Maxxis Minion 20

Celebrating 20 Years of the Maxxis Minion

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20 years of the Maxxis Minion. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just like us at Singletrack, Maxxis are celebrating 20 years in 2021. It’s a good year for certain things. To celebrate Maxxis released the original design. Pretty cool to see how some things never change. Long live Minions.

Maxxis Minion

20 Years of the Maxxis Minion

Maxxis is stoked to announce that we’re celebrating 20 years of the Minion! The Minion has been basically unchanged from factory rider Colin Bailey’s original design (other than scaling knobs for different sizes) since 2001, an impressive feat in this industry. Over 20 years the Minion DHF—and eventually the DHR II—became the reference tires for gravity and aggressive trail riding.


Rider Braydon Bringhurst is getting in on the celebration with an edit called FLUID where he pays tribute to the Minions by riding them the way only he can.


Maxxis will be releasing a limited run of anniversary-themed gear including the tyres, gloves and mudguards. So keep your eyes open for those if you want to get your hands on something.

Check out the Maxxis Instagram this month as they share some more throwbacks from their archives.

For the rest of August we’ll be sharing amazing photos of the Minion in action from the archives of John Gibson, Colin Meagher, and Boris Beyer. Nearly every big name in mountain biking has sent it on a set of Minions, and there are some real gems coming.


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  • Celebrating 20 Years of the Maxxis Minion
  • tomhoward
    Full Member

    It’s a good year

    Free Member

    Bring back the Swampthing!

    Full Member

    I miss my Swamp Things

    Full Member

    Full Member

    I like that even now you get new tyres coming out and when they have to decide what to do for side knobs, they just copy a minion. But Maxxis keep trying new things and keep making side knobs that are worse.

    (wasn’t the Minion a copy of something else, some ancient Michelin or something?)

    Free Member

    Bring back the Swampthing!

    I loved the swampthing, til Conti made the Baron and it was just better at absolutely everything. And then Specialized invented the pre-cut spike and then Maxxis and Schwalbe made good ones and those were just better at absolutely everything too.

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