the numbers above (non LT version) the only difference i can spot is you can get a different stroke shock/ (or coil shock) to make it 10mm bigger at the back..
    standover height is new into the numbers too.

    In theory i could buy the replacement shock and make my 150/140 2020 model an LT.

    ps. buy a spare Y0000128 Kit Axle pivot £11-12, as the fixing ring is very easy to break on the rear axle,
    pps. i’m not sure an extra 10mm at the back is needed, since changing the shock token to the biggest one, its felt 10x as good, and it coped very well in the granada mountains last week

    Premier Icon johnw1984
    Free Member

    I did like the look of these, but what’s with the massive jump from L to XL with the seat tube length!

    It just seems long considering the bikes intent?

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