Some of the Best Bits from Red Bull Hardline

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Red Bull Hardline is pretty hardcore. An event with some of the biggest features of any race, so much so that they scare the riders. The adrenaline rush that must come from hitting this track must be off the scale. We’re stoked that no one was seriously injured, despite a few crashes over the course of the event. If you missed it, you can check out the full replay, as well as our trackside gallery. Here are some of the best bits!

It wouldn’t be one of the biggest events of the year without lots of great content, so enjoy the top three runs as well as Bernard Kerr’s POV from his winning run.

Top Three Runs

Fast, big, beyond technical, dry and dusty. Red Bull Hardline 2021 proved to be a downhill MTB spectacle second to none once again. Relive the fastest three runs of the racing weekend, presented to you by Bernard Kerr, Laurie Greenland and Kade Edwards!

Red Bull Bike

Bernard Kerr’s Winning Run

Bernard Kerr was the only man on the mountain with two Red Bull Hardline titles under his belt. He guided new and less experienced riders through the course for the whole week, helping out with his advice, making sure everyone gets down in the fastest and safest way possible. By race day, the only thing left to do was to lay down a blazing race run and that’s exactly what he did. Get on board Bernard’s winning run that landed him in the history books once again, becoming the only three-time winner of Red Bull Hardline.

Red Bull Bike
Red Bull Hardline 2021
Laurie Greenland and Bernard Kerr congratulating each other on podium. Photo: Red Bull Hardline

We’re midway through the season, my head is in that race zone so I just went for it. The whole course, the features, and the wind this weekend meant that I had to be headstrong. Red Bull Hardline really is gnarly, but it’s been a great week with the rest of the guys.

Laurie Greenland
Red Bull Hardline 2021
Kade Edwards poses with his trophy at Red Bull Hardline. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Hardline is totally different to every other race. I’ve been racing for a couple years and I’m still getting my head around it. I felt a bit more comfortable than previous years, but you never get used to it. Third feels amazing, I can’t believe it.

Kade Edwards
Red Bull Hardline 2021
Bernard Kerr, stoked on his third win. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool.

It feels unreal. It’s been a tough week, but I honestly couldn’t be more stoked. I missed Friday practice, so I’m pretty relieved and happy it’s done now. It’s been such an amazing week, such a vibe in the camp. Positivity and an awesome atmosphere brings good riding.

Bernard Kerr

Thrills and Spills From Red Bull Hardline Day Two

Red Bull Hardline Track Walk with Bernard Kerr

Chatting Bikes, Hardline and Racing: Kade Edwards Interview

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