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Sunday Sofa Slouch: Les Gets World Cup Edition

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In place of midweek movies (well, at least sometimes) we thought we’d try out Sunday sofa slouch. That way you can hopefully enjoy a lazy Sunday and spend the morning slouching and watching some videos. Watch whilst recovering from a heavy night, a long ride on Saturday, or before heading out for the day. It can even be a way to wind down before your week starts again. Whatever it is, enjoy catching up on some great content. This week why not go with World Cup videos from Les Gets.

The Wettest Winning Runs of 2021 | UCI Downhill MTB World Cup Les Gets

What a race! Honestly, there were some sketchy moments and the weather and conditions changed over the course of the race. It was an exciting round. Slippery roots and ice-like mud meant riders had to fight to stay upright. Here’s a look at the winning runs from Les Gets!

Les Gets World Cup Timed Training POV from Troy Brosnan

You can see from this just how much conditions kept changing over the course of the weekend. Timed training looked almost completely dry. Troy takes us down for a POV from his run.

Les Gets 2021 | XCO Course POV with Laurie Arseneault and Emily Batty

Here’s a look at the XCO Course with Laurie and Emily. Looks like they’ve made some changes to the XC course too.

Short & Sweet! XCC Short Track Highlights Les Gets | UCI MTB World Cup 2021

It was actually good to see fans cheering on riders during the short track race. The conditions were good for short track on Friday. There were a few intense moments. Here are the highlights from the race!

Sick Mick Hannah’s Les Gets World Cup Qualifying Run

Getting to check out the different lines and styles from various riders is always interesting. Here’s a look at Mick Hannah’s run from qualifying in Les Gets.

Here’s what went down in Les Gets DH Qualifications | UCI MTB World Cup 2021

Lauren and Tracey take us through qualifying, chatting to riders about their runs and the conditions. It’s cool to see a growing presenting team and different perspectives and personalities. The change in conditions from qualifying to finals was night and day.

DIALED S3-EP13: A look inside DH Finals in Les Gets | FOX

Honestly, the Dialed series is such a good insight and a fun watch every episode. We get to see riders preferences with suspension, the changes they make and how their bikes are feeling. Go behind the scenes with the Fox team as well as the producers, it really is such a good series.

The SYNDICATE – Quali Day – Work to do!

The Syndicate videos rarely disappoint, and this is no exception. Peaty talks us through the team, their riding and what’s going on with everything. We also hear from Luca and Greg and get to see how qualifying went.

#MUTN Les Gets Special – Aaron Gwin, Camille Balanche, Joe Breeden & Aaron Dobie

Practice Highlights – Les Gets DH World Cup 2021

Camille Balanche Signs with Monster Energy

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