Tahnee Seagrave Reacts to her Run in Les Gets

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Tahnee Seagrave watches her run back from Les Gets in Red Bull’s run reaction series. She talks us through her injury, the run and how she felt riding with fans again. Getting insight from the rider is really interesting, we get to see what Tahnee thinks about her performance.

Tahnee’s Reaction

How Did You Cope With Your Neck Injury?

I injured my neck a few months ago. I slipped a disc between C5 and C6. So I had a few neck spasms. I wasn’t able to move for quite a while or train, hence why I wasn’t too confident heading into the season. The only thing we kind of had to be careful of was the amount of runs and obviously the load I was doing, but that got better over the weeks that I was riding. By the time Les Gets came, I was pretty confident to smash out a few more runs. 

How Did You Come Back From A Bad Qualifying Run?

Qualifying was tough for me because obviously, it’s not where I wanted to be. Considering just the build-up and stuff, I was super upset, but at the same time, I felt like I was expecting to get those type of results. Maybe not as far down as that but I was definitely prepared. I always liked being a dark horse, an underdog. I feel like I work a lot better when I have a lot more to prove. At that point, I had a hell of a lot to prove!

Tahnee Seagrave
Tahnee Seagrave in Les Gets. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

Back to Racing

Which Sector Was Your Best?

Looking back I feel like sector three was where I cleaned up the most from my qualifying. It was a sector where I struggled to attack and I felt like my fitness wasn’t there yet and I cleaned it up massively and I think that’s where the race was won for me because that’s where I lost so much time the day before in qualifying. 

How Was It Racing With The Fans?

Racing with the fans again just felt like racing again. It just felt normal. It’s something you get so used to I think when you’re riding, you do hear them and it does encourage you and it does push you that little bit more so being able to share that with the fans is just something we love so much about our sport. 

What was the Key To Your Confidence?

By the time my run came round, I was so keen to show what I was capable of and show you can never count me out. I felt like it was the first race within a long time that I just put my doubts to one side and rode the race with a big heart. 

Tahnee Seagrave
Celebration for Tahnee in Les Gets. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool.

Follow Tahnee’s adventures on her Instagram.

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