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DH Highlights – Les Gets World Cup 2021

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We said it before, but we’ll say it again. Les Gets DH World Cup brought it. It was such an intense race and given the conditions, it was hard to predict who might take the top spot. What’s even more incredible is the fact the riders that did take the win in both the men and women’s category were both suffering from injury. There were unfortunately crashes and injuries during the duration with some questioning the safety of certain features.

Here are the winning runs, highlights and standings as we head into the next round of the world cup in Maribor in August. Enjoy these DH Highlights from Les Gets.

Tahnee Seagrave
Tahnee Seagrave pushing it despite her injuries. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool.

Winning Runs

VIVE LA FRANCE! Damp, sketchy and rowdy – the return of French downhill was a breath of fresh air (and chainsaw fumes) for the world of mountain biking. Watch as Tahnee Seagrave and Thibault Daprella win take the win on French soil for one of the wildest downhill world cups we’ve seen in a while!

Red Bull Bike
Reece Wilson
Reece Wilson following his crash off the stepdown in finals. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool.

Results and Standings

Men’s Results:

  1. Thibaut Dapréla FRA – 3:33.424
  2. Max Hartenstern GER – +2.416
  3. Baptiste Pierron FRA – +2.520
  4. Connor Fearon AUS – +2.590
  5. Mark Wallace CAN – +2.781

Men’s Standings:

  1. Thibaut Dapréla FRA – 390 points
  2. Troy Brosnan AUS – 270
  3. Baptiste Pierron FRA – 193
  4. Max Hartenstern GER – 190
  5. Greg Minnaar RSA – 180
Elite men's podium Les Gets
Connor Fearon (4th), Max Hartenstern (2nd), Thibaut Daprela (1st), Baptiste Pierron (3rd) and Mark Wallace (5th). Photo: Red Bull Content Pool.

Women’s Results:

  1. Tahnée Seagrave GBR – 4:10.566
  2. Myriam Nicole FRA – +0.252
  3. Camille Balanche SUI – +4.914
  4. Mille Johnset NOR – +5.536
  5. Monika Hrastnik SLO – +6.531

Women’s Standings:

  1. Camille Balanche SUI – 390 points
  2. Tahnée Seagrave GBR – 336
  3. Valentina Höll AUT – 330
  4. Myriam Nicole FRA – 320
  5. Monika Hrastnik SLO – 282
Elite women's podium Les Gets
Mille Johnset (4th), Myriam Nicole (2nd), Tahnee Seagrave (1st), Camille Balanche (3rd) and Monika Hrastnik (5th). Photo: Red Bull Content Pool.

See the full results for all categories and events here.

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