Naughty Northumbrian Preview with Brendog

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Coming up this bank holiday weekend is the Naughty Northumbrian, a six-stage enduro event. Riding and not sure what to expect? Thinking of checking the event out next year? The organisers have put together an event preview with Brendan Fairclough so you can check out what’s coming up.

The narration on this video is a particular highlight. The trails and location look incredible too. Might be one for the list next year.

Here’s what the organisers say about the event:

Naughty Northumbrian 2021

Guildford, Surrey, has a population density of 1,636.8 per Sq KM. It’s a beautiful area full of rolling hills, mature woodland, and the Surrey Hills are, of course, home to riding that Brendan Fairclough and others have made world-famous over the last few years.

Brendan Fairclough

Remote Location

In stark contrast to that, the Upper Coquet Valley in Northumberland National Park has a population density of 2 people per Sq KM. Space and wildlife are abundant here. The trails are steep and technical yet the area is better known for its turbulent history. Legendary for its teak-tough but friendly locals, its fame ebbs away when you drive south of Leeds. It is, so to speak, out on a limb, stuck between Hadrian’s Wall to the south and the Scottish Border to the North, and bizarrely, South as well. That’s right – this area is further north than a decent chunk of Scotland.

Having started in 2017 with a modest 400 rider field, filled with sturdy pioneers keen to explore. The Scott Naughty Northumbrian has grown into the cult-classic 850 rider event that it is now. The drop-out rate between practice and race day verges on 50%. It is long. It is hard. And yet, riders of all genders, ages and sizes want to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in: It could be symptomatic of unbridled lunacy, or more the simultaneous paradox of being disconnected from the world, yet feeling more engaged than ever.

Jean, a valley Legend

The event, which is working hard to be responsible under the Trash Free Trails approved scheme, is welcomed and enjoyed by many of the locals, whose dulcet tones and dialects may be fading, but when you hear that rolling R of an Upper Coquet local, it is a pleasure to the ears. The narration for this video comes from Valley legend, 78-year-old Jean Foreman who has seen more changes than most when it comes to life in the Upper Coquet.

Now, with a new, 3-year partnership between Scott and the Naughty Northumbrian. It seemed only fitting to bring the South’s finest free-racer up to the wild’s of Northumberland to sample what these race-only, hand-built and wild trails have to offer.

For more, head to the event website.

What is a Trash Free Trails Approved Event?

Naughty Northumbrian Returns for 2021

DH Crown Court Vs Brendan Fairclough

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  • Naughty Northumbrian Preview with Brendog
  • Premier Icon augustuswindsock
    Full Member

    Cracking clip, and yes, the narration absolutely makes it (I suspect if you’re from Surrey you may need it subtitled😀)
    The event wasn’t on my radar, but it is now, especially if the weather’s going to be like that in Northumberland 😎

    Premier Icon Ben
    Full Member

    Rode in it a couple of years back. I was, I regret to say, one of the nearly 50% that didn’t get beyond practice. In truth a chronic lack of fitness and not much time on the bike. It is long and hard and not tolerant of either. I’ve completed ard rock and imho this is harder. What a great event though and an amazing location. I aim to return next year fit and fettled with enough proper riding under my belt to try and do it justice..

    Premier Icon ThruntonThrasher
    Full Member

    850 is more people on the trails than I have seen riding in this part of Northumberland over the course of 30+ years. I know it is good for the local tourist economy but I’m sad that this event has landed in the last wilderness area in England.

    Premier Icon Drac
    Full Member

    I think it’s ace that it’s finally being recognised for what it has to offer.

    Premier Icon geda
    Free Member

    It not really a wilderness. It’s a big conifer plantation and hills that have been stripped of vegetation by sheep and cows. Then there are the army ranges so you often meet teenagers with guns, live firing and low flying jets. I love it though.

    Premier Icon ThruntonThrasher
    Full Member

    Well done geda on completely misrepresenting the region.

    Premier Icon geda
    Free Member

    The landscape of upper coquetdale is pretty diverse. But I would be interested to know where I am going wrong with my description of Kidland. Oh yes they have harvested a lot of the conifers in the past few years.

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